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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 382: I Don’t Want to Marry Him!

Chapter 382: I Don’t Want to Marry Him!

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“Peak, Peak of Yang Void Realm!”

Lin Yu, who had always been holding her head high in front of Lin Lan, was stunned after seeing Lin Lan regain her full Spiritual Power.

Ignoring Lin Yu’s look of shock, Lin Lan went directly to Lin Yu and slapped her face fiercely.

Lin Yu instinctively wanted to dodge, but the slap, containing World Origin, was too fast and overwhelming.


A heavy slap turned Lin Yu’s face red.

Before Lin Yu reacted, Lin Lan slapped again.

Thwack! Thwack!

Another two slaps fell on her right cheek. Three slaps in total.

After that, Lin Yu’s face turned red and swollen. Blood streamed out of her mouth and her blank eyes were widely opened.

All were silent.

After she finished her slaps, Lin Lan turned and left without a word.

What a domineering demeanor!

Lin family’s disciples on the Martial Arts Practice Field gazed at her figure in shock.

They knew, the peerless genius they admired two years ago had returned!

Lin Lan walked to the stands and raised her head, looking at those in the stands.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Lan said slowly, “Someone suggested or even decided to marry me to Luo Hai. I want to say…”

“I refuse!”

A simple but clear answer made all of them awestruck.

Lin Lan herself let out a long sigh of relief.

When she knew her family had decided to marry her to Luo Hai, she felt desperate.

Because she was weak and unimportant in the Lin family, no one would listen to her.

But now, things had changed!

She had regained her strength.

The peerless genius had returned.

Most importantly, she had an unfathomable and powerful master.

She was more confident because of her master’s support.

In the stands, those high-ranking experts of Lin family were irritated because Lin Lan had defied their decision.

But they dared not say anything. After all, Lin Lan’s Master, Swordsman was still there.

Jian Wushuang, the person they feared, stood up slowly and looked at Lin Lan with a smile. He walked slowly down the stands and went to the courtyard where he lived.

Lin Lan followed him. Soon they walked out of their sight.

As soon as they left, the Martial Arts Practice Field was in an uproar.

In a secret chamber of Lin family’s mansion.

“Kill her, I will kill her!”

“Mother, kill the bitch, kill her!”

Lin Yu, whose face was still red and swollen, roared crazily.

Being slapped three slaps in front of so many disciples and experts of Lin family, how could she not be furious.

“Shut up!”

First Madam yelled at her.

“I didn’t expect she would gain the upper hand again. If I knew this, I would have killed her rather than poisoned her.”

First Madam’s face was cold and venomous.

Yes, it was First Madam who poisoned Lin Lan two years ago.

But she didn’t kill her out of some considerations.

Because at that time, Lin Lan had a high status in Lin family and they all treated her as a treasure. Even top experts in Iron Saber Territory said they wanted to take Lin Lan as their personal disciple.

Besides, she had little control of the Lin family at that time and dared not kill her.

That’s why she waited and took action to kill her only after Lin Lan had lost her status in the Lin family. She didn’t expect Jian Wushuang to save her.

“Lin Zong, what do you think about Swordsman?” First Madam looked at Lin Zong.

Lin Zong stood and frowned, after a while, he said seriously, “Madam, Swordsman… is strong!”

“Though he has not displayed it yet, his terrible killing intent proved that he is very strong.”

“Besides, he removed the Witch Poison, which so many experts, including experts at Pinnacle of the Saint Realm can’t.”

“All these prove that he is powerful, at least no one in our family can deal with him.”

Lin Zong knew this.

Lin family was just a mid-sized family in Iron Saber Territory, the strongest expert in the Lin family was at Stage-three Domain. Anyone of Pinnacle of the Saint Realm could do anything he wanted to the Lin family. Lin Zong estimated that Jian Wushuang was at least at Pinnacle of the Saint Realm.

“Bastard, who is he?” First Madam said with insidious and cold eyes.

“Madam, honestly, we, even the whole Lin family… should not provoke Swordsman.” Lin Zong said in a deep voice.

First Madam’s face fell, but she smiled coldly the next second, “Sure, Swordsman is so strong that we cannot afford to provoke him. But someone else can.”

“Huh?” Lin Zong turned to First Madam.

“Lin Lan said that she refused to marry Luo Hai in front of all of us, didn’t she? Huh, the two families had made a deal long ago. If Lin Lan refused it, do you think the playboy Luo Hai will leave the matter at that?” A sneaky smile rose on First Madam’s face.

“Madam, you mean?” Lin Zong frowned and looked at her.

“Send a message to Luo Hai immediately, but keep in mind, to Luo Hai rather than the Luo family.” First Madam ordered.

Lin Zong understood that and nodded heavily.

Snaky coldness flashed in First Madam’s eyes and a cold voice sounded.

“Swordsman, huh, we can’t provoke you, but the Luo family can!”

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