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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 431: Chase and Kill!

Chapter 431: Chase and Kill!

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“Kill me? Are you able to?” Flames of fury were surging in Deng Huo’s eyes.

He was a genuine Heaven-defying expert. Even faced with an ordinary lord, he was able and prepared to fight with his strength.

In the entire Flaming Battlefield, with no lord at present, who dared to think about killing him?

Even the three Heaven-defying experts at the Drifting-blood Marquis’ side did not dare to say that.

But now, Jian Wushuang wanted to kill him?

“You’ll know whether I am able to immediately.” Jian Wushuang did not say too much. With the Blood River suppression, the Blood Puppet had rushed in front of Deng Huo as soon as possible.

When the Blood Puppet’s fist attacked him again, Deng Huo’s mouth corners twitched a little, but he had to defend with his full strength.

With a huge bang, Deng Huo was forced backward by several steps. Before he obtained his balance again, however, a shadow turned up in front of him. An icy cold sword light, with a decisive and desperate intent, violently thrust at his head.

Deng Huo’s face turned pale. He immediately wielded his saber, which collided against the icy cold sword light. And then, the counterforce quickly generated a distance between the two.

“This boy.” Deng Huo looked at Jian Wushuang with fear. “His Spiritual Power was running out. In such a short period, it has almost recovered. How could that happen?”

Deng Huo was stunned.

However, he did not know that Jian Wushuang had cultivated Heavenly Creation Skill, which was originally in defiance of the natural order.

Not only was his Spiritual Power recovery speed very high, but his elixir absorption speed was also very frightening.

For elixir or Spiritual Liquid that could slowly enhance Spiritual Power, other warriors needed a long time to absorb them, but Jian Wushang could absorb them much faster with the Heavenly Creation Skill.

He had just swallowed elixir to recover his Spiritual Power. Naturally, the effect of the elixir was quickly absorbed, so in a short instant, much of his Spiritual Power had been recovered.


Deng Huo had an uneasy expression.

The Blood Puppet and Jian Wushuang were fighting. The worst scene appeared in front of Deng Huo.


Without any hesitation, Deng Huo turned around and violently rushed out of the cave mansion.


The killing intent was surging in Jian Wushuang’s eyes. The Triple-kill Sword in his hand was vibrating like crazy as he chased with the Blood Puppet.

Outside the Jiushe Cave Mansion, the fierce battle between the two camps were still going on and had turned white hot.

The situation was very horrifying.

In the Drifting-blood Marquis’ camp of the two camps, He Yunchong was the weakest one and had been slaughtered. Besides, Zhu Huo, an invited top expert of Stage Three, had also been slaughtered. Hence, two people had died.

In the Pale Moon Marquis’ camp, except for the green-clothed elder who was killed by Jian Wushuang, another top expert of Stage Three had died. Besides, two people were heavily hurt.

This fierce battle was still in a deadlock.

When fighting against Bone King, Duo Xin Marquis glanced at the entry of the cave mansion below from time to time. “All the experts of the Drifting-blood Marquis’ camp are fighting against us here, so there should be an expert deploying the Formation as well as Swordsman in the cave mansion. It should be very easy for Master Deng Huo to kill them with his strength. Why haven’t I seen him come out yet?”

Duo Xin Marquis and the other experts from the Pale Moon Marquis’ camp had full confidence in Deng Huo’s strength.

In the entire Flaming Battlefield, with no lord at present, Deng Huo, the Heaven-defying expert, was invincible.

Bone King and the others were very worried.

“The situation here is stabilized. Now the key lies in the cave mansion. I am not sure whether Swordsman can pin down Deng Huo.” Bone King thought.

He did not expect Jian Wushuang to rival Deng Huo. He just hoped Jian Wushuang could pin down the latter, so that Lady Red would have a chance to deploy the Formation.

But right at this moment…


A huge roar was heard from the cave mansion below, followed by a figure who violently shot out like a cannonball.

“He’s emerged?”

The battling experts from the two camps looked over across the void.

It was seen that a figure was rapidly retreating. Obviously, that man had been forced out of the cave mansion. After he was able to stand steadily, his old face became apparent with bloodstains at the corners of his mouth.

“This is… Master Deng Huo?” Having clearly seen the face, the experts from the Pale Moon Marquis’ camp could not help but feel shocked.

Suddenly, from inside that cave mansion, two figures, one after another, quickly rushed out. The figure in front was scarlet, and appeared extremely strong. He directly rushed towards Deng Huo like an ancient fierce beast. Then, a fist with the strength of billions of tons, with terrifying power surging inside it, directly struck out at Deng Huo.

Deng Huo was aware how terrifying that “scarlet figure” was, so he did not dare to resist. His figure dodged and violently retreated.


The tremendous fist was struck the empty space, but power still exploded and shook the entire sky and earth. This then penetrated the void and passed to the ground below. Immediately, the ground was lifted into the air. Dust was flying everywhere. A huge pit covering hundreds of meters, as deep as ten meters, appeared.

Deng Huo, who had just evaded the punch of the Blood Puppet and seen the power of that punch, was not even able to feel lucky before an icy cold sword shadow, like lightning, violently flashed towards his head with decisive killing intent.

It was still that sword!

It was Jian Wushuang’s strongest unique skill.

“Damn it!”

Deng Huo cursed in his mind.

He dared not fend off the Blood Puppet’s attacks. Jiang Wushuang’s strongest sword skill, however, was also of unusual power. He could easily fend it off in normal combat, but just now he had just escaped from the Blood Puppet’s attack, with no time to use proper techniques to fend it off. He had to move aside in a ferocious struggle.

The lightening-like sword shadow penetrated the void beside Deng Huo’s body and directly hit the cliff of the mountain behind them. Chi~~ the mountain was utterly penetrated, showing a spiral cave.

Having seen the power of the sword, Deng Huo’s face could not help but twitch a little. His body crazily rushed out.

With cold eyes, Jian Wushuang did not intend to let Deng Huo go. With the help of the Blood River Realm, he rushed out to chase Deng Huo.

Quickly, Jian Wushuang, the Blood Puppet, and Deng Huo disappeared into the distant horizon.

In the void outside the Jiushe Cave Mansion, everyone was stunned.

The experts from both the Drifting-blood Marquis’ camp and the Pale Moon Marquis’ camp were all stunned.

“Deng Huo, Master Deng Huo… is running away and being pursued?”

“He is fleeing!”

“How, how could it be possible?”

Deng Huo, the super expert at the Heaven-defying Level, the absolute invincible being at the Saint Realm, was fleeing?

What’s more, they had seen clearly that the man who was chasing Deng Huo was Jian Wushuang, together with a puppet fighter of terrifying strength.


Everyone was stunned.

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