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Legend of the Mythological Genes (Web Novel) - Chapter 352: Who Is Number One?

Chapter 352: Who Is Number One?

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Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Who would be the number one?

Who could persist until the end?

This devil training was simply forcing people to their death. It was too terrifying.

No matter how strong a person was, their strength would be all squeezed dry.

More and more people couldn’t endure and fell limply to the ground, unable to move any longer.

But what made them felt reluctance was that given how terrifying this training was, what sort of monsters would be able to persist until the end?

Numerous gazes turned to those figures up ahead who were still doing the exercises; all of the freshmen were keen to know the ending.

Boom, boom, boom!

The frog jumps continued. Several figures were leaping toward the front, exerting the sound as though cannons had been blasted off every time they landed on the ground, leaving behind shocking footprints.

Luckily, the ground they were exercising on was made from metal. It was even able to recover to its original shape given some time. If not, the impact would have caused numerous holes to appear, causing the steel wall to become extremely ugly.

Every time they leaped, their sweat would fall like rain from the sky.

Every time they leaped, they had to exert all the strength in their bodies. Their muscles were stretched to the limits. They were constantly in full-drive mode, pushing themselves on and on.

“Hiff, huff, huff.”

Streams of hot air were exhaled from Feng Lin’s nose, forming air arrows that extended outwards to at least a length of three meters.

His body felt like it was on the verge of breaking down, but he continued to grit his teeth and challenge his limit again and again.

The energy and nutrients stored in his body were being squeezed out, aiding his body in repairing his injuries.

Genetic potential +2.2, +2.2, +2.2…

One couldn’t help but say that although this type of devil training couldn’t be executed for too long, its effects were amazing.

Even without using external nutritional items, one’s genetic potential would soar.

Such a transformation was extremely hard for ordinary people to experience.

And as for Feng Lin, he was an existence with the genetic equation ability. All the changes regarding his body were naturally seen clearly by him. He wouldn’t miss out on anything.

As long as he could improve his strength, all sorts of suffering was worth it.

Feng Lin breathed in and focused. A strand of heart qi seemed to manifest as he summoned more energy from his seemingly emptied body and continued to do the frog jumps.

His vitality stat was extraordinary. The amount of pressure he could withstand would naturally be greater compared to others as well.

Now, everyone was training at the very limits of their vitality.

At this step, it had nothing to do with one’s cultivation base.

What was tested was one’s determination and unwavering will, their ability to endure torture and agony.

Every jump they made challenged their limits. It felt like if they took another jump, their life would be lost.

But even so, they had no choice but to hold and retain a breath of air.

Because, they knew that the moment they loosened up, they would instantly be breathless and it would be immeasurably tough to recover.

“Persist! Whoever can persist until the end would be able to obtain large amounts of high-grade genetic potions from the university. All of you must understand that even one of such potions would be incomparably valuable. You all would only have one chance to obtain such potions during the period of devil training. Once you miss it, you can only save up your contribution points slowly to exchange for them,” the instructor spoke, he no longer used his whip.

By reaching this step, all those who were still in the exercise clearly had already done their best. It was useless to use the whip on these people.

Hence, he used words to encourage them instead.

Those people who were still in the exercise gritted their teeth. No one wanted to fall behind. This was a genuinely valuable reward.

The foundation of the Great Wall University was exceptionally deep. The rewards they gave would surely be extraordinary. It was worth it for them to give all their effort to fight for it.

However, the human body would always have a limit.

Gradually, some people could no longer endure.

More and more people fell out. They could only stare helplessly ahead as disbelief filled their faces.

It was one thing for monsters like Donghuang Taichu and Augustus to persist until now. However, Feng Lin as an elite cultivator also outlasted the majority of them!

This scene was simply too ridiculous.

How could the disparity between them and him be so great?

Those who had given up couldn’t help but doubt their eyes. Did they see things wrongly? But reality was plain.


Numerous waves of energy fluctuation could be felt.

In the end, everyone who was still doing the exercises had to use the entirety power of their genetic force to withstand the pressure.


Feng Lin did a frog jump. But because he didn’t manage to control his breath well, he almost fell down.

He instantly activated the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene and Beast King Gene.

He groaned in a heavy voice, unleashing the abilities of the two genes to the max.

The Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene gave him a stone body and steel bones while the Beast King gene would strengthen his body, granting him boundless strength.

These two types of genes provided excellent support for one’s body, allowing one to maximize the potential of their vitality stat.

Feng Lin activated his genes again and again, allowing him to have back support as he drew additional strength from them. He continued to do the frog jumps and gradually caught up to the front, keeping pace with Donghuang Taichu and Augustus.


The other people that were still doing the frog jumps were overtaken, their eyes wide open in disbelief.

They felt it was unscientific.

Based on vitality stats and the weight one had to bear, everyone was the same. The factor was 10x.

But because Feng Lin had the lowest cultivation, he should have suffered the most disadvantages by right.

Yet now, he actually caught up and made his way to the very front.

(Could it be that despite the fact we have worked extremely hard in our cultivation, we cannot even compare to an elite cultivator?)

They sighed inwardly but had no strength to overtake Feng Lin.

The more complex emotions they had, the more chaotic their rhythm was. In the end, they could no longer control their breaths and had to give up.

Occasionally, there would also be people who overused their strength. They lost control and fell onto the ground. After that, they were no longer able to get up.


Although Donghuang Taichu seemed calm, pride and arrogance were carved into his bones, how could he allow himself to lose? If he was defeated by an elite cultivator, he would be nothing but a huge joke.

Golden flames erupted around him as he unleashed the power of his vitality stat to the max.

His frog jumps also grew quicker in terms of speed.

Augustus noted the situation and began to go all out as well. His aura suddenly burst forth like raging winds and violent storms, following behind Donghuang Taichu closely.

The devil training had already minimized the factors of one’s strength and cultivation. What it tested were willpower and determination.

If one lost in terms of strength, they still had the chance to catch up in the end because of their determination and willpower.

But if they lost in terms of heart, it would be almost impossible for them to catch up to those in the lead.

8820, 8821, 8822…

Everyone tried to one-up each other. No one was willing to fall behind.

Under the competitive situation, the simplistic-looking frog jumps made the atmosphere incredibly tense.

The end point of 10,000 frog jumps was nearing.

The competition became more intense. Everyone was giving it their all to reach the endpoint.

As the number of jumps grew nearer to 10,000, everyone almost broke their teeth by gritting them too forcefully.

They couldn’t afford to lose.

If one didn’t have strong enough determination, everything would be for naught.

Nobody wanted to lose.

Feng Lin was the same as well. Right now, his potential was stimulated to the extreme. All his flesh and blood were pressured to their limits.

It was the same situation for Donghuang Taichu and Augustus.


Three voices rang out loudly.

In the end, Feng Lin and the two of them actually achieved it almost simultaneously. They were only microseconds away from each other, but this wasn’t an important detail.

“The three of you are the strongest, completing the test with the fastest time. All three of you are number one. Now, you can enjoy good food, and nutrient solution would be prepared for you by the university to the fullest!” The instructor walked over. But he only glanced at the other two slightly, most of his attention was fixed on Feng Lin.

At this moment, a flying shuttle loaded with delicacies arrived.

Feng Lin and the other two entered, only to see all sorts of good food and high-grade nutrient solutions being stacked on numerous trays.

The three of them exchanged mutual glances. After that, they ignored their images and began wolfing down everything ravenously.

They were all extremely hungry and…

Completely fatigued!

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