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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 415: Winning Fame

Chapter 415: Winning Fame

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“Xue Luo is indeed powerful. No wonder he is called ‘Monster’.” Jian Wushuang thought. As he looked back at the Blood Puppet, he smiled with joy.

“However, he was still defeated by my puppet. My puppet must be more powerful than him.”

One Blood Gem was adequate to simply power the Blood Puppet. If 10 gems were used, the puppet would reach the heights of his power.

“Xue Luo is an expert at the Top of Stage Three, but my puppet still overpowered him. That means that powering the puppet with one gem put it almost at Heaven-defying Level of the Saint Realm.”

“How powerful would it be when powered by two or more gems?”

“By ten gems?”

Jian Wushuang was full of anticipation as he thought to himself, “The puppet is indeed one of Sword Ancestor’s creations. It requires too many Blood Gems.”

During the fight with Xue Luo, the energy supplied by one Blood Gem to the puppet had been depleted in less than 10 minutes.

Exchanging one Blood Gem from the Treasure Vault required 1,000 battle achievement points. A Stage Three expert would need to be defeated to gain that number of points.

“The puppet is powerful but I should only use it in dire situations. I don’t have that many Blood Gems, so I can’t use the puppet indiscriminately.”

With the puppet, Jian Wushuang felt more confident about his future.

“If I unleash all my power, I should be at the high level of Stage Three. This level is ordinary for Inner Area, but with Realm Techniques like Road to the Underworld and Tenfold Realm, I will survive even if I encounter an expert at Peak of Stage Three. Even if I can’t, Blood puppet will help me.”

“Let’s begin our adventure!”

Jian Wushuang continued his journey in Inner Area, a place filled with numerous experts.

Some of them had lived for hundreds of years or longer. They had brilliant martial techniques and skills to protect themselves. Jian Wushuang’s skills should be considered at the top level among theirs.

Half a year had elapsed since Jian Wushuang first entered the Inner Area.

A small yellow stone fort stood among bare mountains.

The owner had to be a very strong expert who was confident about his power, for he had dared to build his fort in Inner Area, a battlefield known for its slaughter and violence.

This man was called the Heaven Stone Castle Lord. An expert at the Top of Stage Three, he was more notorious than Xue Luo for his cruelty.

In the entire area, only the six experts at Heaven-defying Level could possibly overpower him.

A man in green with a saber strapped on his back approached slowly and entered the fort.

He sat down at a stone table and started to drink alone with a gloomy expression.

“Third brother, what’s wrong with you?” a skinny elder with a goatee walked up to him.

This elder was the famous Heaven Stone Castle Lord.

Heaven Stone Castle Lord had two buddies who were as close to him as brothers. Both were at Stage Three and had adventured with him in Inner Area. Unfortunately, one of them was killed many years ago. Now, the lord only had his third brother.

“Nothing’s wrong. It’s just that I’m frustrated from my fight with an expert from a rival camp, that happened on my way back,” said the third brother after a sip of his wine.

“Not many from Marquis Piaoxue’s camp can frustrate you as you’re now at the Top of Stage Three. So, who the hell did you meet? The crazy Can Tao? Tian Yi? Or the devil Qing Ling?” the lord mentioned three people who were well-known for their powers and were as strong as him.

“None of them. It was a young man who used a sword. I guess he is that Swordsman, who has gained a lot of notice recently,” the third brother answered with a frown.

“Swordsman?” the lord was slightly surprised. “I’ve heard of him, a man with awakened Double Sword Souls and a promising future. In the past six months, he won fame in Inner Area and has drawn attention from many. But, he is no match for you, isn’t it?”

“Yes, he isn’t. His power is weak. Fighting head-on I can easily defeat him and even kill him. However, he has a weird Realm Technique, which suppressed my powers,” the third brother said helplessly.

“He relied on his Realm and challenged me. I had to let him go for he has a strong body and many trump cards.”

“I see.” the lord smiled and said, “I’m not surprised that you were repressed by his Realm. After all, it’s a powerful technique. Even I envy him. Moreover, he has Sword Soul to help him. If he achieves new heights in Origin, I guess it’ll be hard for me to beat him as well.”

“I know. I’m just a little depressed.” The third brother curled his lips.

As for the man they were talking about, Jian Wushuang, he hadn’t returned to his camp during his half-year long adventure.

He had encountered and fought many opponents, exposing his Realm Technique and Double Sword Souls to the experts in Inner Area.

For this reason, he had left a deep impression on many people and had won some fame.

His Technique had caused much trouble to his opponents and was regarded as a unique skill.

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