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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 403: “Great Demon” Di Jing!

Chapter 403: “Great Demon” Di Jing!

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“Battle achievement can be exchanged for a dizzying array of treasures and opportunities in the camp’s Treasure Vault.”

“The treasures are precious, but the experts on Flaming Battlefield value the opportunities more.”

“The opportunities refer to the caves and mansions belonging to deceased experts,” Gu Man explained.

“Caves and mansions?” Jian Wushuang was in a daze.

Lei Dao and Shi Ling exchanged glances.

The First Army commanders had explored an expert’s mansion not long ago and had found many treasures and opportunities. The opportunities were eventually seized by the Iron Saber Lord, so they had no idea of what they were.

“Rumor has it that there are 330 cave mansions on Flaming Battlefield, and all of them were left behind by experts above the Cloud Realm.”

“Really?” The five were astonished.

330 cave mansions belonging to experts above the Cloud Realm?

“Yes, this rumor has been verified. It’s true,” Gu Man smiled.

“Those mansions could date up to a thousand years ago…”

“A millennium ago, there was a great and bloodthirsty demon named Di Jing who killed many experts. He massacred numerous Domains. His cruelty enraged many and finally spurred many experts into action, who gathered to kill him.”

“However, Di Jing was very highly skilled and had reached the top level of the Cloud Realm. He managed to escape every siege.”

“At last, through a concerted effort, eight marquises and 322 Cloud Realm experts chased Di Jing to Flaming Mountains.”

“A thousand years may have passed but that battle is still praised by people today. It was one of the greatest battles in the history of Divine Land and it left in its wake desolation and innumerable ruins in Flaming Mountains.”

“All eight marquises and 322 experts perished in the battle.”

“Di Jing disappeared. He might have died with them.”

The five commanders were stunned by the story.

Eight marquises and 322 Cloud Realm experts died fighting Di Jing?

How could Di Jing be so terrifying?

“Before the battle began, the marquises and experts knew that Di Jing was very strong, so they had been prepared for the worst. They established their cave mansions on Flaming Mountains and left their treasures and belongings in them.”

“After the battle ended, many experts explored the mountains to look for the mansions. As time went by, more and more mansions were found.”

“With those valuable mansions scattered around it, Flaming Mountains became a hotly contested spot. In particular, Marquis Piaoxue and Marquis Cangyue have been fighting fiercely for it, as it’s located between their Domains. The ferocious fighting led to the evolution of the mountains into the Flaming Battlefield,” Gu Man continued.

The five fell silent when they heard this.

They had never imagined that Flaming Battlefield had so much history.

The contents of the 330 cave mansions belonging to the Cloud Realm experts and eight marquises had tremendous value.

“All the experts on Flaming Battlefield had come for the mansions.”

“For the last thousand years, many of those mansions have been discovered. Close to a hundred are now controlled by Marquis Piaoxue. While many of the treasures and opportunities have been seized, there are some that have not been unearthed.”

“For certain mansions, you can get some opportunities as long as you enter them.”

“You’ll need battle achievements to enter the mansions.”

Having heard and understood Gu Man’s explanation, the five commanders nodded.

Battle achievements could be gained by killing enemies or accomplishing certain tasks. The battle achievements could then be exchanged for treasures in the Treasure Vault or used to enter the cave mansions.

The mansions held vast opportunities!

The warriors valued opportunities over the treasures.

Jian Wushuang had achieved much for his young age because of the opportunities of Heavenly Creation Skill and Ancestor’s Land.

In particular, Heavenly Creation Skill had been of the greatest help to him.

“Gu Man, you said that among the 330 mansions on Flaming Battlefield, Marquis Piaoxue controls close to a hundred of them. Does that mean there are many mansions yet to be found?” asked Jian Wushuang.

“Yes.” Gu Man nodded. “At present, we have only discovered two hundred mansions. The other mansions, including those belonging to two marquises, have not been found.”

“Flaming Battlefield covers a vast area and the mansions are deeply hidden, so it’s almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, there are many experts on the battlefield. Generally, mansions have been discovered at intervals ranging from two to ten years.”

“However, new discoveries are always accompanied by fierce battles.”

Jian Wushuang agreed with Gu Man inwardly.

Experts would be drawn to newly discovered mansions compared to those that were of common knowledge. Recently unearthed mansions would have more treasures; naturally, experts would fight aggressively for them.

While the five rushed to Flaming Battlefield, Gu Man continued to feed them with information about their destination.

Six days later, they finally arrived at Flaming Battlefield.

“Your Honors, the campsite of Marquis Piaoxue is below us. Let’s get down there,” said Gu Man with a smile.

The five stood in the void and stared down at the huge campsite several kilometers away.

From their vantage point, they saw many figures with magnificent aura.

After an exchange of nods, they charged down to the campsite.

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