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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 445: A Feast for Experts

Chapter 445: A Feast for Experts

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In Marquis Piaoxue’s camp, a burly man with a purple saber on his back was noisily drinking by himself.

“Lei Dao, Why are you drowning your sorrows in wine?”

The man heard the voice and turned around only to see Jian Wushuang walking towards him. He beamed and said, “Wow! Swordsman!”

Jian Wushuang smiled at the man as well and continued walking towards him. “Lei Dao, it’s been a while since I last saw you.”

In fact, it had been three years since they had last seen each other. They had come to Flaming Battlefield as part of a group, but three years ago Jian Wushuang had left to go to the Inner Area while Lei Dao and Shi Ling had stayed in the Outer Area.

“Where are Shi Ling and the others?” Jian Wushuang asked.

Lei Dao’s eyes became dark when he heard that name. “He… died one year ago, so did Yan Mo. Bing Yue and I were the only two survivors. She went back to our territory with Sir Axe that same year.”

“Alas.” Jian Wushuang shook his head, looking sad.

The Flaming Battlefield was full of danger and everyone could lose their life at any time.

They knew it very well before they stepped onto the field.

“We’re no match for you, Swordsman.” Lei Dao suddenly looked back at Jian Wushuang. “You managed to kill Deng Huo, an expert at Heaven-defying Level! That’s good for you.”

Lei Dao admired Jian Wushuang from the bottom of his heart.

Two years ago, the news that Jian Wushuang killed Deng Huo had really astonished him and the others.

“Now, two years have passed, and you must have progressed even more than before,” Lei Dao added.

“Just so so,” Jian Wushuang said humbly.

Right then, two figures appeared in the void above the camp, radiating a powerful aura that chilled the experts below.

“Lords?” Jian Wushuang spotted the figures.

However, after a short stay, the two figures headed towards the Flaming Battlefield.

“Why are they going to the Flaming Battlefield?” Jian Wushuang looked curious because all the experts on the battlefield knew that lords only participated in battle on special occasions.

“Just two more people who want to try their luck in the marquis’ mansion,” answered Lei Dao.

“A marquis’ mansion? What do you mean?” Jian Wushuang questioned further.

“You don’t know?” Lei Dao shot Jian Wushuang an odd look.

“I’ve been cultivating inside a mansion for the last two years, so I do not know anything that has happened.”

“I see.” After a nod, Lei Dao continued, “Several days ago, a new cave mansion was found in the Inner Area.”

“Inner Area?” Jian Wushuang narrowed his eyes.

As far as he knew, almost all the mansions on the Flaming Battlefield had been found in the Outer Area or on the edge of it, none had been found in the Inner Area yet.

“When this mansion was found, the unusual news immediately attracted the two camps’ attention. They sent some experts there to look around and it was quickly confirmed as a marquis’ mansion.

“We haven’t figured out the marquis’ identity, but whoever he was, the mansion must be invaluable, let alone that it’s a newly found one.

“Now, nearly all the experts of the two camps have been driven crazy by the news and are hurrying there. I reckon there is already a large gathering of experts in the mansion. After all, there are over 50 lords from our camp among them, including Iron Saber Lord.”

“Iron Saber Lord went there as well?” Jian Wushuang was a little surprised, but it didn’t take long for him to understand that the mansion deserved this level of attention.

“In this case, there must be over 100 lords inside the mansion.”

“It really is a feast for experts!”

Jian Wushuang clenched his fists while feeling thrilled.

He was about to witness a gather of hundreds of lords, something that only happened once in a blue moon.

“Swordsman, you’re powerful enough to try your luck in the outer layer of the mansion. I heard some experts in Stage Three have gone there and gained some opportunities and treasures,” said Lei Dao.

His words aroused Jian Wushuang’s interest.

“He is right. This mansion has just been discovered, and as the first mansion found in Inner Area it must be special. It should contain many opportunities and treasures inside. I can’t miss this chance,” Jian Wushuang thought to himself.

“Lei Dao, I have to go now.”

Jian Wushuang said goodbye to Lei Dao and went to the camp’s Treasure Vault.

Since he had made up his mind to adventure in the mansion, he had to be well-prepared.

He selected two things from the Treasure Vault.

“I want to exchange for the second manual of Triple Shift technique and five Blood Gems. However, I’m in a hurry to go to the Inner Area and can’t wait for three days, so can you give them to me now?” Jian Wushuang asked a grey-clothed elder.

The elder raised his head and glanced at Jian Wushuang, then he said, “Ok.”

Normally, one had to wait three days to get the treasures they wanted in the exchange.

If Jian Wushuang had been an ordinary expert in their camp, instead of one of the top four geniuses at Heaven-defying Level, the elder would not have approved his request

Jian Wushuang paid for the items with his battle achievement.

Currently, he had an abundance of battle achievements. He had gained ten thousand points at the Jiushe Cave Mansion and a certain number for killing Deng Huo, an expert at the Peak of Stage Three.

Those battle achievements were more than enough for him to exchange for the Second Shift manual, so he spent the remaining achievements on Blood Gems.

Although he still had some Blood Gems in his possession, after considering that he was going to a place full of lords and that he might need to use his Blood Puppet, more Blood Gems might be necessary.

Having received what he wanted, Jian Wushuang headed towards the Inner Area.

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