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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 419: Occupation

Chapter 419: Occupation

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“I heard that a new expert named Swordsman had appeared in the Inner Area and his Realm Technique was amazing. Finally, I have the chance to meet you,” Bone King said kindly.

“Thank you,” Jian Wushuang responded humbly. “May I ask why you invited me here?”

“No hurry. Several other experts will come later. I’ll tell you when all of you are gathered here,” said Bone King.

“OK,” Jian Wushuang nodded.

They sat down at a round table.

“Swordsman, you’re very famous in the Inner Area for your Realm Technique. Would you please show it to me?” Bone King asked casually.

“I would like to see it too,” Xue Yang said.

“Of course,” Jian Wushuang nodded. He knew that Bone King wanted to test his strength.

Bone King must have invited him for his Realm Technique.

“Be careful,” Jian Wushuang cautioned and released his invisible Sword Realm.

“Oh?” Bone King frowned slightly. “That’s all?”

“Of course not,” Jian Wushuang smiled. In the next moment, a Blood River surged up with a roar and tumbled around him.

The superposition of Road to the Underworld and Tenfold Realm produced a formidable oppressive effect.

Bone King’s eyes lit up as he felt the enormous power of the Blood River. ” What a powerful Realm. With it, our chances of accomplishing the task will improve by at least 20 percent!”

“This Realm is indeed strong,” Xue Yang nodded gravely as he looked at Jian Wushuang, “Not long ago, I met Wu Ming from the opposite camp in the Inner Area. He had been weaker than me, but he had obtained a treasure which could release a Realm.”

“A treasure?”Jian Wushuang was intrigued.

His Realm resulted from his Sword Skill, a Secret Skill. He had never chanced upon any treasure which could create a Realm.

“It was a ring which contained a special Formation. Once he used it, a Realm was released. Because of that, he was able to compete with me. However, that Realm was much weaker than yours,” Xue Yang said.

Jian Wushuang was silent but he continued to contemplate the new information.

A ring which could release a Realm and exert an influence on Xue Yang was undoubtedly powerful.

Jian Wushuang’s Realm was powerful, but it could be improved if he could get his hands on that ring and superimpose its Realm with his.

Soon, other experts arrived.

They sat themselves at the roundtable. Besides Jian Wushuang and Xue Yang, Bone King had invited three other experts.

Among them, Jian Wushuang was a newcomer. The others had enjoyed fame for a long time and had reached the Peak of Stage Three.

“Xue Yang!”

“Zhu Huo!”

“You must be Swordsman?”

They greeted and talked to each other.

Since they belonged to the same camp and were all top experts, it was natural for them to socialize with one another.

“Everyone, ” said Bone King, who sat at the head of the table.

The experts quieted down and listened to him attentively.

They had been invited by Bone King, but did not know his reason for doing so.

“I invited you to come here for a task,” Bone King said in a magnificent voice. “It was ordered by the high officials of Drifting-blood Marquis. The task is extraordinary and quite difficult, but it’s also rewarding. If the task is completed, everyone will get at least 10 thousand battle achievements, as well as other rewards.”

“10 thousand battle achievements?”

Hearing that, their eyes lit up.

10 thousand battle achievements was nothing to scoff at.

They could only get 1000 battle achievements by killing a Stage Three expert.

All Stage Three experts who ventured into the Inner Area were confident of their battle strength. Experts who were weaker were equipped with skills that would help them survive, such as the Wind Demon with his amazing speed.

Therefore, even though the experts present were at the Peak of Stage Three, it was an uphill challenge for them to kill a Stage Three expert in the Inner Area.

The reward of 10 thousand battle achievements was equal to killing 10 Stage Three experts.

This made the incentive for completing the task very attractive.

A substantial reward also meant that this task would be complex.

“Bone King, tell us what this task is,” a burly rough-looking man named “Beast” said impatiently.

Many experts used aliases on the Flaming Battlefield.

“I’ll be candid. Our task is to occupy a cave mansion controlled by the opposite camp!” Bone King said in a low voice.

“Occupy a cave mansion?” They gathered experts were surprised.

On the Flaming Battlefield, there were 330 cave mansions, many of which were still hidden and had not been discovered, but more had fallen under the control of the two camps.

Drifting-blood Marquis controlled 99 mansions in total.

The number of cave mansions occupied by Pale Moon Marquis was not insignificant as well.

These cave mansions were guarded by experts of the two camps, with more precious caves being guarded by stronger guards. But these guards were not top experts.

This was as the cave mansions were equipped with Formations. Even the lords of Cloud Realm level could not break the Formations and occupy the cave mansions. As such, it was not necessary to dispatch top experts to guard them.

“Occupy a cave mansion? Bone King, are you kidding?” Beast responded in a bear-like voice. “All the cave mansions controlled by Pale Moon Marquis are protected by powerful and indestructible Formations. Even a lord can’t destroy it. How would we occupy it?”

The other experts quietly nodded their agreement.

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