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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 1153: Chillywind Valley (Part 2)

Chapter 1153: Chillywind Valley (Part 2)

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“What?” Jian Wushuang’s expression shifted ever so slightly.

The huge change in the Chillywind Valley was well within his expectations but he did not think that it would come this early.

There would be a burst of Blood Coldwind every hour, each burst lasting only 10 breaths.

His plan was to lure Red Snow King and the other three to the bottom of the valley so that the Blood Coldwind would kill them.

However, aside from Red Snow King who was the first to enter the valley, it was likely that Heaven Illusion King, Golden Rock King, and Heaven Shadow King would escape as soon as they detected the change in the valley. They might just run out of the attack range of the Blood Coldwind.

“Looks like luck isn’t on my side.” Jian Wushuang shook his head and sighed.

He had no choice but to take action now that the Blood Coldwind was about to erupt again.

The four kings of the Jin Kingdom who was flying overhead stopped in their tracks when they noticed the huge change in the valley.

“This is…”

Red Snow King fixed his eyes on the space beneath his feet but saw nothing except pitch-black darkness.

He could not help feeling frightened as he felt the world tremble around him and hear the series of explosions coming from the bottom of the valley.

It was an instinctual kind of fear. He had never felt this alarmed in his entire life.

“Run! Run now!” Red Snow King bellowed.

He immediately turned around to rush out of the valley.

Heaven Illusion King, Golden Rock King, and Heaven Shadow King became anxious and followed suit without hesitation.

“Haha! You’re only trying to run now? Will you succeed?”

“Stay here, all of you! Die with me!”

Manic laughter reverberated throughout the valley. Jian Wushuang, who stood nearest to the bottom of the valley, held a golden gourd tightly in his hand. Under his guidance, the mighty Blaze Quicksand gushed out of the gourd and charged toward the four kings like a raging tsunami.

The sand had already gushed out of the gourd when the four kings tried to run.

Carrying with it a green flame, the quicksand swiftly covered all the four kings hovering above Jian Wushuang.

With the Quicksand Realm fully activated, their speed was restricted as they tried to escape. Moreover, the rapidly expanding sandstorm was also rushing toward them.

“Humph! Scram at once!” Red Snow King shouted in anger.

Blood-like flames bathed his body, burning the sand that neared him to ashes. He still moved swiftly as he was only partially affected by the Quicksand Realm.

Heaven Shadow King had been the fastest among the other three kings and was also the first to escape. Thus, the impact he suffered was also the greatest. Under Jian Wushuang’s guidance, a large amount of Blaze Quicksand converged to form a massive hand. The sand firmly caught hold of Heaven Shadow King. No matter how much Heaven Shadow King struggled, each time he escaped from the shackles of the sand, a new layer of sand would cover him.

“Help me! Hurry up and help me!” he cried mournfully, his voice thundering.

However, he soon realized that the other three were preoccupied with running for their lives. They could not even protect themselves, much less worry about rescuing him.


Over in the bottom of the valley, the Blood Coldwind that had been quietly accumulating finally erupted.

The terrifying wind ripped through everything as it soared from the bottom of the valley like a volcanic eruption.

It moved so swiftly that it swept Jian Wushuang, Red Snow King, and Heaven Shadow King, who were still in the sinkhole. On the other hand, Heaven Illusion King and Golden Rock King were lucky enough to run out of the range of the Blood Coldwind.

If Jian Wushuang was equipped with the Blood-killing Plate Armor, he would likely be able to momentarily endure the wind even without his defensive capability. However, the wind was crushing his unarmored body.

Just as he was about to lose consciousness, he saw what happened to Red Snow King and Heaven Shadow King.

Red Snow King had taken out a token and was desperately struggling against the Blood Coldwind. Meanwhile, Heaven Shadow King suffered the same fate as Jian Wushuang and was instantly crushed.

Somewhere nearby the Chillywind Valley.

Heaven Illusion King and Golden Rock King, who were lucky enough to run out of the valley, watched in horror.

The endless gale, carrying a fearsome power, had destroyed everything in its path. The two Universe Masters felt fear from the bottom of their hearts.

They knew they would have died if they had entered deep into the Chillywind Valley earlier.

“What a terrifying gale!” Heaven Illusion King exclaimed.

“The wind swept both Red Snow King and Heaven Shadow King, so they should…” Golden Rock King muttered.


Out of the blue, a golden Flowing Light burst out of the gale and appeared in front of them. It was Red Snow King.

He was pale and bloodied all over. Half of his red and golden wings were broken.

“R-Red Snow King…” Heaven Illusion King and Golden Rock King stared at him.

They could see what a miserable state that Red Snow King was in.

Red Snow King clenched his teeth and said in a low voice, “I used a life-saving secret skill and suffered a great loss. I need to go into seclusion at once!”

“Jian Wushuang…” Heaven Illusion King did not finish his sentence.

“Both he and Heaven Shadow King are dead. Their treasures must have fallen to the bottom of the valley. If you two have guts, feel free to go and pick them up,” Red Snow King said coldly.

Heaven Illusion King and Golden Rock King began to tremble as they glanced at the Chillywind Valley in horror.

They dared not enter the valley again after experiencing the terrifying gale earlier.

“Let’s go. Let’s go back right now!”

The three of them immediately left.

Right then, the second original body of Jian Wushuang, who had been meditating his Sword Principle inside a secret chamber in Green Fire Palace, opened his eyes. He clenched his hands tightly.

“Though I’ve lost my first Original Body and Blaze Quicksand Gourd, I managed to kill a Universe Master from the Jin Kingdom. Moreover, even if Red Snow King is still alive, he still sustained grave injuries! It’s worth it!”

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