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Legend of the Mythological Genes (Web Novel) - Chapter 354: Successful Achievement

Chapter 354: Successful Achievement

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Genetic potential +10.8, +10.8, +10.8

The roars of dragon and tiger could be heard.

The moment the pill was swallowed, it transformed into a warm and cold current that circulated through his body.

His bones shook and his body trembled. Every fiber of his muscles was trembling.

The Dragon-Tiger Fetus Exchange Pill’s medicinal potency was extremely violent. The pill became churning waves of energy that flooded every part of his body, causing a transformation.

His genetic potential erupted upwards with unprecedented speed. Each jump would be a value of above ten, and it soon reached over 100. Even after that, the speed didn’t slow down as his genetic potential continued to increase.

Add point!

Upon adding the final point to enhance the Beast King Gene, his vitality stat changed and his information was displayed before his vision.


Name: Feng Lin

Vitality stat: 1,568

Transcendent Genes: Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene x10; Beast King Gene x10

Primeval Genes: …..

Basic Genes: …..

Genetic potential: 88.6


Both the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene and Beast King Gene were maxed out. He had fulfilled the innate conditions to evolve into a grand cultivator.

After experiencing so much suffering, his cultivation at the elite cultivator realm finally achieved perfection.

Upon maxing out his genes, powerful lifeforce coursed through his veins, granting him boundless energy and strength. His qi circulated non-stop, making his whole body seamless with no leakage.

Feng Lin felt that he was in an unprecedented good condition. Both his body and mental state were at their best.

Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene x10 + Beast King Gene x10 = Monkey King Gene.

His mind slowly immersed in his inner world. The human body’s genetic map clearly displayed itself before him.

Two gigantic golden constellations shone resplendently, akin to eternal ancient stars hanging in the night sky.

There would be several branches extending below each of the golden constellations, akin to the branches of a tree. They contained the mysteries of different evolutionary paths.

Heart Monkey Force, Beast King Force…

One contained boundless transformations; the other was savage violence.

Feng Lin used his intent to control these two types of different genetic forces, combining them together.

The two constellations sparkled softly as astral light akin to a clear spring flowed from the golden constellations, fusing as one.

Usually, these two types of energy would never mix. But now, they were actually perfectly combined, like a blend of water and milk, intermixed together and inseparable from each other.

They were forming a gigantic river that continued to extend outwards to the starry space.

The astral river continued to flow forward, toward a mysterious location. There was no obstruction at all.

In the distance, the silvery dark stars were like constellations in the sky, shining brightly and illuminating the surroundings.

The astral river didn’t stop. It continued forward and finally came to the endpoint of its destination – a darkened star that was hidden very deeply.

The astral river split into numerous streams and flowed into it like how all streams would eventually flow into the ocean, infusing boundless energy to the darkened star.


It felt like his heart was pounding with force, shaking the entire space.

A gigantic star lit up from a passive darkened state and gradually revealing its form. It transformed into a sun that gave off boundless light and warmth, lighting up its entire surrounding, unchanged for all eternity.

A piece of information then flowed into his mind.


Gene: Monkey King Gene

Grade: Perfect-grade Heaven Gene

Strengthening Tally: 1

Ability: Monkey King of the Flower Fruit Mountain, when one’s heart and mind are cultivated, the great dao will be birthed.


(It’s a perfect-grade Heaven Gene!)

Similar to the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene, the Monkey King Gene was also at the highest perfect-grade.

But what was different was that the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene was just a transcendent gene; it could only control some special transcendent energy.

The Monkey King Gene was different.

A Heaven Gene was the consolidation of the essence of transcendent genes. They were connected in-depth to one’s life nature and would gradually reveal some visible characteristics of their genes. There might be inherited traits in some as well.

This also meant that if Feng Lin reproduced, his descendants would be able to inherit some abilities of his Sun Wukong Mythological Path. It would become an innate talent that would be passed down through the generations.

Just him alone could produce a new clan.

In truth, many of the large and small millions of mythological clans began like this. Their original ancestors had only established their clans after awakening their Heaven Genes.

Although everyone was a part of humanity, the mythological path and abilities inherited by each clan were different.

There was an ancient saying on ancient earth – all roads lead to Rome.

Everyone (ordinary humans) had a chance to awaken mythological genes. Although the chance was slim, in general, it was still considered extremely fair.

But things were different for mythological clans. They would be born with innately awakened mythological genes.

In other words, with reference to the earlier saying, they were born directly in Rome!

Feng Lin silently surveyed his body. He could feel a mysterious energy coursing through his body. This energy felt extremely pure yet also very ethereal and misty like the clouds, containing endless transformations.

But before he could even properly sense this energy, the constellation began to behave strangely and exert a powerful absorption might, transforming into a gigantic black hole that sought to devour everything.

This absorption might was extremely powerful. Feng Lin had no way to resist and was sucked right inside.


A startled exclamation rang out in the dark space. Feng Lin’s will had already entered and vanished.

In the darkness, a pair of golden eyes opened.

Hua, hua, hua~

The sounds of water flowing could be heard.

The surging river cascaded down like a silvery astral river from the nine heavens, flowing to the ground creating a large pool. Waves could be seen in the pool as the water continued flowing toward the ocean.

This seemed to be a work of nature, nothing could block it.


Feng Lin suddenly discovered that he was in mid-air with his face facing the waterfall.

Using a skinny body to shake the sky!


Feng Lin instantly understood his current situation. He abruptly gave a loud laugh.

His strength now could shake the heavens!

He was much different from the past him. After experiencing so many sessions of cultivation and experiencing so many different tribulations, his state of heart was already extremely clear.

The size of his heart would reflect his power!

(If one’s heart is clear, they would gain enlightenment!)

He summoned all his heart force and fiercely welcomed the impact of his head smashing against the curtain of water produced by the waterfall, leading to the Water Curtain Cave. A boundless might rushed forth from his skinny body, capable of breaking apart the heavens and earth, and moving the mountains and oceans.


This little monkey slammed his head into the water. His head was as tough as metal, and a thunderous boom signified that he had broken an invisible barrier.

Feng Lin stood up and stabilized himself. All of a sudden, he discovered that he was in another space.

The water curtain acted as a barrier. The atmosphere inside the cave was extremely tranquil.

Although it was desolated since a long time ago, there were no hints of dust.

There were no ripples and no water. An iron-panel bridge could be seen inside the cave, seemingly a work of nature. There was another dimension here, a true immortal blessed land.

Feng Lin walked through the bridge. It was like he could see a naturally-formed residence with stone chairs and tables and various objects within.

Right in the center, there was a huge stone tablet with a row of large words engraved on it. The force of the words sliced through the stone tablet with ease, brimming with power.

On the stone tablet, these words were engraved. ‘Blessed Land, the Flowerfruit Mountain. Another world in the Water Curtain Cave.’

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