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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 421: Breaking Array

Chapter 421: Breaking Array

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Within the Flaming Battlefield were 330 cave mansions, of which most were located in the Outer Area.

This included the discovered cave mansions which belonged to the six marquises.

And so to the Jiushe Cave Mansion.

There was nothing special about a particular sallow and desolate mountain to the naked eye. However, beneath this mountain was the presence of a cave mansion, and near the mountain was a faint sign of an immaterial halo.

The halo shrouded the entire mountain without leaving even an inch of gap. It was the Formation outside the Jiushe Cave Mansion.

It was precisely because of this Formation that even though many of the experts from Drifting-blood Marquis’ camp knew that beneath the mountain was a cave mansion which promised many opportunities, they could only admire it from afar.

Right at this moment, there was a party of seven people, including Lady Red, standing abreast in a void not far from the mountain.

“Bone King, how are you going to break this Formation if even lord-level experts can’t do anything about it?” Beast grunted.

“Don’t fret, just wait and see.” Bone King laughed mysteriously.

Jian Wushuang took a glance at Bone King and said, “That Formation is extremely powerful. It’s absolutely impossible for us to break it by force on our own. The only way is to get someone from inside to collaborate with us and destroy the foundation of the Formation.”

In Jian Wushuang’s view, this was the only possibility.

He had employed such a method in Nanyang Continent before.

At that time, he was bringing people to Ice Nether Valley to kill and turn the place upside down. Right at the start, he got his men to break the Array Core of the valley’s Protective Array so that the valley could not deploy it.

Things were happening in the Jiushe Cave Mansion beneath the mountain as Jian Wushuang and co. waited in secrecy.

The cave mansion was incomparably huge, and it extended in all directions. Within it were numerous secret chambers. A bald elder was seated in one of the chambers, and in front of him was an extremely difficult chess composition which he had not found the solution to despite having pondered for many months.

Suddenly, the door of the chamber opened, and in walked a black-haired youth.

“Brother He.” The black-haired youth laughed, carrying a pot of wine in his hand.

The bald elder raised his head. When he saw the pot of wine in the youth’s hand, his eyes sparkled, and he immediately swept the chess composition to one side.

“Brother He, I came especially to drink with you.” The youth sat down in front of the elder and poured some wine for him.

“Younger Brother Yunchong, I don’t understand you. With your strength, you’re definitely capable of making your way in the Inner Area, where you’ll have many opportunities to attain battle achievements. You don’t have to stay here like me,” the elder remarked.

“Experts are a dime a dozen in the Inner Area. Won’t I be courting death by going there?” The youth laughed.

“Not necessarily. Even though it’s dangerous in the Inner Area, you are, for better or worse, a Stage Three expert, which means you should be more than capable of gaining a foothold there.” The bald raised his cup and sniffed it after he finished speaking. His eyes began to scorch at once. “Good wine indeed!”

“How could I possibly dare to offer it to you if it wasn’t good?” The youth replied solicitously.

“Haha…” The bald elder’s smile widened. He began to drink without any more hesitation.

However, the moment he raised his head once again, he saw that the facial expression of the youth had turned from a constant warm smile into a hideous look. A wicked killing intent burst forth violently from the latter’s eyes.


An amazingly-fast icy ray of light began to illuminate the secret chamber.

At such a close distance, the elder was utterly unable to react.


Shock and anger began to fill his eyes as his body was thrown backward forcefully. However, when he got on his feet, he immediately felt a sharp pain in his heart. He subconsciously lowered his head to check. What he saw frightened him out of his wits.

A gaping hole had been punctured in his chest area. Huge amounts of flesh and blood were streaming out of it, while his heart had also ruptured.

“You…” The elder looked in disbelief at the black-haired youth. The latter had, just a while ago, been that courteous and complaisant, but quickly turned hostile. He finished off the elder with a single stroke.

The elder could not even ask “Why?” before his body began to collapse gradually on the floor.

The youth stood in the secret chamber and, with a cold and pitiless look, observed the body of the collapsed elder.

He subsequently took away the elder’s Interspatial Ring, and after making it recognize him as its owner, he pulled a token out of it.

Relying on the token, he found his way to another secret chamber in the cave mansion. It was the location of the Array Core of the Formation near to the cave mansion, while the chamber also had its own Formation. What he had just taken from the bald elder was the only token which granted entrance to this secret chamber.

After entering this chamber, the youth immediately began to destroy the Array Core of the Formation without any hesitation.

In the void outside the cave mansion, Jian Wushuang, Bone King, and their companions waited quietly. All of a sudden, they saw that the immaterial halo which had for long been shrouding the mountain began to quiver frantically.

“It has begun!” Bone King’s eyes lit up.

Xue Yang, Beast, and others revealed looks of pleasant surprise when they saw the violent movement of the Formation.

The immaterial halo quickly reached the verge of disintegration.

“Let’s go. It’s time for us to get to work. We shall break the Formation completely,” Bone King said.

With the exception of Lady Red, the other six experts moved forward at once and projected waves of attacks of every kind toward the Formation.

The Formation, which was already on the brink of disintegration, was sundered by the attacks of the six people.

Once the Formation was broken, Jiushe Cave Mansion became rather like a naked young woman standing daintily in front of them.

Right at this moment, a figure dashed out of the cave mansion and appeared in front of them.

This person was none other than the black-haired youth who had just murdered the bald elder and completely destroyed the Array Core of the Formation.

“Aren’t you… He Yunchong?” Xue Yang instantly recognized who he was.

“Bone King, Xue Yang, Beast…” The youth greeted them one by one.

“Haha. When I accepted this mission, I already knew that an insider would collaborate with us to break the Formation. However, I didn’t know who it would be and certainly didn’t think it would be you.” Bone King laughed in delight.

“I was originally from Drifting-blood Marquis’ camp, and was sent as a mole to Pale Moon Marquis very early on. I only exposed myself today for the sake of capturing Jiushe Cave Mansion.” He Yunchong laughed as well.

Upon hearing this, Jian Wushuang and the others finally understood it all.

“Okay, let’s not waste any more time. Since the Formation has been broken, we should get started.” A gush of killing intent surged from Bone King’s body.

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