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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 401: A Quota for the Expedition

Chapter 401: A Quota for the Expedition

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“Flaming Battlefield is a land of opportunities and accessible only to experts!”

“It’s also a cold grave in which countless bones of the dead are buried.”

“All territories belonging to Marquis Piaoxue will send their experts to the battlefield, and so have I. I’ve dispatched nine commanders.”

“Eight fight together in one team, while the remaining one made a breakthrough to Stage Three during the expedition and is striking out alone. A couple of days ago, the team ran into trouble.”

“They were ambushed. Five were killed and two were badly injured.”

“The fighting on Flaming Battlefield rages on, with many experts falling in battle.”

“As the fighting continues, so does the killing!”

“I will replace the five men I’ve lost on the battlefield. Now, I’ll announce the names of the five men who will take their places.”

Iron Saber Lord’s words resounded like thunder through Huoyou Palace.

Iron Saber Lord’s announcement caused a stated of frenzied excitement in the commanders present.

They had been yearning to go to Flaming Battlefield for a long time.

Their enthusiasm was not muted by the fact that it was a place rife with dangers and risks.

It was, after all, through challenges and danger that experts refined their skills and strength.

Flaming Battlefield was precisely a place that could test the mettle of these experts.

“I’ve been dreaming of going to Flaming Battlefield. I really hope I’m among the five lucky ones.” Lei Dao growled in a low voice.

Jian Wushuang also raised his head expectantly on hearing the announcement.

Iron Saber Lord began to read the names of the selected experts.

“The first one, Yan Mo of the Second Army.”

A towering burly man who was over two meters tall came forward. While his expression was grim, his eyes belied his elation at being selected.

“Yan Mo, your strength is mediocre but your defense is excellent. When you arrive at Flaming Battlefield, make full use of your advantages to complement your teammates’ strengths.”

“Understood, your Excellency.”

Yan Mo’s voice was hoarse as he responded to the Iron Saber Lord’s command.

“The second one, Bing Yue of the Second Army.”

A graceful woman clothed in white robes stepped out from the Second Army. Two soft and thin swords were strapped on her back.

“Bing Yue, you’re well-known for your achievement in comprehending the Origin of Waterdrops. You’re an expert among the commanders and highly-skilled at trapping enemies. There will be many opportunities for you on Flaming Battlefield to stretch yourself to your fullest potential. However, you’re not good at defense, so, you can rely on Yan Mo when you get there,” the Lord of the Iron Saber Territory advised.

“Understood, your Excellency.” The woman nodded.

“Lei Dao of the First Army,” the Lord continued.

Lei Dao had been waiting in anticipation and was thrilled when his name was called. He strode forward and stood before the Lord in a respectful posture.

“Lei Dao,” the Lord looked at him. “You made repeated requests to be sent to the Flaming Battlefield. Today, I grant your wish. Your power is explosive and you’re swift. You’ll be a strong force in the team.”

“However, you’ll need to overcome your impatience when you are in Flaming Battlefield.”

“Understood, your Excellency.” Lei Dao nodded. He was overwhelmed with excitement.

“Shi Ling of the First Army,” the Lord continued.

Shi Ling walked forward.

“Unlike the others, you have no special skills or strength but you have no weakness,” the Lord said to Shi Ling, “you are well-rounded in all skills, including speed, power and defense. I believe you’ll find your stage there.”

“Understood, your Excellency.” Shi Ling nodded gravely.

Among the four that had been selected, the first and the second Army each accounted for two people.

Those who had not been called became anxious.

Jian Wushuang realized that the four had been selected because of their respective advantages.

Like Mo Yan, he was good at defending.

Bing Yue was an expert at trapping enemies.

Lei Dao could call upon an incredible amount of power and speed in an instant.

As for Shi Ling, he was balanced in all aspects.

“The last one must have a unique skill.” Jian Wushuang thought to himself.

“The last one…” the Lord spoke slowly as he looked around.

Everyone waited with bated breath.

“Swordsman of the First Army!”

All attention fixed on Jian Wushuang.

He was astonished as he had not expected to be chosen.

The commanders in the hall were similarly stunned.

Jian Wushuang was a newcomer in the army.

And yet he had been selected to fight on Flaming Battlefield?

Jian Wushuang managed to shake off his shock-induced stupor and presented himself to the Iron Saber Lord.


The Lord stared gravely at Jian Wushuang and said, “You’re only just joined my army, so I shouldn’t have selected you. But you are mighty and most importantly, you have a unique Realm Technique.”

“It’s rare and would be very helpful to a strong team.”

Lei Dao, Shi Ling and those who had witnessed Jian Wushuang’s Blood River nodded their agreement.

It was true that during the fight for Blood Gems, Jian Wushuang’s Blood River had nullified their disadvantaged position.

This skill would be an advantage when they fought on Flaming Battlefield.

“Your skill will be of immense help to the team. It’s possibly more useful than the skills of Lei Dao and the other three put together. Moreover, you have strong survival instincts. I believe you’ll survive Flaming Battlefield if you don’t encounter an expert of the Heaven-defying Saint Realm or lord’s level.”

“That’s why I selected you as the last member of my team.”

“Are you willing to go?”

The Lord looked at Jian Wushuang.

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