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Leisurely Beast World: Plant Some Fields, Have Some Cubs (Web Novel)


As soon as she fell into the world of beastmen, a leopard forcibly took her back to his home. Indeed, Bai Qingqing is at a complete and utter loss. The males in this world are all handsome beyond compare, while the women are all so horrid that even the gods shudder at their sight. As a first-rate girl from the modern world (she’s also a quarter Russian), Bai Qingqing finds herself sitting at the center of a harem filled with beautiful men — at the very peak of existence.

885 • 2020-11-22 11:55:19


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 628: I Will Always Be by Your Side and Not Let You Feel Lonely2020-11-25
Chapter 627: Another Level of World in Flame City2020-11-24
Chapter 626: Going on a Sightseeing Tour2020-11-24
Chapter 625: Awkwardness from Stuck Breasts2020-11-24
Chapter 624: New Clothing2020-11-23
Chapter 623: Making Things Difficult for Curtis2020-11-23
Chapter 622: Lesson2020-11-23
Chapter 621: Honeycomb Flame City2020-11-22
Chapter 620: The Severely Injured Tiger Beastman (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 619: The Severely Injured Tiger Beastman (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 618: You Can’t Prank a Pregnant Woman Like That2020-11-22
Chapter 617: Curtis’s Prank2020-11-22
Chapter 616: I’ll Probably Only Be Able to Let You Off When I Die2020-11-22
Chapter 615: Rescue Molly2020-11-22
Chapter 614: Carl’s True Colors2020-11-22
Chapter 613: Curtis-Brand Vibrator2020-11-22
Chapter 612: Reproduction Is an Important Matter2020-11-22
Chapter 611: Hold Her Head Up High2020-11-22
Chapter 610: I’m Giving You One Last Chance2020-11-22
Chapter 609: Untitled2020-11-22
Chapter 608: The Duel Between Rivals in Love2020-11-22
Chapter 607: I Don’t Like Bai Qingqing2020-11-22
Chapter 606: The Peacock Beastman Was Despised2020-11-22
Chapter 605: Look for the Little Snakes2020-11-22
Chapter 604: Bluepool Degenerated2020-11-22
Chapter 603: The Foodie Without Moral Fiber2020-11-22
Chapter 602: The Technique of Eating Raw Meat2020-11-22
Chapter 601: Three Four-Striped Mermen2020-11-22
Chapter 600: Moving Upstairs2020-11-22
Chapter 599: Curtis Is Going to Shed Skin Again2020-11-22
Chapter 598: Eating Horned Melon2020-11-22
Chapter 597: A Calm Heart-to-Heart Talk2020-11-22
Chapter 596: He’s Back (7)2020-11-22
Chapter 595: He’s Back (6)2020-11-22
Chapter 594: He’s Back (5)2020-11-22
Chapter 593: He’s Back (4)2020-11-22
Chapter 592: He’s Back (3)2020-11-22
Chapter 591: He’s Back (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 590: He’s Back (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 589: Sleepless Night (6)2020-11-22
Chapter 588: Sleepless Night (5)2020-11-22
Chapter 587: Sleepless Night (4)2020-11-22
Chapter 586: Sleepless Night (3)2020-11-22
Chapter 585: Sleepless Night (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 584: Sleepless Night (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 583: Competitor2020-11-22
Chapter 582: Pregnant Three Times in Two Years2020-11-22
Chapter 581: I Miss You So Much2020-11-22
Chapter 580: The Village Expanded to Double Its Original Size2020-11-22
Chapter 579: Found Their Hidden Stash of Food2020-11-22
Chapter 578: Finally Got to Eat Fish (3)2020-11-22
Chapter 577: Finally Got to Eat Fish (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 576: Finally Got to Eat Fish (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 575: Horned Melon2020-11-22
Chapter 574: It Must Be a Leopard Female2020-11-22
Chapter 573: Qingqing Craves Fish (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 572: Qingqing Craves Fish (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 571: Female Baby2020-11-22
Chapter 570: Fight2020-11-22
Chapter 569: Winston’s Gift2020-11-22
Chapter 568: Cleansing Fish (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 567: Cleansing Fish (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 566: There’s Light Now2020-11-22
Chapter 565: Bluepool’s Gift2020-11-22
Chapter 564: Pregnant Again (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 563: Pregnant Again (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 562: Welcome Party2020-11-22
Chapter 561: News of the City of Beastmen2020-11-22
Chapter 560: Traded for a Female2020-11-22
Chapter 559: Molly Was Love-Struck Again2020-11-22
Chapter 558: The First Beastman to Join the Village2020-11-22
Chapter 557: Bai Qingqing and Her Voracious Appetite (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 556: Bai Qingqing and Her Voracious Appetite (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 555: Expanding the Village (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 554: Expanding the Village (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 553: Winston Finally Entered Their Home2020-11-22
Chapter 552: Leopard Cub Became Smelly Leopard2020-11-22
Chapter 551: Generous Curtis2020-11-22
Chapter 550: Curtis Hides Snakeskin2020-11-22
Chapter 549: The Tribe Struck It Big2020-11-22
Chapter 548: Untitled2020-11-22
Chapter 547: Heading Back Home2020-11-22
Chapter 546: Something’s Not Quite Right With Her Males2020-11-22
Chapter 545: Mission2020-11-22
Chapter 544: Making Salt2020-11-22
Chapter 543: Food Distribution at Home (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 542: Food Distribution at Home (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 541: Bluepool Wants to Rise Up (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 540: Bluepool Wants to Rise Up (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 539: Winston Lives Under the Tree2020-11-22
Chapter 538: Going Home2020-11-22
Chapter 537: Our Secret2020-11-22
Chapter 536: Don’t Remove the Spousal Mark2020-11-22
Chapter 535: You’re Stepping On Me, It Hurts (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 534: You’re Stepping on Me, It Hurts (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 533: Tiger Head Amongst the Flowers2020-11-22
Chapter 532: Flos Eriocauli Bloomed2020-11-22
Chapter 531: Killing the Scorpion Tribe’s Leader2020-11-22
Chapter 530: Tiger King VS Scorpion King2020-11-22
Chapter 529: Combat Pit2020-11-22
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