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Legend of the Mythological Genes (Web Novel) - Chapter 139: Huaxia Primogenitor

Chapter 139: Huaxia Primogenitor

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Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

The mountains were fully covered with snow, as if the entire heaven and earth were engulfed in glimmering silver.

A bustling city in the middle of it was covered in a fresh layer of snow, and everything was a pure white.

As the cold wind whistled, the snow fluttered in the air, gently falling on the shoulders of a group of pedestrians.

Feng Lin shook the snowflakes off his body. The scene in front of him was foreign yet familiar.

Without realizing it, he had already left earth for over a month; everything felt worlds apart.

Earth had entered winter as the snow was coming down.

Feng Lin felt a bit nostalgic as this scene was something that could never be seen on the sandy terrain of Mars.

Feng Lin reached Earth by riding on a spaceship. Afterward, he stored it back into his collapsible space. Without wasting time, he headed straight toward his Clan.

He sped up with a such a quick pace that it caused his figure to leave behind a trail of false images. Even the snow had no traces of his footprints.

His body became a mirage; he stepped on the snow without a trace.

Feng Lin’s cultivation had already reached a level that was unimaginable for the ordinary mortal.

He looked at the sky and thought for a second.

Today is New Year’s Eve, it should be the day when the Clan offers sacrifices to the ancestors.

In Ancient Earth Era, with the outbreak of science and technology, each civilization entered the modern era in pursuit of justice, fairness, and human rights.

The ancient form of families faced extinction.

With the size of the earth and the extent of growth of each country and ethnicity, only very few large cohesive families had been preserved.

Once humans stepped outside the bounds of the solar system, they awakened the mythological genes.

Humans began to feel the ancient bloodline and had rediscovered their ancestor’s significance.

The universe was gigantic; it was also unbelievably cruel and filled with darkness.

To preserve themselves, people sharing the same bloodline would naturally gather together.

The ancient social form of the family, Clan, was revived and emanated a vitality like never before.

Since the power of bloodline was no longer myths and legends, which were passed down from word of mouth through each generation, it was as though an invisible chain had tied an entire clan together without a way to separate them.

Every year on New Year’s Eve, people of the same family would provide offerings to their ancestors according to the ancient rituals to enhance the cohesiveness of the Clan.

Once offerings to the ancestors were complete, the annual Clan’s ranking competition would begin to determine who within the Clan was the true genius.

After the results came out, the Clan would go all-out to support this genius to prepare him or her for enrollment in the Interstellar University.

As long as they were able to cultivate one true talent that could walk beyond the bounds of the solar system, the entire Clan would benefit greatly.

Time was of the essence! Feng Lin knew that he needed to speed up his pace. Thus, his entire body turned into wind as he swiftly accelerated forward.

If it was a mirage before, now even his figure could not be seen.

… …

Within the Feng Clan’s Grand Building, an ancient ritual was being held upon the giant main hall.

There was no fancy technology around, just a simple ceremony, solemn and respectful.

The patriarch of the Feng Clan led all the people wearing ancient attire to kneel on the ground and pay respects to the ancestors. The clan leader was kneeling at the very front; others of lower-ranking kneeled behind him.

From front to back, there was order as the social ranking was evident.

The elder that presided over the ritual sang the ritual verse, and it echoed through the air with rhythm.

“Long Mountain was vast and flourishing; the Wei River was flowing through its course.

“Taihao Fuxi gave rise to the accomplished era.

“Drawing the eight trigrams and becoming one with the heavens, the dawn of a new era of civilization.

“Establishing observational and deterministic thought, distinguishing yin and yang.

“Inventing nets to catch fish, teaching people to farm and keep livestock

“Building houses and shelters, inventing contracts and writing.

“Establishing marriage of men and women, abolishing inbreeding.

“Inventing instruments such as zithers, composing songs and bringing it into the lives of people.

“Establishing order with municipalities officials, creating social order.

“Laying the foundation of Huaxia, initiating the prosperity of the people.

“His accomplishments are as bright as the sun and moon. His accomplishments have no boundaries!

“The great Xi Emperor, praised for generations to come.

“Protecting his country and its people, the dragon vein continues to prosper.

“To worship and pay gratitude to his meritorious deeds and achievements, we welcome him with incense and food as offerings.

“Arrive for a taste, begging the great one to partake in this offering!”

A set of rituals—including placing the incense, reciting the worship prayer, offering rice, offering tea, offering silk, offering wine, offering a case of delicacies, offering dried meats, offering fortune speech, burning the offerings, saying the prayers, bowing to the gods—was done meticulously. Everything was very complicated.

