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Legend of the Mythological Genes (Web Novel) - Chapter 138: In my world, I’m the boss!

Chapter 138: In my world, I’m the boss!

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Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

The tall white man’s aura was extraordinary. With a lance of light in his hand, he pierced the air, stirring the surrounding stars.

Feng Lin met him head-on without any fear.

Fighting me inside my own world?

In my world, I’m the boss!

He waved his hand and utilized the world force to create a thunderstorm. The storm struck the person and immediately smothered him within.

After the thunderstorm subsided, the white man was already covered in black. There was no longer a spot that remained white as if he had changed his ethnicity, it was quite hilarious.

“What?” The man glared intently at Feng Lin and then suddenly tried to attack again. This time, the man used one hand as a claw, rapidly attacking Feng Lin’s head.

“God Capturing Hands!” His palms transformed into the hands of the gods who controlled the lives of people within legends. He wanted to grasp Feng Lin within his hand and squash him.

Another one pretending to be Buddha Lord Tathagata?

Ever since he took the route of Sun Wukong’s Mythological Path, Feng Lin instinctively became disgusted with those who used palm techniques.

What did you lot think you are? Was it that easy to learn the Five Finger Mountain technique of Buddha Lord Tathagata?

Feng Lin sneered as he utilized the world force again. He swayed the Qis and formed it into a huge cage, trapping the man within.

An invisible pressure confined him as if it were an invisible mountain, causing the man to be immobile. It was as though he was a dead insect.

Virtual territory was one of the most advanced equipment within the virtual universe. Once the power of a world was used, the strength was immense.

Even if one’s level was high, no matter how prepared, one could not withstand the immense power.

The man was like a grasshopper after the fall; he could no longer leap even if he wanted to.

“You have completely taken over the Giant Planet!” The white man’s expression was extremely resentful.

This Giant Planet was a very precious property of the Pure-blooded Aryans Society. To have it taken over by someone else had him over his boiling point.

As he seared in anger, his body armor released a shining aura as if it had received new life from the sun.

The tall white man conjured up a huge amount of strength and forcefully stood up against the pressure.

“Hold it down!” Feng Lin wasn’t sure what type of high tier equipment this man was using, but he did not care either as he increased the pressure.


If the invisible pressure from before was described as a small hill, then the pressure now would be comparable to the magnificent Mount Tai.

The tall white man was crushed under the pressure. The fancy equipment he had on had been turned into powder. Each piece was like a popped firecracker.

Even with more equipment, it was useless against the world force.

In the face of such pressure, even a high tier player within the virtual universe was like a frog being crushed into a meat paste.

Against such an immense world force, he struggled repeatedly until finally giving up.

He finally understood that Feng Lin was the master of this world and invincible against all sorts of enemies.

Even if Feng Lin was a noob player, the man was still not his match under the circumstances.

“Tell me the secrets of the Pure-blooded Aryans Society!” Feng Lin glared at his opponent as he started his interrogation.

“Do you really think I would actually tell you?” The man laughed even though he was beaten, he had no signs of fear on his face.

Feng Lin understood what the man was thinking.

After all, this was just a virtual universe. The virtual body wouldn’t die. Other than feeling a bit of pain from the simulation, the avatar would be resurrected at the respawn point as if nothing had happened.

However, if this man thought that was foolproof, then he was making a huge mistake.

Feng Lin had other methods to deal with him.

Doesn’t he like imitating the Buddha Lord Tathagata?

A wicked smile was shown on Feng Lin’s face, leaving a bad feeling within the heart of the white man who was being suppressed.

Immediately after Feng Lin thrust his hands, a giant mountain came flying from within the virtual world. The mountain fiercely landed on top of the white man, pressing the man into the ground.

Death was no threat to users within the virtual universe. The most anyone would lose was some experience.

However, what Feng Lin wanted to do was to trap him here using the world force to the point where he could not escape.

Even if he was to go offline, the moment he came online again he would be stuck here.

In the long run, the white man would be trapped here without any way of escaping. The result was that his avatar would be disabled.

Such a high tier account, he must have spent a great deal of effort to reach his current level and equipment. He would probably not want to give it up.

Feng Lin was betting that the old man would not give up his account.

Seemingly noticing Feng Lin’s intention, the tall white man panicked as he tried to use various abilities. His equipment gave off various auras.

Wind, Fire, Thunder, Lightning…all types of forces were used on the giant mountain. Other than knocking some pieces of stone off the mountain, it was completely futile.

If it was somewhere else in the virtual universe, Feng Lin would be instantly killed by a high-level player such as this white tall man.

However, inside his virtual world, Feng Lin was the God.

Since he was the God, how could a mere mortal match up against him?

The white man used everything within his arsenal, but none of it was effective. As if he was accepting his fate, he stopped struggling. Instead, he glared at Feng Lin.

“I will remember you!

“Just you wait! Our Pure-blooded Aryans Society will never forgive you!” He gritted his teeth and released a harsh threat.

Immediately after that, the figure disappeared into a stream of data in front of Feng Lin’s eyes. What remained was a pile of golden equipment.

That person actually suicided!

Feng Lin was shocked.

To prevent players from maliciously destroying various virtual worlds and then suiciding to leave, there were rules set aside to deal with this behavior.

Once a player committed suicide, his equipment would also explode.

This person would leave behind his equipment and become a complete blank slate. How determined.

Pure-blooded Aryans Society, huh?

A sense of urgency could be felt within Feng Lin’s heart. To know that there was such a powerful enemy within the interstellar space, he became uneasy.

To prevent the members of the Pure-blooded Aryans Society from coming back, Feng Lin modified the rules of the world. He masked the location of the world to a state where people could not search for it.

He condensed the vast world into a single point; it completely disappeared in place and enter an alternate dimension space.

Feng Lin clasped his hands, and purple aura appeared between the palms of his hands.

This was a special item that he condensed from the laws of his virtual world, Grandmist Purple Qi!

This was a permit to enter the Mythology Planet. Only those who were verified by Feng Lin could be awarded the Grandmist Purple Qi. Using it as a key, they could enter Feng Lin’s virtual world.

Feng Lin thought for a bit. Using this rule, he created Grandmist Green Qi, Grandmist Red Qi, and Grandmist White Qi

Each one of them was a type of entry permit, each with different permission.

Grandmist White Qi was the lowest grade and was a one-time pass.

Likewise, Red Qi was a month pass and Green Qi was an annual pass.

If the player received Feng Lin’s complete approval, then they would receive the Purple Qi which was a life-time permit. The player would also become a real member of the Mythological Genes Association and be able to discuss mythological genes knowledge with Feng Lin.

Of course, no matter which type of Grandmist Qi, Feng Lin had the final say and could disable the permit at any time.

After completing everything, Feng Lin nodded as he felt everything was in place.

Unless the Pure-blooded Aryans Society could find the server that housed the virtual universe, they would not be able to uncover his secret.

After staying for a while within the universe, it was time to finally return to real life.

Feng Lin smiled as his body dissipated into a data stream.

If wealth was not brought home, it would be like walking in the dark while wearing silk, nobody would be able to see it.

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