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Long Live Summons! (Web Novel) - Chapter 753 - I Sympathize with You! I Pity You!

Chapter 753 - I Sympathize with You! I Pity You!

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Outside the Rainbow Castle.

“How can you still get up?” Shun Tian couldn’t bear it anymore. He crazily shouted, “Why are you still alive?”

He couldn’t remember how many times he had knocked Fatty Hai down. One thousand times? Ten thousand times?

But he just wouldn’t die!

If someone else were in his shoes, he would’ve been killed more than a hundred times.

Shun Tian hadn’t known that a person could go beyond the limits of life and death by relying on their willpower. Besides, rubbish like Fatty Hai always behaved like a total coward. Where did his willpower come from? What kind of power could have sustained Fatty Hai for so long? How could this piece of trash, who he could kill with a single blow, manage to survive this long?

No matter what tricks, skills, or treasures he used to fight Fatty Hai. He refused to die!

Shun Tian had never doubted his own strength before, but now his confidence had been shaken.

After Fatty Hai lost his ability to maintain his transformation state, that of an ugly beast, and regained his human form; his ribs and legs had been broken, his right arm had been twisted until it broke, four fingers on his left hand had been twisted off, leaving only his thumb intact. However, this broken man was still trying to support himself using that thumb, insisting on trying to sit up.

Blood covered the ground. It was inconceivable that a person could still be alive after losing so much blood. How could this strange creature, sitting in front of him, spitting out blood, mouthful after mouthful, be so calm? It was as if he had been born a blood vomiting beast.

Wind Breath Seabird flew down from the sky, landing next to Fatty Hai. Utilizing [Warm Sea Heavenly Wind], it once again overdrew its spiritual energy, so it could infuse it into Fatty Hai’s body. This small amount of aid was the most it could do to help him recover. Fatty Hai was almost dead, as most of his spiritual energy had bled out. His face was so swollen that even his eyes couldn’t be seen. However, under the unbelieving gaze of Shun Tian, by utilizing the tiny bit of energy supplied by his Wind Breath Seabird, with difficulty, Fatty Hai was able to stand up again.

Once he had accomplished that, Fatty Hai raised his left hand, the one that only had an intact thumb, spat out a mouthful of blood, then beckoned to Shun Tian, “Come on, hit me again. I know I can’t defeat you, but I can tire you out until you die of exhaustion!”

Shun Tian’s face darkened with anger, but at the same time, he also felt regret. If Shun Tian could do it all over again, he would never choose Fatty Hai as his opponent. Even if he didn’t have any other options, he couldn’t bring himself to despise the wretched fatty.

Most importantly, back when he had a chance to seckill the fatso, he never should have given him an opportunity to take a swing at him. During their entire fight, Fatty Hai had only managed to hit him once. Nevertheless, when Fatty Hai had used his [Full Moon Rhinoceros] skill, that one punch had broken his strong right fist.

In addition, that blow had punched straight through the chest of his Guardian Spirit Beast, Emperor, who rushed over to protect Shun Tian. If Emperor hadn’t taken that blow in his place, he would have died!

From then on, Shun Tian was bereft of his strongest attack. No matter how badly he hurt Fatty Hai, that tough guy would stand up again. What made him even angrier was that he couldn’t hit that crafty Wind Breath Seabird after his right fist had been smashed by Fatty Hai.

Fatty Hai’s clever Wind Breath Seabird had become the key to the entire battle. Every time Shun Tian knocked Fatty Hai down, that devoted bird would make use of its skill [Warm Sea Heavenly Wind], to transfer a tiny bit of its energy to him, to keep him on his feet. If Shun Tian could do it all over again, he would have killed that damnable, but incredibly intelligent, Wind Breath Seabird first!

There were times when Shun Tian felt that Fatty Hai’s Wind Breath Seabird was smarter than a person. There were no tricks or traps that could fool it. Nor was there a way to shoot it down.

Worst of all, Shun Tian was now afraid to get too close to Fatty Hai. He could no longer continue to use his previous style of attacks. Now, he would have to rely on his innate skill [Five Transformations Power] to fight.

After Fatty Hai had reverted from his ugly beast transformation, he had given up on defending himself. Due to that, he had been overwhelmed so greatly by Shun Tian that his belly was bulging out so much, he looked like a bloated toad. However, he had been storing up a massive amount of energy. He was like an active volcano that could erupt at any time.

Shun Tian knew what Fatty Hai was thinking of doing. That damn Fatty Hai wanted to blow himself up. That odious toad actually wanted to die together with him. As long as he kept his distance he would be fine but it would be extremely dangerous for him if he got too close.

Not to mention that this damnable fatty, who had only one partially usable arm left, was still able to use his appalling attack skill [Full Moon Rhinoceros].

“Why? What benefits did Yue Yang promise you, so you would fight for him to this extent? With your current strength, it wouldn’t be a problem for you to set up your own sect, and become one of the top ten Rankers in Tong Tian Tower. Because of you, the Hai family can rise to the top. They can become one of the four major families in the Soaring Dragon Continent, without having to rely on the Yue family in any way. Your family could even surpass them.

Yue Yang is definitely dead. Why do you insist on following him so loyally? You know, Fatty Hai, people like you need to be smart. Why would you do such a foolish thing?” Shun Tian asked with a puzzled expression, as he stroked his broken fist with his left hand, trying to ignore the pain.

