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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 404: The Treasure Vault

Chapter 404: The Treasure Vault

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As there were numerous experts gathered in the campsite, Jian Wushuang and his four commanders attracted little attention.

“Your Honors, these are your ID tokens. Please refine them first.” Gu Man explained as he handed them five tokens. “Those tokens represent your identification and are in the same stage as you, which means Stage Two. Each token can only be refined by its owner, so our rivals will not be able to pass themselves off as our men.”

“On Flaming Battlefield, ID tokens claimed from experts you have killed represent your battle achievements.”

“For example, the ID tokens of experts in Stage Two can be exchanged for 100 battle achievement points.”

“ID tokens of Stage Three experts can be exchanged for 1000 battle achievement points.”

As the five commanders listened to Gu Man, they refined their tokens.

When the refinement was completed, they sensed the aura of the tokens belonging to experts near them.

“Experts within one camp can sense each other’s token. So if I can’t sense a token, it must belong to a rival camp.” Jian Wushuang thought to himself.

Jian Wushuang also realized that there was a number inside the token.

The number in his token currently stood at zero.

This meant that he had obtained zero battle achievements.

“Your Honors, let me show you our Treasure Vault.” Gu Man continued.

The five commanders followed Gu Man to the Treasure Vault.

The vault was essentially a big camp, inside which a grey-clothed elder sat with squinted eyes. As they entered the vault, the elder glanced at them and said, “The list of the treasures is beside you. Tell me what you want and pay me the corresponding battle achievement points. You’ll receive the items you ask for three days later.”

The elder ignored them after he explained the treasure redemption procedure.

The five commanders did not take offense at the elder’s curtness. They took the list off the table and began to peruse it.

The list mentioned various kinds of treasures, each of which required a specified level of battle achievement.

Jian Wushuang spotted Blood Gem on the list with the number “1,000” written behind it. “I need 1,000 points of battle achievement to exchange for one Blood Gem.”

“So expensive.” Jian Wushuang groused to himself.

Gu Man had just explained how battle achievement points could be earned.

Killing a Stage Two expert would merely earn him 100 battle achievement points.

He would need to kill a Stage Three expert to get 1000 battle achievement points.

In other words, one Blood Gem was worth as much as the life of a Stage Three expert.

“Luckily, I already have some Blood Gems and don’t need more.” Jian Wushuang was relieved.

After a cursory look at the list, Jian Wushuang turned his attention to the list of the cave mansions.

Marquis Piaoxue controlled a total of 99 mansions.

These mansions were closely watched by many experts, and the mansions included those that had belonged to three marquises.

Different battle achievements were required to enter different mansions. The level of battle achievement required to enter a cave mansion depended on the skill level of the mansion’s owner.

Jian Wushuang’s eyes lit up when he read the names of the three marquises.

One mansion had been left by a marquis named Beimo.

Marquis Beimo had a comprehensive understanding of World Origin and had made incredible achievements in it. He had left three opportunities in his mansion.

Every expert who comprehended World Origin would be attracted to them.

Jian Wushuang, having comprehended World Origin for a long time, naturally hoped that he could explore this mansion.

As the three marquis mansions were the most precious ones, gaining entry demanded a higher price.

The price of a single entry of Marquis Beimo’s mansion was a hundred thousand points of battle achievement!

Earning 100,000 battle achievement points would require killing 100 experts at Stage Three.

Having gone through the lists, Jian Wushuang left the Treasure Vault sighing.

“Your Honors, it’s now time to meet your captain, Sir Axe,” Gu Man said.

“Sir Axe?” Lei Dao looked excited.

“Yes, it’s him.” Shi Ling smiled.

Lei Dao and Shi Ling had been in Iron Saber Territory for a long time. They had been on good terms with Sir Axe as the latter had been from the First Army as well before he left for Flaming Battlefield.

The five commanders followed Gu Man into another camp and saw a burly dark-skinned man drinking alone.

The man appeared to be in low spirits. There were two Origin Marks on his exposed arms.

“Haha, Sir Axe.”

Lei Dao and Shi Ling laughed heartily when they saw their old friend.

The man snapped his head up. “Lei Dao, Shi Ling, it’s you!”

“Sir Axe.” Yan Mo and Bing Yue greeted the man as well. They were acquainted with Sir Axe but did not know him as well as Lei Dao.

Among the five commanders, Jian Wushuang was the only one who had never met Sir Axe before.

“Your Honors, I gotta go now, enjoy your time here!” Gu Man bowed.

Gu Man had completed his task to escort the five commanders to Flaming Battlefield and to apprise them of information about the battlefield. It was now time for him to leave.

“Sir Axe, please allow me to introduce Swordsman. He had only recently become a commander and is now here with us,” Lei Dao said to Sir Axe.

“Sir Axe.” Jian Wushuang greeted him.

Sir Axe nodded at Jian Wushuang and forced a smile.

It was evident that Sir Axe was in a foul mood. This was no doubt because he and his team had just encountered an attack on Flaming Battlefield and had suffered a great loss.

“Sir Axe, what happened to you and your team several days ago?” Lei Dao frowned as he asked.

“Alas.” Sir Axe sighed. “I’m a total mess. Several days ago, two teams attacked us suddenly for no reason while we were doing our own jobs. They seemed to have known that we would be there. We were trapped by them and had no chance to escape.”

“If not for the flaws in their teamwork, we would all have died there.”

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