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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 433: There Is No Next Time!

Chapter 433: There Is No Next Time!

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Deng Huo’s words were sonorous and forceful, with towering killing intent.

The numerous experts hiding nearby couldn’t help but change their countenance.

“I thought Master Deng Huo knew he had nowhere to go, so decided to wage a life-and-death battle with Swordsman. But now, it’s not like that at all!”

“Master Deng Huo is really a Heaven-defying expert. He has so many measures. He even owns a Transfer Slip.”

“It’s a Transfer Slip! This is equivalent to a life. Such a treasure is of extraordinary value. I’m afraid Master Deng Huo will feel awful that he had to use it.”

“This Master Swordsman could force Master Deng Huo to escape with a Transfer Slip. He really has marvelous skills.”

Many of the experts were gasping in admiration.

“Transfer Slip?” Jian Wushuang’s pupil slightly shrank.

He had heard about Transfer Slips. Its nature was similar to that of the Space-travel Spell, both of which could be used to transfer people across space. However, the Transfer Slip was far more valuable than the Space-travel Spell.

The Space-travel Spell could only connect two fixed spaces, with one wormhole as the center and the token as one junction. When transferring with the Space-travel Spell, people could only be transferred to that wormhole, and at the other side of the wormhole some preparation was needed.

Besides, even if using the Space-travel Spell, the formation of the wormhole needed some time. Hence, at the crucial moment of life and death, the Space-travel Spell would not be useful.

After all, at the moment of life and death, you would have no time to wait for the slow formation of the wormhole. Besides, the connection between spaces was not steady enough. A random attack from the opponent would utterly destroy the wormhole.

Therefore, the Space-travel Spell was generally used for long-distance travel only.

However, a Transfer Slip was different. The token itself was the center, and a wormhole would be quickly formed around the token. Then, the owner of the token could freely transfer to any place within range through the wormhole.

It was equivalent to direct teleportation. In terms of escaping at the crucial moment, it was absolutely the best life-saving treasure.

A Transfer Slip was extremely valuable. In the Treasure Vault of the Drifting-blood Marquis’ camp, there had never been such a treasure as a Transfer Slip.

After being stared at by Jian Wushuang, Deng Huo, who was trapped in the Blood River and had nowhere to go, directly crushed the Transfer Slip in his hand.

When the token was crushed, a strange space wave immediately rippled out. In the center of the Blood River, beside Deng Huo, a complete wormhole quickly appeared. It was so fast and so steady that Jian Wushang could not prevent it even though he wanted to.

“Swordsman, very soon, we’ll meet again.”

Deng Huo’s voice was cold. After which, he stepped slowly into the wormhole.

“Next time?” A cold smile appeared at the corners of Jian Wushuang’s mouth.

“There is no next time!”

The chilly voice echoed between heaven and earth. Deng Huo, who was going to step into the wormhole, shot a glance at Jian Wushuang unconsciously, but found the latter’s face had turned red with a sense of madness flashing in his eyes.

“Asura Secret Skill, the third move, Eighteen Levels of Hell!”

Boom! The Blood River roared.

Above the Blood River, a blood cloud swirled, forming a huge vortex. In the vortex, there was an eighteen-floor scarlet pavilion. slowly descending. Inside the pavilion, some ghost shadows were faintly visible, crazily screaming and roaring until the scarlet pavilion completely landed.

The scarlet pavilion directly pressed upon Deng Huo’s body.


A blast of invisible waves spread out.

Jian Wushuang had displayed the Eighteen Levels of Hell only once when he was desperate. At that time, he had to display it with the Soul-devouring Secret Skill as well as the power of elixir and blood essence.

Even though his strength had risen by several levels now, using this technique was still very difficult.

At this moment, the use of this technique had utilized all his residual Spiritual Power and forced him to swallow several elixirs again. Only then could this technique be used.

The power of this technique was incredible.

When the scarlet pavilion landed and pressed upon Deng Huo, his pupils suddenly shrank with fear and astonishment.

The Eighteen Levels of Hell were completely different from the Road to the Underworld and the Bridge of Helplessness.

What was most terrifying in the Eighteen Level of Hell was the incredible deterrence, which directly targeted a person’s consciousness and could trap someone forcefully. Like now, under this huge pressure, Deng Huo’s consciousness seized up, and he was unable to step into the wormhole.

Just like a fool, he stood there, looking absent-minded.

The pause was very brief and fleeting.

To an ordinary people, such a pause meant nothing. However, for someone with Jian Wushuang’s strength, this brief pause was crucial.

“Blood Puppet, kill him!” Jian Wushuang angrily shouted.

The Blood Puppet beside him immediately rushed out and appeared in front of Deng Huo in an instant. It punched at Deng Huo’s head.


After a brief pause, Deng Huo’s consciousness recovered, just to find the Blood Puppet in front of him. At that moment, the latter’s fist was only half a centimeter from his face.

At such a close distance, Deng Huo was utterly unable to react.


With a shrill roar, Deng Huo’s head completely exploded, and he died.

Before his death, one of his feet had already stepped into that wormhole, just leaving his body outside, but finally… He would never step into it.

It was silent!

The entire heaven and earth became silent at this moment.

The experts from the small teams, who were watching in the void, were all astounded.

“He is dead! Deng Huo is dead!”

“Deng Huo, the super expert at the Heaven-defying Level, the invincible expert of the Flaming Battlefield, has been killed!”

“He took out his Transfer Slip, but at the very last moment, he was unable to escape!”

The atmosphere was electric!

The entire crowd was shocked!

Totally incredible!

“What on earth was Swordsman’s last technique?”

“What a terrifying technique! Did you see it? Deng Huo was made into a fool by that technique. He could not move even a little, and the puppet fighter killed him.”

“Too strong!”

“Swordsman is too strong!”

Everyone was terrified, and the crowd was boiling with excitement.

In the Flaming Battlefield, there were countless deaths. The fall of an expert was usually an ordinary matter. However, the fallen expert this time was Deng Huo, one of the three Heaven-defying experts of the Pale Moon Marquis’ camp!

In the Flaming Battlefield, with no lord at present, the Heaven-defying experts were invincible, and that was acknowledged to all. In the thousands of year’s of battle in the Flaming Battlefield, there had been some Heaven-defying experts killed, but they were all killed by lords.

But today, the man who had killed Deng Huo, the Heaven-defying expert, was at the Saint Realm.

His name was Jian Wushuang!

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