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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 413: Xue Luo

Chapter 413: Xue Luo

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“How terrifying his speed was! He was faster than me even when repressed by my Realm. It seems that few in the Inner Area would be able to take his life.” Jian Wushuang thought.

At his full power and with the help of his Realm, he had barely overpowered Wind Demon. With Jian Wushuang’s current skills, it was impossible for him to kill Wind Demon.

“But having been in this fight, I now know my power much better.” Jian Wushuang mused.

Wind Demon was just at the ordinary level of Stage Three, far from the Top level.

However, with his speed, he still stood a chance of holding his own against an expert at the Top level.

This meant that Jian Wushuang, who had overpowered Wind Demon in the recently concluded battle, should be at the high level of Stage Three.

It was an achievement.

“By the way.”

Jian Wushuang’s expression changed as he waved his hand. A scarlet figure immediately appeared beside him.

It was a burly man clad in red armor, boots and a helmet. The man looked emotionless and his eyes were cold. He was none other than the Blood Puppet.

Jian Wushuang had owned this puppet for a long time, but he did not know the full extent of its power. As he had a supply of Blood Gems, he was eager to find an opponent on whom he could test the puppet’s strength.

He would be able to do this in Inner Area.

“The Puppet Fighter made by Sword Ancestor. I’m anticipating witnessing your power.”

With these expectations, Jian Wushuang resumed his adventure in Inner Area.

A strong man dressed in a short coat and long pants walked with quiet footsteps. He towered over two meters and had hair as yellow as a lion’s, a snub nose, and big mouth.

“Marquis Piaoxue’s underlings are all cowards. They run from me like rabbits running from a lion.”

The man scanned the area with his golden eyes, trying to find his target. His overwhelming aura radiated from him in waves.

He did not care that his display would attract attention, even in the Inner Area that was full of experts.

In Inner Area, even the experts at the Top of Stage Three would try to keep a low profile. Otherwise, they would attract too much attention as well as enemies.

This man was cognizant of the situation but did not hide his strength, which showed his confidence.

In fact, his strength lived up to his confidence.

An expert nearby was drawn to the man’s aura. However, when he discovered the identity of its bearer, he was frightened. He managed to calm himself down.

“Xue Luo, it’s you,” said the expert to the man. He was a benevolent-looking white-robed elder.

“Well, it’s you, Wu Yu. So you want to fight me?” Xue Luo responded in an arrogant tone as he looked at the elder with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“No, not at all.” the elder smiled and continued, “I happened to be around and followed your aura here. I’m leaving now.”

The elder left immediately.

“Coward!” Xue Luo mocked the elder.

He and Wu Yu were from two different camps, but neither of them intended to fight each other.

Xue Luo knew that he could not kill the elder and Wu Yu had no guts to challenge him.

Xue Luo continued to move forward, and before long, he came up to a small hill.

“What’s this?”

As he looked down, his eyes brightened. He had spotted a moving figure. Xue Luo grinned. “I can’t sense his aura. He is a rival.”

He rushed toward the figure.

That figure, Jian Wushuang, sensed an overbearing aura approaching him and stopped. He turned around and saw a burly golden-haired man charging toward him.

Jian Wushuang was startled for a moment and stared at the man. “He is…”

In an instant, Jian Wushuang recognized the man.

“He is Xue Luo!”

“No wonder his aura is so aggressive.”

Jian Wushuang looked grave.

Jian Wushuang felt extremely pressured at Xue Luo’s arrival.

Based on the file Sir Axe had given him, Xue Luo was an expert at the Top of Stage Three with a strong body and mighty power.

Besides, his attack and defensive skills were excellent. His only weakness might be his slow speed.

Moreover, he was ranked among the top 20 experts in Inner Area.

The file also mentioned that Xue Luo had once fought head-to-head with an expert at Heaven-defying Level. Xue Luo had been overpowered by him, but he had managed to escape in one piece.

In other words, Xue Luo was a monster who feared nothing in Inner Area.

“I’m so lucky to encounter him.” Jian Wushuang was excited.

Xue Luo had presented himself just when Jian Wushuang wanted to find someone on whom he could test his Blood Puppet.

Jian Wushuang waved his hand. The Blood Puppet appeared and swallowed a Blood Gem that Jian Wushuang gave him.

“Show me your power as a Blood Puppet made by Sword Ancestor!” Jian Wushuang waited with bated breath for fight to commence. After swallowing the gem, a sliver of light flashed in the puppet’s eyes.


The puppet turned into a streak of red flowing light and rushed toward Xue Luo.


Xue Luo had been watching Jian Wushuang closely during his charge toward him. He was taken aback when the Blood Puppet suddenly appeared in front of him.

The puppet swiftly dived at Xue Luo, clenched his right hand into a fist and threw it at Xue Luo.

“You want to play hard? I’m fine with it.” Xue Luo sneered.

Xue Luo transformed into an ape as a giant Demonic Ape materialized from thin air and appeared behind him. He then made a fist and attacked.

Two overwhelming forces collided.

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