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Level Up Just By Eating (Web Novel)


The young man named Kehma who was summoned to another world, and the useless Goddess Laura whose only strong point is having huge breasts.

Gaining a cheat skill that absorbs the abilities of what he eats, he enjoys his new adventurous life eating delicious monsters and playing with the easy to handle Goddess, all while becoming wildly overpowered/peerless in this otherworld fantasy.

1384 • 2020-01-20 23:29:17


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 88 – Searching for milk2020-05-20
Chapter 87 – Exploring the potential of the jellyfish2020-05-20
Chapter 86 – Does Laura like Keima or not?2020-05-14
Chapter 85 – Feeding Laura poison as an experiment2020-05-12
Chapter 84 – Let’s feed Laura some suspicious jellyfish2020-05-07
Chapter 83 – Taste testing some jellyfish2020-05-05
Chapter 82 – The mansion was dominated by jellyfish2020-05-02
Chapter 81 – Leveling up with Laura’s breast milk!?2020-04-29
Chapter 80 – Drinking some pufferfish hire-sake2020-04-29
Chapter 79 – Hiring a girl2020-04-21
Chapter 78 – Post-fight clean-up・Liesel2020-04-16
Chapter 77 – The reason Keima-san fights.2020-04-16
Chapter 76 – A merciful Keima-san giving the useless goddess the pufferfish to eat2020-04-09
Chapter 75 – Eating some puffer fish sashimi~The Goddess’ Tears~2020-04-07
Chapter 74 – Let’s eat some pufferfish!2020-04-02
Chapter 73 – Pufferfish obtained and cooking arc2020-03-30
Chapter 72 – Somehow or rather2020-03-25
Chapter 71 – If we’re talking about Oasis, then it has to be swimsuits2020-03-24
Chapter 70 – Laura’s tragedy(LOL)2020-03-19
Chapter 69 Wicked and Violent Keima-san2020-03-17
Chapter 68 – Let’s rush into the desert!2020-03-12
Chapter 67 – Even a useless goddess can occasionally show some enthusiasm2020-03-09
Chapter 66 – Making flash balls and paints~Story of Destroy Follows~2020-03-04
Chapter 65 – Let’s eat some Desert Moles2020-03-03
Chapter 64 – Fight is over2020-02-27
Chapter 63 – Cheat Keima VS Cheat Liesel2020-02-25
Chapter 61 – Not even worthy of a useless goddess2020-02-18
Chapter 60 – Other side: The two in captivity2020-02-13
Chapter 59 – Sand Demon, Zepheim2020-02-11
Chapter 58 – Keima-san approaching from the outside2020-02-06
Chapter 57 – Let’s break into the tower2020-02-04
Chapter 56 – Keima-san trying out things other than violence2020-01-29
Chapter 55 – Keima-san’s unparalleled is as natural as breathing2020-01-27
Chapter 54 – Where Laura thinks is safe2020-01-22
Chapter 53 – Lolona falls2020-01-21
Chapter 52 – Lolona’s conversation2020-01-21
Chapter 51 – Let’s ask around(•ㅂ•)2020-01-21
Chapter 50 – Work the shark2020-01-21
Chapter 49 – Let’s eat some sharks!!2020-01-21
Chapter 48 – A world where sharks live in deserts2020-01-21
Chapter 47: The Holy Knight Liber's Excuse2020-01-20
Chapter 46: The desert town and smell of corruption2020-01-20
Chapter 45: Eating something like cactus (•ㅂ•)2020-01-20
Chapter 44: Kehma-san vs Quasi-disaster2020-01-20
Chapter 43: Quasi-disaster hole2020-01-20
Chapter 42: Going to the desert.2020-01-20
Chapter 41: Kehma-san. Sexually harasses like breathing.2020-01-20
Chapter 40: New Chapter Mysterious girl and Morenes the Bandit2020-01-20
Chapter 39: Rorona-chan is diligent2020-01-20
Chapter 38: Idiot girl goddess and Sadistic Angel ~Eating Hamburger~2020-01-20
Chapter 37: Light work and Kehma's resolution2020-01-20
Chapter 36: When the fight ends and a leisure journey.2020-01-20
Chapter 35: An enemy that has a cheat no way to be inferior with Kehma ~The Strongest in the Novel Up to Date~2020-01-20
Chapter 34: Rorona of Defeat2020-01-20
Chapter 33: The Swordsman of Sadness ~ Rorona Highlord ~2020-01-20
Chapter 32: Encounter with the variant species.2020-01-20
Chapter 31: Learning Water and Wind Magic Just By Eating!2020-01-20
Chapter 30: Weird Laura and Serious Talk2020-01-20
Chapter 29: Workshop Tour2020-01-20
Chapter 28: The journey with the carriage was easy2020-01-20
Chapter 27: Escort Quest2020-01-20
Chapter 26: Femil’s growth and panties Translated by kuronochan2020-01-20
Chapter 25: Femil’s resolution and Translated by kuronochan2020-01-20
Chapter 24: Learning skills just by eating! Translated by kuronochan2020-01-20
Chapter 232020-01-20
Chapter 222020-01-20
Chapter 212020-01-20
Chapter 202020-01-20
Chapter 192020-01-20
Chapter 182020-01-20
Chapter 172020-01-20
Chapter 162020-01-20
Chapter 152020-01-20
Chapter 142020-01-20
Chapter 132020-01-20
Chapter 122020-01-20
Chapter 112020-01-20
Chapter 102020-01-20
Chapter 92020-01-20
Chapter 82020-01-20
Chapter 72020-01-20
Chapter 62020-01-20
Chapter 52020-01-20
Chapter 42020-01-20
Chapter 32020-01-20
Chapter 22020-01-20
Chapter 12020-01-20