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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 442: Slumber

Chapter 442: Slumber

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The inside of the Thatched Cottage only contained a few simple objects.

There was a futon on the ground, a wooden table beside the wall, an oil lamp on the table, and a picture on the wall.

The futon, wooden table, oil lamp, and picture were all the objects in the Thatched Cottage.

After entering the Thatched Cottage, what Jian Wushuang saw first was a picture on the wall, on which there was a towering mountain.

“This picture…” Jian Wushuang frowned slightly.

The picture was not very abstruse. Instead, it was too ordinary for Jian Wushuang.

Indeed, it was an ordinary picture without any mysteries. The drawing technique was also very clumsy and ordinary.

In addition, the futon, wooden table, and oil lamp were also very ordinary. There was nothing extraordinary.

But Jian Wushuang was clearly aware that since those things were here, it meant they were not normal.

Jian Wushuang walked towards the yellowed futon while taking some time to think, then he sat down on it.

As soon as he sat down, Jian Wushuang felt like the Thatched Cottage had utterly changed.

“This…” A hint of shock flashed in Jian Wushuang’s eyes.

In his consciousness, the futon, which had been ordinary just now, was connected to the wooden table, oil lamp, and picture.

The four simple objects seemed to have become an entire world in an instant.

An entire world.


With a shocked face, Jian Wushuang sat upright on the futon. He was able to sense the structure of the invisible world even more clearly now.

He was also able to clearly sense the vast World Origin that pervaded the world.

“World, this is the world?”

“Where there is life, there is death!”

“Where there is destruction, there is creation.”

“Embracing everything…”

Immediately, Jian Wushuang was lost in the world formed by the futon, wooden table, oil lamp, and picture.

His heart completely calmed down, and his consciousness gradually became faint. After a little time passed, he fell asleep.


Anyone who meditated in the Cottage World would fall into slumber, and Jian Wushuang now was slumbering too.

This status was actually a big opportunity, equivalent to enlightenment.

The longer one stayed in this state, the more beneficial it would be.

In his complete slumber, Jian Wushuang had totally ignored the passage of time.

Outside the Cottage World, An Feng knew Jian Wushuang would be staying in there for a long time, so he left early.

The cave mansion of Marquis Beimo had also become quiet again.

Outside the cave mansion, on the Flaming Battlefield that covered 8 million square miles, the battles were continuing. The experts from the two major camps were still fighting for their respective interests and battle achievements.

By slaughtering Deng Huo, Jian Wushuang had indeed won himself a lofty reputation in the Flaming Battlefield. Many people were in awe of him and everyone on the Flaming Battlefield was talking about his feat, for now.

However, as time passed, new events occurred and new experts emerged, replacing the topics regarding Jian Wushuang.

That was just how the Flaming Battlefield was, where experts constantly emerged and fell like stars.

As for Jian Wushuang, he knew nothing about this because he was in a state of slumber for one month, two months…one year, and then two years!

Before he knew it, Jian Whuang had been in a state of slumber for two years and four months.

The Inner Area of the Flaming Battlefield.

A towering khaki stone fort was standing at the top of the mountain.

This khaki stone fort was the residence of the famous Heaven Stone Castle Lord.

In the hall of the stone fort, before each table, there were some people sitting. Other than the Heaven Stone Castle Lord, there were three more people.

“Heaven Stone Castle Lord, you hurriedly sent for me. What’s up?” An indifferent man in a short robe asked.

This indifferent man, as well as the other two people, were all top experts at the Flaming Battlefield, each of whom was in the overlord rank and not much weaker than Heaven Stone Castle Lord.

In Marquis Piaoxue’s camp, if one could kill any one of these people, he would get a special reward.

“Please don’t worry, all your questions will be answered shortly. All in all, it is a very rare opportunity for you all.” Heaven Stone Castle Lord smiled in a mysterious way.

The three people, including the indifferent man, who were invited by Heaven Stone Castle Lord slightly frowned.

Just an instant later, another person turned up in the hall. Once he appeared, everyone, including Heaven Stone Castle Lord, stood up.

“Master Long Xiang!” Heaven Stone Castle Lord said modestly.

“Master Long Xiang.” The three invited people, including the indifferent man, were all respectful.

Long Xiang was from Marquis Cangyue’s camp, and he was one of their two Heaven-defying experts!

Originally, there had been three Heaven-defying experts in Marquis Cangyue’s camp. However, Deng Huo was slaughtered so there were only two left.

Heaven Stone Castle Lord, as well as the three people, were all called overlords at the Flaming Battlefield, but they still had to be respectful in front of a Heaven-defying expert.

“Tian Shi, you know my temperament. If you don’t have something that interests me, I’m afraid you won’t like the consequences.” Long Xiang’s shot a glance at Heaven Stone Castle Lord with cold eyes.

“Master Long Xiang, you and the other three can rest assured.” Heaven Stone Castle Lord smiled and said, “Since I have invited you here, there is definitely something very special. It’s useless to talk here. Please follow me, and you’ll understand. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.”

Hearing this, Long Xiang nodded slightly.

Heaven Stone Castle Lord immediately led Long Xiang and the others towards the deepest section of the Inner Area.

After traveling for half a day, they finally arrived at a rift.

This rift was surrounded by mountains in all directions, located in a barren area with only a few trees.

“Tian Shi, why do you take us here?” Long Xiang shot a glance at the rift below.

The Inner Area was very vast and there were numerous similar rifts like the one below, which had no extraordinary features.

Heaven Stone Castle Lord smiled in a mysterious way and gave no answer. Then, he directly jumped towards the bottom of the rift, where he proceeded to pat some of the stone walls, leaving behind several hand prints. At this moment, an impressive secret entry appeared on one stone wall.

That entry was not horizontal, but vertical, reaching down to the bottom of the rift. However, it was too deep to see clearly. The only thing visible was the total darkness.

“What’s this?”

When Long Xiang and others saw the entry suddenly appear, their expressions became weird.

“This entry…is it…?” Long Xiang’s pupils suddenly shrank.

“Master Long Xiang, you’re right. This is the entry to a cave mansion,” Heaven Stone Castle Lord said and grinned.

Hearing this, Long Xiang and the other three people were astonished.

“A cave mansion?”

“An undiscovered cave mansion?”

“And here in the Inner Area!”

“A cave mansion in the Inner Area?”

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