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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 423: Touched

Chapter 423: Touched

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“How is that possible?”

“Jiushe Cave Mansion has actually been captured?”

“There’s a brutally powerful Formation set up by my camp outside Jiushe Cave Mansion. It should have been very difficult to break through even if several lords worked together.”

The experts who were standing respectfully were shocked when they learned about the Formation.

The burly middle-aged man with purple hair continued, “He Yunchong, who was one of the two Stage Three experts guarding Jiushe Cave Mansion, is a spy sent by Drifting-blood Marquis. It was he who conspired with the enemy experts and helped them to capture the cave mansion.”

“I hereby decree that He Yunchong shall be classified as a top-priority assassination target, and that any expert in the camp who is related to him will be thoroughly interrogated. Anyone found to be closely related to him shall be immediately executed.”

The burly middle-aged man with purple hair resumed speaking after the series of orders were handed down. “My camp controls 101 cave mansions, among which Jiushe Cave Mansion is only secondary in value to the three Marquis cave mansions. Such an important cave mansion should never be allowed to fall into the hands of Drifting-blood Marquis.”

“Send orders to assemble a group of experts immediately, and for the group to head to Jiushe Cave Mansion in the shortest time possible. Seize back Jiushe Cave Mansion while the enemy has yet to gain a firm foothold and fix up a Formation!”

“Yes.” The Stage Three experts acknowledged solemnly.

“By the way, hasn’t Deng Huo just set out toward the Inner Area a while ago? He should be reaching the Outer Area by now. Send word to him immediately to take a trip to Jiushe Cave Mansion. The recapture won’t be difficult with his assistance.”

The other two lords nodded their heads. They apparently had full confidence in Deng Huo, who the purple-haired man mentioned.

After this order was handed down, it took only half a day for a group of experts to be assembled and to set off.

Because of the tightness of time, the experts simply teleported using their Space-travel Spells and quickly reached the Outer Area.

Jian Wushuang and co. were still looking around inside Jiushe Cave Mansion.

“There are three spots of opportunities in Jiushe Cave Mansion.” He Yunchong was naturally very familiar with Jiushe Cave Mansion having stayed here for so long. “These spots can be classified into two different types. One is meant for Origin enlightenment, while the other is for Sword Principle.”

“Sword Principle?” Bone King, Xue Yang and several others could not refrain from looking at Jian Wushuang.

Including He Yunchong, there were seven experts present. However, among them, only Jian Wushuang specialized in Sword Principle.

Jian Wushuang subconsciously touched his own nose as a result of the attention he was getting.

“Swordsman, some luck you have.” Bone King laughed.

Jian Wushuang raised his eyebrows.

“Regarding the two spots of opportunities for Origin enlightenment, exactly which Origins are they meant for?” Beast asked.

“The Raging Fire Origin and the Thunderbolt Origin,” He Yunchong answered.

Immediately, odd looks appeared on several faces.

Those who had practiced either of these two Origins were naturally delighted, whereas those who had never practiced either Origin could only laugh bitterly.

“The opportunity for Sword Principle is right in that secret chamber. You can go in, Swordmaster,” He Yunchong said.

Without hesitation, Jian Wushuang nodded his head and walked toward the secret chamber.

“Guys, don’t you want to go in and have a look too?” He Yunchong looked at Bone, Xue Yang, and co.

“Never mind. We aren’t proficient in Sword Principle at all. The opportunity for it is useless to us,” Beast replied.

“If it’s an Origin opportunity, we can try meditating for a while whether or not we’re proficient in it. After all, knowing an extra Origin may bring some benefit. However, I’m sure that no one here still specializes in Sword Principle, right?” Bone King commented.

The others nodded their heads in agreement.

Subsequently, they walked toward the spots of opportunities for Origin enlightenment.

Jian Wushuang stood alone in the middle of the secret chamber, which was so empty and unfurnished that there was not even a stool. The only thing in the room was a giant painting which was hung on the stone wall directly in front of the swordsman.

The painting was three meters high and two meters wide. It almost covered the stone wall completely.

The painting displayed the scene of a man practicing his sword under a tree. His posture was that of thrusting his sword out.

“This sword…” Jian Wushuang began to concentrate his attention on the painting.

Under his gaze, the man in the painting suddenly began to move. Jian Wushuang saw the man thrust his sword forward viciously.

The thrust caused, in the man’s surroundings, a whirlwind which carried a relentless essence. It was as if the sword would stop at nothing to kill the enemy.

Jian Wushuang was completely smitten by the ingenious and mysterious sword.

He stared fixedly at the sword and felt its relentless essence.

After a good while, the sword stopped moving and the painting came to a still. Jian Wushuang, however, had already entered the midst of enlightenment.

“That never-say-die sword…” Jian Wushuang was recalling in his mind the sword he had just seen.

The sword was astonishing, and it somewhat touched Jian Wushuang in the bottom of his heart.

This touch was from a different Sword Skill school.

It was the Heart-killing Sword Technique… the most powerful Sword Skill invented by the Sword Ancestors. Jian Wushuang had memorized every one of its nine sword movements when he was still in Ancestor’s Land.

And he mastered its first move early on when he was in Nanyang Continent.

However, Traceless, as the first move was named, was nothing more than the starting point of Heart-killing Sword Technique. Among the nine sword movements, it was the least powerful and also the easiest to understand.

As far as its power was concerned, Traceless was only about as good as first-grade sword techniques.

Because of its mediocre power, people often doubted whether the move was truly invented by the Sword Ancestors.

In reality, however, Jian Wushuang understood that the first move was put in place because the Sword Ancestors were worried that the Sword Skill, as a whole, would be too profound and difficult to understand. It was specially crafted to attract more people to practice the subsequent moves…

There was no doubt that Traceless was mediocre in power.

However, beginning from the second move, the frightening might of the Sword Technique would start to reveal itself.

The second move was definitely near ten times more powerful than the first!

The name of the second move was Desperation!

Desperation referred to a tireless essence which was similar to, albeit different in approach from, the essence seen in the painting. This was why Jian Wushuang felt a twitch in his brain when he saw the never-say-die sword.



“How could it be like this?”

After Jian Wushuang closed his eyes, the Lonely Heart Sword appeared in his hand. In pace with the movement of his wrist, thrust after thrust of the sword would be exerted.

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