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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 1147: Going All-Out

Chapter 1147: Going All-Out

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“Let’s go all-out!” Tianhuan King and Golden Rock King said while nodding solemnly.

“I’ll go first, and you two will make sneak attacks against him once you get a chance!” With these words, Tianying King rushed rapidly forward like a fleeting phantom.

As he moved forward, he somehow split into ten Tianying Kings.

Jian Wushuang immediately opened his Scarlet Eye and used his Strength of Soul to detect these ten Tianying Kings. The next moment, his countenance became grim, as he exclaimed in his heart, “What?

“They’re real bodies instead of illusionary ones?”

His Scarlet Eye Secret Skill enabled him to tell illusionary things from real ones, but he failed to find any defect in the ten Tianying Kings. That meant all of them were the Universe Master’s real bodies.

Each of the ten Tianying Kings held a long black whip in hand, which looked like a big python. They surrounded Jian Wushuang and then attacked him simultaneously.


Ten black long whips were flung toward him at the same time. They looked like ten big flying pythons, rushing toward him and planning to wrap themselves around him.

Soon enough, they besieged Jian Wushuang. He saw them blot out the sky and cover up the earth in an instant, leaving no gap for him to escape.

“What an amazing technique! ” Jian Wushuang exclaimed in his heart.

Tianying King might not be able to compete with Golden Rock King in terms of battle strength, but he was clearly much faster and nimbler than the latter.

He was particularly adept at trapping his opponent. Even a Universe Master could hardly escape from his grasp.

However, the fact that a Universe Master was unable to get rid of those whips did not necessarily mean that Jian Wushuang could not do that.

“Go, Blaze Quicksand!”

Jian Wushuang growled and released his Blaze Quicksand. In a split second, a violent storm of sand and green flames arose and expanded, tearing the black “big pythons” into pieces.

After smashing the “big pythons” to pieces, the Blaze Quicksand rushed toward the ten Tianying Kings.

“Humph!” Jian Wushuang snorted.

The next moment, one of the ten Tianying Kings gave a grunt and ran toward Golden Rock King and Tianhuan King in panic, as the other nine kings suddenly dispersed.

“F*ck, what treasure does he have?” Tianying King blurted out while keeping a straight face and staring at the Blaze Quicksand around Jian Wushuang.

“It must be a treasure which can summon some kind of Realm,” Golden Rock King said with a frown. “Tianhuan King, I’ll use my Blood-Deadly Longbow to distract him and you can use your Killing Move to finish him off once you get a chance.”

“Got it,” Tianhuan King nodded solemnly and said.

Golden Rock King snorted with contempt and then summoned a fierce-looking red longbow.

It stood as tall as an adult and looked very aggressive.

“What’s that?” Jian Wushuang’s face slightly changed, as the red longbow’s aura seemed quite dangerous.

“Jian Wushuang, I think that longbow is a Blood-Deadly Longbow. It’s a Chaos Magic Treasure, and its fame has spread far and wide in the Eternal Chaotic World. The most powerful people in that world, who recruited experts for their armies, would only equip their most elite soldiers with such longbows.

“It’s a powerful weapon. Be careful,” said Gu King.

Upon hearing that, Jian Wushuang stepped up his vigilance, his pupils constricted.

In the meantime, Golden Rock King put one foot back on the void and then shifted his weight to this back leg. He channelled nearly all his powers into his arms but was only able to slightly pull back the string of the bow.

“What?” Gu King could not help scoffing at the Universe Master, while thinking, “Is that all he can do? He only managed to slightly draw the string back. It seems that his powers aren’t enough to fully activate this Blood-Deadly Longbow.”

The next moment, Golden Rock King released the string.


A flowing red light instantly pierced through the void and flew toward Jian Wushuang.

Even though Golden Rock King was unable to bring the longbow’s powers into full play, the flowing red light it shot out still looked extremely aggressive and ferocious.

More importantly, it was amazingly fast. It seemed to have approached Jian Wushuang in a split second.

It was so fast that he did not even have time to consider what kind of sword technique he should use to fend it off. As such, he simply lifted up his Blood Mountain Sword to block it.


It sounded as if two metal things had clanged together. Jian Wushuang gave a choked cry after being pushed backward by the strong impact.

“Did he block it?” Golden Rock King’s face changed. The next moment, his killing intent skyrocketed. “I’ll shoot at him again!”

He pulled his string back once again, albeit slightly. A flowing red light was shot out again.

“Again?” Jian Wushuang mocked inside his heart with a faint curl to his lips. The moment Golden Roc King drew the longbow, he swished his hand to summon a sandstorm for protection.

The flowing light easily pierced through the void but weakened by the gusts of wind as it flew toward Jian Wushuang. When it finally approached him, he easily fended it off by brandishing his Blood Mountain Sword.

“What?” Golden Rock King exclaimed in surprise.

“What else can you do? Come on. Show me,” Jian Wushuang said smilingly.

“Whoosh!” Someone suddenly appeared beside Jian Wushuang.

“What?” Jian Wushuang shifted his gaze to the person.

It was Tianhuan King, the beautiful and icy woman. She calmly stood there, with a mysterious gem in her hand.

There was clearly something weird about the aura of the gem.

“Is it…Soul Gem?” Gu King suddenly said.

“Soul Gem? What’s that?” Jian Wushuang asked.

“Soul Gem is used to store Strength of Soul. It’s very precious,” Gu King said and then exclaimed, “This battlefield is amazing. It’s like a giant treasure house. In the Eternal Chaotic World, Universe Masters, except the top-notch ones, could never own such types of Chaos Magic Treasures.

“However, these three Universe Masters from the Jin Kingdom have already taken out quite a few Chaos Magic Treasures by far.

“The 7-storey tower, Tianying King’s long whip and that Blood-Deadly Longbow are all precious Chaos Magic Treasure, especially the tower and the bow, and now this Soul Gem. It’s even more priceless. Tut-tut… what a wealthy kingdom! They would make the Universe Masters and experts at even higher levels in Eternal Chaotic World envious!

“It’s incredible that these Universe Masters from the Jin Kingdom have so many treasures. As for your Green Fire Palace, you guys have dominated this battlefield for a much longer time than they did. You must’ve uncovered even more treasures here. No wonder the five Palace Masters didn’t care much about Blaze Quicksand Gourd.”

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