Everyone was paying their respects to the simple plaque in front. Eight words of oracle bone inscriptions were written on the plaque, four on the left column and four on the right column.

“Huaxia Primogenitor” “Taihao Fuxi!”

The plaque was engraved with the symbol of an old man with a snake tail. He held a pen on one hand and was looking upward to the heavens. His expression was vicissitude as if he was seeing through the heavens, earth, Dao, and nature. In front of him was a compass engraved with the Yin and Yang Eight Trigrams.

This plaque seemed to be quaint, without many decorative carvings. It was giving off an aura that it had aged; it wasn’t some common item.

Self-proclaimed item of God.

This ancestral plaque was simple, but it showed the ancient heritage of the family.

Within the crowd, Feng Lin’s parents were with his two younger siblings, paying respect at the very back of the crowd. Their expression was that of worry.

Feng Lin had said before that he was out, working part-time. However, he had been gone for quite some time now. He was also missing the Clan’s ancient worship ritual.

This was considered a big sin of disrespecting the ancestors.

They could almost feel the ruthless stare of the Head Butler slicing through their bodies.

If Feng Lin truly did not arrive, their family would be met with misfortune.

Suddenly, a cheer from the crowd was heard.

As the ancestral worshipping ended, the clan members became excited.

They knew that the annual Clan’s ranking competition was about to begin.

Talents of the Clan would come on stage, competing in martial arts and commemorating the ancestors in the ancient way of fighting. Furthermore, it would display the prosperity and talent of the generations.

The patriarch was aware of the Clan member’s thoughts. Without too much of a delay, he announced the beginning of the competition, “Clan’s ranking competition, officially begin!

“Those who are interested in participating, come up and write your names!”

“Alright!” the clansmen exclaimed.

The whole clan was filled with enthusiasm, whereas the patriarch nodded with relief.

How would he not? The scene of registration was in full swing. Did this not demonstrate how prosperous the family had become?

“Those who are signing up, come over here!” Ten elders walked out and announced loudly to the crowd.


“I, Feng Haisheng will sign up!”

“Include me, Feng Chao!”

“I, Feng Yang, will sign up as well!”

… …

Many young members of the clan appeared and rushed to sign up. No one wanted to fall behind in it.

Immediately, every elder had a line up in front of them.

Pa tap pa tap!

Footsteps could be heard.

A young man in slender uniform came over, his expression as cold as ice. His entire figure was like an unsheathed treasure sword.

As he approached, those that were nearby vacated the space in fear.

Wherever the man went, a giant space appeared.

“I, Feng Li, will sign up!” He walked in front of the elder and spoke coldly.

“Quick, look! It’s Feng Li!”

“He’s my idol!”

“That’s right!”

“Feng Li’s parents were normal people. He used his own strength to become a talent that the family is paying attention to. What an achievement!”

“A low-grade clansmen becoming the clan’s number one talent, what an inspiration!”

… …

The surrounding people exclaimed in surprise, and the words eventually reached the ears of a man with a pale face. After hearing what was said, it made his face even colder.

“And me!” He yelled loudly as he walked out from behind the patriarch. He stood on the high platform that was 30 meters tall, looking down at the crowd. Suddenly, he leaped down as if he was a hawk rushing to prey on the earth.

“Quickly move out of the way!”

“It is Feng Jinpeng!”

“Another genius has arrived. He is the patriarch’s grandson, definitely a high-tier clansman!”

“That’s right!”

This Feng Jinpeng had been taught personally by the patriarch since childhood; his strength was extraordinary. He was one of those expected to be admitted to Interstellar University.

… …

Each time a talented member of the family came up, it would lead to explosive cheering of the crowd.

The more talent there was, the more prosperous the clan would be.

Each of them was proud and happy.

As a high-tier clansman, Feng Lang was standing not too far from the patriarch as he looked toward Feng Jinpeng who was gleaming in the spotlight. He secretly gritted his teeth.

Both being direct grandsons of the patriarch, yet there was such a huge difference between their positioning in the clan. This left a bad taste in his mouth.

At the same time, he looked toward Feng Lin’s parents and siblings; his expression was further depressed.

Even now that brat has not appeared. Did he no longer care for his family? Did he dare not return?

If he really ditched, at that time…

The registration process was almost over. But to be safe, the elder yelled out loudly, “Are there any others that need to sign up?

“If there wasn’t any, then…”

“I need to sign up!”

Suddenly a loud voice rang and interrupted the elder’s words.

The door of the main hall was opened and a violent cold wind rushed in, causing people to shudder.

A figure approached calmly, walking inside the main hall.

A man covered in snow.

Feng Lin had returned!

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