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Library of Heaven’s Path (Web Novel) - Chapter 1890 - Kong Shiyao’s Capabilities

Chapter 1890: Kong Shiyao’s Capabilities

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Translator: StarveCleric  Editor: Millman97

He had never seen Ancient Sage Zi Yuan’s sculpture before, but that did not mean that he knew nothing about this renowned Ancient Sage at all.

Ancient Sage Zi Yuan was renowned for being Kong shi’s first direct disciple. While his fighting prowess was beneath that of Ancient Sage Ran Qiu, his reputation and prestige far exceeded that of the rest of the seventy-two Sages. Putting aside his honorable character and exceptional proficiency in many different fields, he was also the person who had helped Kong shi compile the heritages of numerous occupations and standardized the ranking system.

In contrast to the sharp aura that Ancient Sage Ran Qiu commanded, the corpse before him seemed to emanate an aura more like the all-encompassing ocean that accepted the currents from hundreds of tributaries and assimilated them. It was through tapping into this superior strength that the mercury-like energy had not been able to breach the formation to seep into the Master Teacher Continent thus far.

Most likely, Ancient Sage Zi Yuan was the only one among the seventy-two Sages who was capable of this feat.

Besides, the fact that Ancient Sage Yan Qing’s blood was required to activate the coffin and nourish the corpse made it very apparent who was within it.

First Ancient Sage Ran Qiu’s corpse, and now Ancient Sage Zi Yuan’s corpse, Zhang Xuan thought as he trembled a little.

These two Ancient Sages were figures whose names still resounded across the Master Teacher Continent even after so many years. He had thought that they would have left the Master Teacher Continent together with Kong shi, but who could have known that he would find their corpses there?

“Tribute!” Ancient Sage Yan Qing bellowed deafeningly as his body began to break apart like a smashed ceramic vase. Blood spurted out from his veins and arteries before surging toward the corpse in a steady current.

Taking in the blood, the stiffness in the corpse seemed to lessen, making it seem as though it would come to life at any moment. At the same time, the formation also strengthened significantly. The rifts that had been on the verge of bursting open earlier swiftly stabilized and mended themselves.

Ancient Sage Yan Qing originates from Ancient Sage Zi Yuan’s lineage, so the latter’s blood flows through his veins. He’s trying to use his blood to augment and sustain Ancient Sage Zi Yuan’s strength so as to strengthen the formation sealing away the rifts. Zhang Xuan finally understood what was going on.

It was no wonder Ancient Sage Yan Qing had spoken of sacrificing himself earlier.

The formation had come from his predecessor, and the blood of those from his lineage would be more effective in stabilizing the formation once more.

Of course, considering that Kong Shiyao possessed Kong shi’s bloodline, her blood would likely have an exceptional effect on Ancient Sage Zi Yuan’s corpse, perhaps even exceeding that of Ancient Sage Yan Qing. However, considering how valued Kong Shiyao was among the Hundred Schools of Philosophers, there was no way Ancient Sage Yan Qing would allow her to sacrifice herself.

“It seems like everything is settling down…”

Under the influx of blood, the seal swiftly stabilized, and the pressure from the void gradually vanished. Ancient Sage Yan Qing heaved a sigh of relief.

The current him had expended most of his blood; he had already struck his limit. It was only a matter of time before the last bit of vitality in his body dried up, and he would come crashing back down to the ground as a lifeless corpse.

Realizing this reality, Kong Shiyao pounded desperately on the seal that had trapped her with tears in her eyes. However, with her strength, she was completely powerless to change anything.

At the same time, Yan Xue turned his head away and averted his gaze, not wanting to see the downfall of the man whom he had respected his entire life.

Hong long long!

It was at this moment that things started going awry.

As the formation grew stronger and stronger under the influx of Ancient Sage Yan Qing’s blood, it looked as if the sealing would be completed very soon. However, at that crucial moment, a massive hand suddenly pushed its way through the mending rift.

This sight was similar to the descent of the deity, which he had witnessed previously during the fight against Sovereign Chen Ling.


