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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 443: Might be a Marquis’s Cave Mansion

Chapter 443: Might be a Marquis’s Cave Mansion

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Though most of the 330 cave mansions on the Flaming Battlefield had come to light or been found, some of them were still hidden.

Normally, a newly found cave mansion would not have surprised Long Xiang and the others that much. What was beyond their belief was that the mansion was in the Inner Area!

After all, nearly all the mansions under the two camp’s control were found in the Outer Area or even at the edge of the battlefield. No one had thought that someone would leave their mansion in the Inner Area, where the final battle between the marquises, the 322 experts in the Cloud Realm, and the Great Demon Di Jing had taken place.

Therefore, the mansion before their eyes was the first one that had been found in the Inner Area.

“Tian Shi, are you sure there is a mansion here?” Long Xiang finally asked.

“I’m sure.” Heaven Stone Castle Lord nodded seriously. “It was by coincidence that I found this mansion, and I checked inside it immediately, but I was not able to find out who the owner was because I was kicked out by the guards.”

“The guards?” Long Xiang was confused.

“Yes, the guards, they are Puppet Fighters, and very powerful ones at that. I can’t break in on my own, so I asked you all for help,” Heaven Stone Castle Lord explained.

The lord’s words caused the eyes of Long Xiang and the indifferent man to light up.

For them, an unexplored mansion was a great treasure that they would definitely be drawn to.

“Let’s go down now.” Long Xiang suggested.

The five people immediately landed at the bottom of the rift, then they passed through the entrance on the wall and started their adventure.

A half day later, a booming sound echoed through the rift as fierce battle took place.

Swish! Swish! Two figures flashed out from the entrance.

They two figured were Long Xiang and Heaven Stone Castle Lord. They found a foothold in the air above the rift, both looking like they had been roughed up.

Especially Heaven Stone Castle Lord. He had a pale expression, a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth, and his aura was slowly dying out. Their eyes were filled with horror as they stared blankly at the black entrance.

“Those Puppet Fighters were so terrifying!”

“Horrible! Leng Rong and the other two were overlords on the Flaming Battlefield. They might even have been strong enough to battle against a lord. Nonetheless, they were killed by the puppets before they could even put up a struggle. Those puppets are stronger than lords!”

Five people entered the mansion together, but only Long Xiang and Heaven Stone Castle Lord managed to escape.

“This cave mansion is unusual!”

Long Xiang had a grave expression as he said, “We had to run away even though we were only in the outer layer. This mansion is indeed dangerous, even more so than the two mansions that I have previously explored.”

“However, more danger means more treasures and a more powerful owner.”

“I reckon this mansion belonged to a lord as powerful as Jiushe Lord and Black Yuan Lord. It may even belong to a marquis.”

“A marquis?” Heaven Stone Castle Lord was shocked by this assumption.

After all, lords would never be interested in an ordinary lord’s mansion, and only experts in the Saint Realm would care about that.

If the assumption was true, the mansion would definitely attract lots of experts and lords.

Among the eight marquis mansions, only two had not been found so far.

In the past thousand years, every new marquis mansion that was found brought about a bloody war between the super experts because everyone knew that marquises possessed incredible techniques, so their mansions had to be invaluable.

As proof, even though it had been found long ago, Marquis Beimo’s mansion still had 30 percent of its value when Jian Wushuang went there, and his adventure was very rewarding.

Therefore, there had to be many more opportunities in a newly found marquis’s mansion since it had not been explored yet.

“The opportunities in this mansion don’t belong to us,” Long Xiang said while gasping.

Heaven Stone Castle Lord nodded at in recognition of his words.

Both of them were clear about the fact that they were a bit stronger than ordinary lords and would not lose their lives inside, but it was still impossible for them to seize any of the opportunities.

The shadow of being chased by a terrifying Puppet Fighter and being so near to death’s door was still hunting them.

“Let’s send the news back first,” said Long Xiang helplessly.

Right then, they heard a voice that said, “What are you doing here, Heaven Stone Castle Lord and… Long Xiang?”

Along with the voice, a handsome youth with black hair approached them, carrying a long spear on his back.

“Oh no!”

After they saw the man, the expressions of Long Xiang and Heaven Stone Castle Lord both became dark. They knew they could not hide the news anymore.

The youth neared the rift and saw the entrance on the wall.

The previous explosion had enlarged the entrance, and the aftermath attracted the youth’s attention.

“Is this a mansion?” The youth widened his eyes. “A mansion in the Inner Area?”


Both Long Xiang’s and Heaven Stone Castle Lord’s faces fell. The youth had discovered it!

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