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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 1143: Everything Is Ready

Chapter 1143: Everything Is Ready

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“What a pity,” sighed Jian Wushuang.

Excited by his newly-gained Strength of Soul, he had thought that it would have been easy for him to see the bottom of the Chillywind Valley and had never expected his survey to be suddenly blocked by something more powerful than his strength.

“It seems that I can only wait until my levels of cultivation or my Strength of Soul get improved before getting here to check the situation in the hole again,” Jian Wushuang sighed in his heart while shaking his head. He left this place and continued his journey on this battlefield.

As a powerful Dao Master now, Jian Wushuang was more confident about himself than before, but he still remained cautious during his journey.

Soon, eight years had passed.

During these eight years, he had never run into any expert from the Gold kingdom or the Green Fire Palace.

As such, none of his old acquaintances knew that he had already become a Dao Master.

One day, something unexpected happened.

“My young friend, Jian Wushuang.” A man sent a message to him.

“Golden Axe Holy Master.” Jian Wushuang immediately recognized the man’s voice and cordially greeted this venerated elder of the Green Fire Palace.

“I heard that you’re exploring the battlefield alone?” asked Golden Axe Holy Master.

“Yes,” Jian Wushuang nodded and replied. “Is there anything I can do for you, Golden Axe Holy Master?”

“Yes. I’m also exploring the battlefield alone and get into some trouble now. I need three Holy Masters with great Exceptional Realm to help me out, but I’ve found only one such expert by far. I’ve just heard that you’re also on the battlefield, so I contact you,” said Golden Axe Holy Master.

“Oh, I see,” Jian Wushuang said smilingly.

As both of them were experts from the Green Fire Palace, it natural for Golden Axe Holy Master to ask him for help on the battlefield.

Moreover, what Golden Axe Holy Master needed now was experts with great Exceptional Realm. As there were just a small number of experts with such high-level battle strength in the Green Fire Palace, it was not an easy job for even Golden Axe Holy Master to find three of them on the battlefield. Jian Wushuang did not feel surprised that Golden Axe Holy Master contacted him.

“For you, of course, I’ll go to help you, but I don’t know if I’ll be in time for your rescue,” said Jian Wushuang.

“Where are you now?” Golden Axe Holy Master asked casually.

“Here’s my current location.” Jian Wushuang shared his location with Golden Axe Holy Master without hesitance.

After getting Jian Wushuang’s location, Golden Axe Holy Master also sent his current location to Jian Wushuang. “I’m here, far away from you. Even if you rushed to me at full speed, it’ll take you more than a hundred years to get here. You can never make it in time,” Golden Axe Holy Master said while smiling bitterly.

“Wow, are we that far apart?” Jian Wushuang exclaimed and then looked at the Golden Axe Holy Master’s location. He shook his head and added, “I’m sorry, Golden Axe Holy Master. I’m more than willing to help you out but unable to do so.”

“That’s alright. I’ll contact the other experts with great Exceptional Realm to see if any of them can make it in time.” With these words, Golden Axe Holy Master was off the line.

Jian Wushuang shrugged his shoulders and took his mind off this problem. After that, he continued his journey.

He did not know that hundreds of millions of kilometers away, Golden Axe Holy Master had already shared his location with the top-notch experts of the Jin Kingdom in a special way.

“I’ve done everything I can, and now, the next move rests with you, Tianhuan King,” thought Golden Axe Holy Master.

In the meantime, three experts of the Jin Kingdom gathered together at their headquarters. One of them was a young man dressed in a black robe. He had a bony face and two piecing eyes. He was Tianying King, who had once engaged Jian Wushuang in battle.

As for the other two, one was a beautiful and icy woman, and the other was a very tall and well-built man.

The former was Tianhuan King and the latter was Golden Rock King. Both of them were among the top 9 kings of the Jin Kingdom.

“Axe has sent us the current location of Jian Wushuang. He’s here.” While saying this, Tianying King took out a map and pointed his finger at a marked place on it.

“That region is quite far away from our headquarters. We need at least decades to get there, even if we travel at our full speed. Fortunately, it’s near to a secret base under our control. That base is a special place. It has a space wormhole,” said Tianhuan King, the beautiful and icy woman.

“Such being the case, we’d better waste no time staying here. Let’s set off right now,” said Golden Rock King.

As such, the three kings set out, followed by quite a lot of Holy Masters of the Jin Kingdom.

They quickly arrived at their secret base through the wormhole. After that, they spent a year traveling on foot before reaching the region where Jian Wushuang was.

“According to the message from Axe, Jian Wushuang was in this region a year ago. He must still be hanging around here,” said Tianying King.

“Yes, if nothing else, he must be somewhere nearby. However, as this region is large, it won’t be easy for us to find him,” said Golden Rock King.

“No doubt it’ll be troublesome for us to search for him, but we can figure out a way to attract him here into our trap,” said Tianhuan King.

“Attract him into our trap? How can we do that?” Tianying King and Golden Rock King asked simultaneously while turning their gaze toward Tianhuan King.

“That’s easy.” Tianhuan King said smilingly while lifting up one of her hands. On her palm stood a fascinating treasure which had already recognized her as its owner. It was a 7-storey pagoda which was aquamarine in color.

Tianhuan King activated her mental power to disconnect it from herself.

“Tianhuan, what’re you doing?” Both Tianying King and Golden Rock King were shocked upon seeing that, as they knew how important this treasure was to Tianhuan King.

“I’ve owned this Seven Stars Pagoda for years. It has already become a part of me. It’ll remain under my control even if I disown it now,” Tianhuan King said smilingly.

“Tianhuan, are you planning to use it to lure Jian Wushuang here?” asked Tianying King.

“Yes. He comes to this battlefield for treasures, so I deliberately disowned this Seven Stars Pagoda. I’ll let this treasure emerge on the battlefield in an eye-catching way. If Jian Wushuang is still in this region, he’ll come here right after he notices the emergence of the treasure,” replied Tianhuan King.

“Great idea, so let’s get started,” said Golden Rock King.

“Uhm,” Tianhuan King nodded and then released her Seven Stars Pagoda, letting it fall toward the ground…

“Boom—” In an instant, the treasure stood and grew on the battlefield, causing a large-scale impact on its surrounding environment.

The impact was so great that it affected a radius of hundreds of millions of kilometers, shaking the heavens and the earth.

Tianhuan King and her partners hid in this Seven Stars Pagota, lying in wait for Jian Wushuang.

“Now everything is ready, all we need to do is to wait for Jian Wushuang to step into this trap!” thought the kings, excitedly.

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