The hand flicked its wrist lightly, and Ancient Sage Yan Qing was suddenly slammed into the ground, halting the transfusion of blood.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

At the same time, the Ancient Sages who were supplying Ancient Sage Yan Qing with their strength spurted blood under the backlash and collapsed to the ground as well.

A Dimension Shatterer realm expert… Zhang Xuan’s face darkened.

The owner of this hand was clearly stronger than the deity whom he had killed with his golden page back then.

Even without an altar on their side to establish a connection, he was able to breach the dimension barrier and tear open a passageway with brute force.

Could it be that the void was the passageway to the Azure that he had been looking for all along?

With such doubts in his mind, the hand in the sky began thrashing around, causing the reinforced formation to weaken, such that it was beginning to falter.

“We need to stop him!”

Caught off guard by the abrupt turn of events, Ancient Sage Yan Qing roared anxiously as he swiftly kicked off into the air. With a flick of his wrist, he pulled a saber in his hand down upon the thrashing hand.

He knew that if he wanted to sustain the formation, it would be of paramount importance to sever the hand, or else anything they did would be swiftly unraveled by it.


Sensing Ancient Sage Yan Qing’s aggression, the owner of the hand opened up his palm and pinched his fingers together lightly.

The saber from Ancient Sage Yan Qing was caught precisely in between his fingers. As if a pair of unyielding pincers, no matter how Ancient Sage Yan Qing tugged, he was unable to retrieve his saber.

“We need to move together!”

Knowing the severity of the matter, the other Ancient Sages quickly flitted forth.

With their combined might, many rifts swiftly formed around the already unstable space in the area. Several bundles of black flames descended from the void, raising an inferno around the area.

“Yan Xue, release me! Otherwise, all of us will die here!” Kong Shiyao yelled out desperately at the young man beside her.

“I…” Yan Xue’s face warped in hesitation as he struggled with the conflict in his mind.

“What are you hesitating over? Hesitate any longer and our tens of thousands of years of heritage will be destroyed!” Kong Shiyao roared wrathfully upon seeing that Yan Xue was still hesitating.

“Alright!” Knowing how dangerous the situation was, Yan Xue quickly tapped his finger on the seal trapping Kong Shiyao and released it.

While Yan Xue’s cultivation was only at Sempiternal realm consummation, he shared the same power origin as Ancient Sage Yan Qing, so it was much easier to unravel it.

It did not take long for the seal around Kong Shiyao to dissipate entirely.


With a ferocious cry, Kong Shiyao’s eyebrows shot up as incredible energy swiftly built up within her.

With a leap, she rose into the sky and whipped out a sword. Pointing the sword toward the hand, she brandished it with lightning speed.

“Remarkable!” Zhang Xuan nodded as he took this scene into sight.

Just as he had thought, Kong Shiyao’s fighting prowess was formidable despite her young age. Just like him, her strength had also reached the Blood Reincarnation realm.

The sword that she wielded in her hand was extremely powerful, too. It was stronger than the Dragonbone Divine Spear, and in Kong Shiyao’s grasp, it brought forth a might comparable to Blood Reincarnation realm consummation cultivators.

Ding ding ding!

Despite that, her sword qi only caused numerous sparks to rub off the hand.

Nevertheless, she still continued to slash her sword relentlessly at the hand.

“Persistent cockroach!”

Seeing that a small fry from a lower dimension actually dared make a move against him, the owner of the hand bellowed angrily as he flicked his finger.


Kong Shiyao was knocked back by an incredible force, causing her back to crash heavily against the ground. Blood seeped down from the corners of her lips.

There was simply too huge a gap between the Blood Reincarnation realm and the Dimension Shatterer realm. Back then, even when Zhang Xuan coordinated with multiple Blood Reincarnation realm Ancient Sages, he had been no match for the deity summoned by Sovereign Chen Ling.

Si la!

After flicking Kong Shiyao back, the hand proceeded to flick its finger, creating a shockwave that kept Ancient Sage Yan Qing and the others at bay. With a piercing cry, the rift in the unstable space widened as yet another hand passed through it. Following which, a head came through as well.

Just like the deity from before, this person was planning to make a forceful descent onto the Master Teacher Continent!

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