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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 390: Challenge

Chapter 390: Challenge

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“Swordsman, wait and see. Some of them will challenge you soon,” Lei Dao said in a low voice.

Jian Wushuang wore a faint smile, with a flicker of battle intent in his eyes. He thought with eager expectation, ” Come on, the more, the better! ”

He had lived in the Nanyang Continent. It was a remote continent, so supreme experts were limited, but that was a different situation in the Divine Land.

He was eager for this land because he desired to fight with the top experts from the Divine Land.

Since he stepped on this island, he had fought several times, but he had not used his full strength.

Furthermore, he had not experienced a really challenging fight.

Lei Dao and Mo Dong were powerful enough to be taken seriously, but the two experts had made only tentative attacks on Jian Wushuang, so they had not had all-out fights.

He yearned to fiercely battle real top experts.

While Jian Wushuang was thinking about it, a black figure appeared in front of them.

“There he is.” Lei Dao’s eyes lit up.

A bald man was in black armor, which meant he was just an ordinary sergeant.

“Commanders, Huangfu Hao pays my respects to you,” the bald man said while bowing to them.

“What’s up?” Lei Dao pretended not to know his intent.

“You are a new commander, right? May I know your name?” Huangfu Hao asked.

“I’m Swordsman. It’s true that I’ve just become the commander of the Iron Saber Army,” Jian Wushuang replied.

“Commander Swordsman, I’ve recently fallen into a bottleneck. I want to make a breakthrough, so I’m looking for an expert to help me. I wonder whether you would like to teach me some moves,” Huangfu Hao said.

” Just as I expected. ” Jian Wushuang could not help but smile.

He knew Huangfu Hao just used his bottleneck as an excuse and that his real purpose was to challenge him.

“Sure.” Jian Wushuang accepted his challenge without hesitation.

“Thanks,” Huangfu Hao said while raising his head. A surge of an overwhelming aura rose from his body, just a bit weaker than Lei Yun’s.

“Huangfu Hao is famous in the Iron Saber Army. Though he’s an ordinary sergeant at Stage One, he is still one of the strongest and almost has Stage Two strength. You should be careful. Don’t lose,” Lei Dao warned in a friendly manner.

“Don’t worry.” Jian Wushuang wore a slight smile and looked confident.

“Commander Swordsman, please.” Huangfu Hao’s eyes became fierce as if he were a ferocious beast.

“Show your move,” Jian Wushuang said.


The void before Jian Wushuang suddenly split. Huangfu Hao dashed toward him like a bull, with a heavy sword in his hand. The sword weighed over 5,000 kilograms at least.


A streak of sword light flashed through the air, causing peculiar waves to spread out.

Jian Wushuang stood there as if he did not see it, and let it strike at him.

The sword light directly flashed through his body, but no blood flowed.

“Residual shadow.” Huangfu Hao was a bit surprised. Meanwhile, a gust of wind swept toward him.

Huangfu Hao immediately turned his head and found his opponent standing beside him and striking a blow toward his face. He moved his body and suddenly opened his mouth, letting out a roar.

The roar belonged to an attack of sound waves. Though it was not powerful enough, it could stop Jian Wushuang for a second.

Then Huangfu Hao could take advantage of it to parry the attack with his heavy sword.

” You do possess some strength. ” Jian Wushuang nodded in private. Then he stepped backward.

At this moment, Huangfu Hao had changed into a furious lion and darted forward. He waved his sword while chasing.

The heavy sword emitted overwhelming power.

With the Force of Gale and Thunderbolt, Jian Wushuang changed into a bolt of lightning and easily flashed across the sky. His opponents’ crazy attack could not hurt him.

“Commander Swordsman, you’re an expert at Stage Two. You’re just running?” Huangfu Hao said angrily.

“Oh?” Jian Wushuang raised his eyebrows and laughed. “Since you said that, I won’t run.”

Jian Wushuang stopped. Then a surge of great power gathered in his hands and changed into a giant punch, lashing out as if a volcano which had been dormant for billions of years suddenly erupted.


The punch collided with Huangfu Hao’s sword, causing an overwhelming power to spread. Huangfu Hao’s expression changed while he felt a tingling sensation in his whole arm.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Jian Wushuang launched several attacks. Each of his punches, full of billions of kilogram of strength, landed on his opponent’s heavy sword and forced him to retreat.

The last punch directly blew Huangfu Hao’s sword away.

“You lost.” Jian Wushuang stood there while calmly looking at his opponent.

A large number of sergeants, who witnessed this fight, could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

“How powerful!”

“He defeated Huangfu Hao only using his strength.”

“He lives up to his title as a commander.”

The sergeants praised Jian Wushuang.

Lei Dao narrowed his eyes while staring at Jian Wushuang. “Huangfu Hao is close to Stage Two battle strength. But Swordsman could beat him with pure strength. He is so strong? I didn’t feel that when sparing with him.”

He did not know that Jian Wushuang previously hid his real strength and just used the strength activated by Spiritual Power.

Though it just came from Spiritual Power, his strength was still greater than that of an ordinary expert at the Pinnacle of the Saint Realm.

But during the fight with Huangfu Hao, he not only activated strength from his Spiritual Power to its limit, but also strength from his powerful body.

Therefore, he was much stronger than experts at the Pinnacle of the Saint Realm.

That was why he could defeat Huangfu Hao only using his strength.

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