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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 452: The Gold-armored Puppet

Chapter 452: The Gold-armored Puppet

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A booming sound reached Jian Wushuang from behind. He gave up chasing Blackhill Lord and turned around to face the Gold-armored Puppet. He thrust at the puppet with his Triple-kill Sword.


Another booming sound and Jian Wushuang was thrown back and smashed against the wall.

“How terrifying his power is!” Terror escaped Jian Wushuang eyes.

He had used all his power and even his Double Sword Souls, but still, he was defeated.

After knocking Jian Wushuang away, the Puppet Fighter dived at him again and struck him with his fist, which had the strength of billions of pounds behind it.

Jian Wushuang dodged to the side quickly and the fist finally fell on the wall, leaving a large hole in it.

Shocked, Jian Wushuang stared at the hole.

From what he had seen, he could tell that the puppet was indeed powerful because an ordinary lord was able to do no more than crack the wall, which had been specially reinforced and was quite solid, but the puppet had smashed through it.

“The Gold-armored Puppet lives up to its reputation as the strongest one among the puppets,” Jian Wushuang said in his heart.

There were so many Puppet Fighters in the outer layer and inner layer of this mansion, and they were the biggest threats to those explorers.

In the inner layer, the puppets were divided into three types—the Copper-armored Puppet, Silver-armored Puppet, and Gold-armored Puppet.

Among them, the Copper-armored Puppet was the weakest one while the Gold-armored Puppet was the strongest.

“In addition to its power and excellent speed, the Gold-armored Puppet can match the battle strength of the experts in the Five-cloud Realm,” Jian Wushuang recalled in his mind.

The biggest difference between the Cloud Realm and the Saint Realm was the difference between the Cloud and the Origin Mark.

One in the Saint Realm was about to comprehend the Origin and generate Origin Marks, and when he broke into the Cloud Realm, his Origin Marks would be transformed into Clouds.

One’s level in the Cloud Realm was dependant on how many Clouds he had.

Normally, if someone had three Origin Marks, his marks would be transformed into three Clouds after a breakthrough and bring him up to the Three-cloud Realm.

For an ordinary expert in the Saint Realm, three Origin Marks was his maximum, and few could generate four marks in such a realm. Therefore, most people were only in the Three-cloud Realm after their breakthrough.

If they wanted to step a level higher, they had to enhance their comprehension of the Origin.

It was said that the highest level in the Cloud Realm was the legendary Nine-cloud Realm.

However, like a legend, the people at such a level appeared once in a blue moon.

Their number of Clouds could also differentiate the lords from each other.

The lords in the Three-cloud Realm were the weakest ones and were called novice lords. Blackhill Lord, who had fought with Jian Wushuang, was among them.

Novice lords were just a bit stronger than the experts at the Heaven-defying Level, who could stand a chance to beat the former with their full power.

Although Jian Wushuang was just at the Heaven-defying Level, as a genius among those at the same level, he far surpassed them. Long Xiang, who had been killed by him, was the best evidence of his real battle strength.

Jian Wushuang was not sure about his level, but he reckoned that he was stronger than novice lords.

That was the reason why, from the very beginning, he had not taken Blackhill Lord and his arrogant words seriously.

If it had not been for the Gold-armored Puppet’s interference, he was sure that Blackhill Lord would be dead already rather than having slipped away when he was busy fighting with the puppet.

In addition to novice lords, there were also intermediate lords, advanced lords, and superior lords.

Intermediate lords referred to the lords in the Four-cloud Realm.

Advanced lords referred to the lords in the Five-cloud Realm.

Superior lords referred to the lords in the Six-cloud Realm.

And above them were marquises.

The acknowledged 72 Marquises were all in the Seven-cloud Realm or higher.

“With my Heavenly Creation Skill cultivation, Spiritual Power, strong body, and Double First-grade Sword Soul, I’m not weaker than any intermediate lord, and then adding my skills to that, I might be on a par with them. However, I’m still no match for the advanced lords,” Jian Wushuang thought.

To sum it up briefly, he concluded that his strength was outstanding among intermediate lords but weaker than advanced lords.

Based on that conclusion, he changed his mind about facing the Gold-armored Puppet, who was as strong as an advanced lord.

“I’d better go now. Nothing good will come from fighting him.”

Having made up his mind, he released the blood river, which swept out and covered the entire tunnel.

Then, he displayed the Hundredfold Realm of the Sword Realm.

Meanwhile, as he activated the formation contained in the Blood Fire Ring on his wrist, the Blood Fire Domain spread out.

The three techniques—Road to the Underworld, Hundredfold Realm, and Blood Fire Domain—worked together and oppressed the puppet.

Under that oppression, the puppet became slower.

“Sure enough, with my current power and the three realm techniques, I can exert pressure even on advanced lords.” Jian Wushuang’s eyes flickered when he saw the puppet slow down due to his realms.

He then continued on forward and left the puppet far behind.

“Did I get rid of him?”

Jian Wushuang continued to move and felt relieved as the puppet was no longer in sight.

“Who built this mansion? Why are there so many powerful Puppet Fighters guarding it? Was the owner a puppet-making master?” Such questions crossed his mind.

After seeing so many high-quality puppets, with some in the inner layer being even as powerful as advanced lords, Jian Wushuang could do nothing but be lost in confusion.

“It must be hard to make those puppets.”

As he was thinking, a secret chamber in front of him attracted his attention.

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