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Little Mushroom (Web Novel)




Action Adventure Sci-fi Shounen Ai

Orginal Language:



An Zhe was a mushroom whose lifelong mission was to raise his own spore.
One day, he lost his spore.
He searched all over the world for a long time before finally seeing a familiar spore on the news.

An Zhe desperately knocked on the door of a colonel in the human military.
“Hello, Sir. Did your research turn out well? Can I have my son back after the research?”

The colonel looked cold. “Your son?”
“I gave birth to it QAQ.”

The colonel stated, “I raised it.”
“Sir, really. It is mine QAQ.”
“Give birth to another one to let me see.”

An Zhe: crying

TL Disclaimer:

Not as fluffy as the summary makes it sound. Not mpreg.
Apocalyptic wasteland science fiction (no zombies)
Happy Ending

110 • 2020-02-24 01:22:48


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Chapter 602020-04-09
Chapter 592020-04-07
Chapter 582020-04-06
Chapter 572020-04-06
Chapter 562020-04-04
Chapter 552020-04-03
Chapter 542020-04-03
Chapter 532020-04-02
Chapter 522020-04-02
Chapter 512020-04-02
Chapter 502020-03-30
Chapter 492020-03-29
Chapter 482020-03-29
Chapter 472020-03-27
Chapter 462020-03-26
Chapter 452020-03-25
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Chapter 412020-03-21
Chapter 402020-03-19
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Chapter 382020-03-18
Chapter 372020-03-17
Chapter 362020-03-17
Chapter 352020-03-17
Chapter 342020-03-14
Chapter 332020-03-12
Chapter 322020-03-11
Chapter 312020-03-09
Chapter 302020-03-08
Chapter 292020-03-07
Chapter 282020-03-06
Chapter 272020-03-05
Chapter 262020-03-04
Chapter 242020-03-03
Chapter 232020-03-01
Chapter 222020-03-01
Chapter 212020-02-28
Chapter 202020-02-27
Chapter 192020-02-27
Chapter 182020-02-25
Chapter 172020-02-24
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Chapter 12020-02-24