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Legend of the Mythological Genes (Web Novel) - Chapter 353: Breaking Past Limits

Chapter 353: Breaking Past Limits

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Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Spiritual qi roasted pork, true buddha jumps over the wall, look up at the starry skies… (all of these are food names)

All sorts of delicacies were laid out before them, causing the air here to be filled with the fragrance of food.

Feng Lin, Donghuang Taichu, and Augustus didn’t bother about their images at all, wolfing the food down like they were hungry ghosts.

The moment these delicacies entered their mouth, the food transformed into thick spiritual qi and nutrients that coursed through their entire bodies, rapidly replenishing all the energy they had expended.

They were truly fatigued to the extreme.

Under the pressure of bearing additional weight, in addition to that hellish devil training, all their potential was squeezed dry. They couldn’t afford to hold back.

This training only lasted for half a day, yet all their strength was expended completely.

If they hadn’t held one breath of air back, they definitely wouldn’t be able to persist until the end.

As expected of the devil training.

Only half a day had passed and they could already see how effective it was.

The harder they pushed themselves earlier, the hungrier they would be now.

They transformed the pressure on them earlier into a desire for food.

They ate ravenously; their stomachs were like bottomless pits, so deep that there was no end.

Delicious delicacies coupled with high-graded nutrient solutions were consumed into their stomach, nourishing their bodies.

The flying shuttle they went into was known as the Dining Hall Flying Shuttle. It was especially used by the Great Wall University to provide the best nutrients for their students.

The interior space was exceedingly great; many artificially created environments were used to breed various spiritual qi plants and to rear different types of living creatures which were all used for food.

The look, the taste, the smell, the nutrient levels, and the spiritual qi imbued in the food were extremely abundant.

Feng Lin had never eaten such delicacies before in his life.

Genetic potions and alchemy pills might have much more beneficial effects, but their taste definitely wasn’t as good.

And the food before them was such delicacies that people would want to eat them again and again even if they were full.

Feng Lin silently activated his art of ‘transforming energy into qi’, rapidly converting the nutrients into genetic potential.

Genetic potential +3.2, +3.2, +3.2…

The emptier his body was of nutrients, the greater would the effect of eating such foods be.

Feng Lin only saw his genetic potential surging, nearing 100. Once he hit that mark, he would obtain a free transcendent genetic point.

Before he broke through to the elite cultivator realm, he had awakened the hereditary memories and experienced the mythological illusion realm, completely understanding the true essence of the Monkey King Gene.

He was only a little bit away. He truly only lacked one more transcendent genetic point.

When he thought about this, Feng Lin’s motivation surged as he continued to stuff himself ravenously, much more ferociously compared to Donghuang Taichu and Augustus.

The two of them were badly shocked when they saw this.

(What sort of monster is this brat?)

He was a mere elite cultivator. However, not only was his endurance shocking and didn’t lose out to them who were grand cultivators, but his appetite had also surpassed them!

Given his low cultivation base, why would he need so much energy?

Why could he eat so much?

Donghuang Taichu and Augustus exchanged mutual glances as strange looks appeared on their faces.

Could this brat be… a rice bucket? (someone who eats a lot)

Feng Lin didn’t care about them and continued to wolf down the food.

These food were all extremely valuable, containing immense amounts of nutrients. If he missed out on them, he would truly be letting himself down.

Hence, he might as well eat as much as he could since he got the chance.

The moment those food entered his stomach, they were rapidly digested and converted into nutrients and energy.

Although Feng Lin seemed like he had eaten a lot, his stomach still felt empty.

When Donghuang Taichu and Augustus saw this, they could only sigh silently in depression and continue to do the same as Feng Lin, not willing to lag behind him.

There was an air of competition even when it came to eating. When those freshmen who had also completed the devil training later on walked in, they all had bewildered looks on their faces when they saw this messy scene.

What situation was this?

Donghuang Taichu and Augustus both had extraordinary backgrounds and had always paid attention to their images.

Now that they were eating, why were they looking like…


They were just like lower-class people who had grown up eating low-grade nutrient solutions.

Feng Lin also noticed this scene, but he calmly continued, ignoring them and eating like his life depended on it.

He only stopped after he had eaten too much to the point where even his art of ‘transforming energy into qi’ could no longer help.

After finishing the meal, he went to the resting chamber of the flying shuttle to take a break.

There was the highest-grade massage equipment here, allowing the fatigue one felt to greatly ease.

He had to recover immediately.

The devil training was no joke. There might be another of such training at night, wanting people who were in extreme fatigue to challenge their limits.

If he didn’t seize the opportunity to recover now, there might be a problem later for him to persist until the end.

Feng Lin soaked his body inside a pool. The water here churned unceasingly, as countless flows of water pushed against his body, stimulating his acupoints and greatly relieving the ache of his muscles.

He felt a slight itch but was very comfortable as though he was soaking himself in a hot spring. All his acupoints were being cleared simply by resting in the water.

Feng Lin was lost in a daze. He could sense a wave of sleepiness creeping up. His heart sank into an ancient well, a place where there were no ripples, as he entered the deepest level of sleep.

After a while, he was jerked to full awakeness. When he saw the time, he could see that half an hour had passed.

But right now, the majority of his fatigue had already faded away and he felt extremely refreshed.

He stood up and exited the water. With a jerk, all water rivulets flew away from him; he was instantly dried.

He understood that the second session of devil training that would be held at night was about to start.

The freshmen gathered. The instructor was as strict as ever, not allowing them to have any chance to slack off and began another round of bitter training.

Very soon, Feng Lin was forced to his limits once again.

Donghuang Taichu and Augustus didn’t have it easy either.

But now, Feng Lin was different from before. He had one more trump card.

Adding a genetic point!

The Beast King Gene silently went from 8 to 9.

Steam began to emit as boundless strength began to course through his entire body.

By carrying the weight of 13 tonnes, Feng Lin actually increased his speed. He even looked like he was flying on the ground. His fatigued state had completely disappeared and he had recovered to his peak, instantly overtaking Donghuang Taichu and Augustus, leaving them behind him.

“What? Did something happen to his body?” The two of them opened their eyes wide. Although they had fought against countless of their peers, they had never seen such a bizarre scene before.

If Feng Lin had such a method prepared, why didn’t he use it earlier?

This fellow truly hid deeply!

They were filled with unwillingness and did their best to chase after Feng Lin.

However, Feng Lin was leading by a huge margin that seemed to be widening every moment.

Right now, his condition was restored to its peak while the others exhausted a huge amount of energy. How could they compete with him?

With the existence of the genetic equation, regardless of his growth or recovery, he far surpassed the imaginations of others.

Genetic potential +2.2, +2.2, +2.2…

Even now, his genetic potential was still surging.

He kept his lead throughout, finishing the 100 km run, the 10,000 inverse push-ups, and 10,000 frog jumps. After finishing, Feng Lin didn’t say anything and left immediately.

“Mhm? His speed at night is actually about one hour faster compared to the afternoon. Seeing how hard he cultivates, how did this brat recover so quickly? How strange.” The instructor touched his chin as he stared at Feng Lin’s departing back.

Feng Lin went back to the Dining Hall Flying Shuttle and began to wolf down food ravenously once more, only returning to his room when he was full.

An alchemy pill with dragon and tiger patterns was clutched in his hand.

Dragon-Tiger Exchange Fetus Pill!

Feng Lin lowered his eyes; they were serene and endlessly deep.

This time around, he wanted to break through to the Grand Cultivator Realm in a single shot and awaken the Monkey King Gene.

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