“Haha!” Fatty Hai stayed still until he had heard it all. Then, he suddenly burst into laughter. He laughed so hard that blood began to flow from all five sense organs on his head , and his splintered ribs pierced outward until jagged white bone spikes were sticking out of his skin.

After a long time, he was slowly able to calm down. With a demeanor that was so composed that it surprised Shun Tian, he replied, “Do you think I’m stupid now? Shun Tian, you’re right! You are absolutely right! Even so, why haven’t you realized that I’m a fool? Hahaha!” Fatty Hai started to laugh wildly again. This time he laughed until tears were running down his face.

Gradually, his crying turned into laughter, then back to crying again.

He smiled for a while.

He cried for a while.

Finally, he started to sob loudly. Once again, tears poured out of the narrow slits that were all one could see of his swollen eyes. Rivers of tears ran down his tear-stained cheeks, washing away the blood.

“Shun Tian, if you had come to me a few years ago and said, Fatty Hai, you have a bright future, you could become one of the top ten Rankers in Tong Tian Tower, I would’ve appreciated it. But you didn’t. And, it wasn’t just you. Nobody in the entire Soaring Dragon Continent, or Tong Tian Tower, thought I was promising. In their eyes, I was a piece of sh*t. You guys never even bothered to take a look at me.”

“In all of Tong Tian Tower, only Yue Yang bothered to pay attention to a worthless person like me. Only he didn’t mind becoming friends with a loser like me! Is that something you would do? Shun Tian, this is the major difference between you and Yue Yang!”

“You’ll never be like Yue Yang. You’ll never rise to reach his level. To be honest, Shun Tian, you can’t hold a candle to Yue Yang. You could never fill Yue Yang’s shoes! You’re even more worthless than I am!”

“Shun Tian, there is no difference between you and a common person. To put it bluntly, you’re as blind as a bat. You’ve never taken the time to really get to know me. The one who really knows me best is Yue Yang, the one you want me to betray. To tell the truth, without Yue Yang, I would never have become the great boss, Fatty Hai. The same thing applies to Ye Kong and the others. Without him, Ye Kong, Li Qie, and Li Ge would have starved to death or died under the sharp claws of a beast. During their lifetimes, they would never have been able to raise their heads up or climb to the top. So, I’m going to live like a loser, living in the shadow of someone else all my life, until one day, like a pig, I’ll be used as a stepping stone, then slaughtered.”

“It was Yue Yang. He’s the one who made me what I am today. Do you understand?”

“Maybe what you’re trying to say is that Yue Yang developed our potential, but now that he’s about to be killed, I need to make a clean break with him, learn to be independent, then find a way to live a comfortable life that I can enjoy. Yes, you’re right. In reality, it’s necessary for me to do this. Of course, smart people need to be able to view the situation clearly, then go with the flow! Unfortunately, you’ve got it completely wrong. I’m a fatso who’s greedy, and afraid of death, but I’m not the kind of person that’s ungrateful. As you know, there is a saying, An honorable will readily die a loyal death for those who know his true worth!”

“Without Yue Yang, how could my life be worth living? Without him, I’m just worthless mud. Not just the past, but now, and even the future. With Yue Yang, I, Fatty Hai, am the indomitable young hero of Tong Tian Tower, the pride of my parents and teachers, and a strong opponent that you can’t defeat. I’m a warrior that you can only try to persuade to surrender.”

“Shun Tian, compared to me, you’re practically perfect. You’re worthy of my admiration. I envy you! Nevertheless, do you know why you can’t be promoted to [Innate] Supreme-Rank? Compared to a warrior with Supreme Will, you’re just a pathetic worm. It’s not that you’re not talented enough, it’s not that you haven’t worked hard enough, it’s that your willpower has already reached its apex in this life. You’ll always be the frog of the bottom of the well! Even if I can’t win, even if I can’t see, I know you’re saying delusional things about Yue Yang. You’re an idiot. I can’t afford to be an idiot!”

“I’m fat, and I’m not as good as you. However, I’m stronger than you, because I believe in miracles. I believe I can create miracles. In fact, I’ve already done so. I’m weaker than you but, right now, you can’t beat me. That’s a miracle!”

“So, I’m more convinced than ever that Yue Yang who’s tens of thousands of times better than me can create a miracle. I’m not joking around. That guy has never done things the normal way. Everything he creates is incredible, the best in this world! Shun Tian, incompetent people like you can’t do anything but gaze at him with envy. Do you really think that your allies can kill him?”

“Shun Tian, do you know what I wanted to say to you when you were acting high-and-mighty? I sympathize with you! I pity you!” Fatty Hai said suddenly, with a serious expression, “You’re just a worthless ant. In Yue Yang’s life, even in my life as a fatty, you’re nothing more than a fucking, smart-ass flea. That’s not good enough to make a strong ranker want to kill you. Do you really think you’re going to be the victor?”

While listening to this, Shun Tian’s mouth twitched, from time to time. He wanted to dispute what the fatty had said, but he couldn’t find a suitable retort. His mouth opened and closed several times, but he was unable to speak a single word. When he tried to forcefully relieve the pressure on his chest, he soon noticed that there was a sweet taste in his throat. A moment later he spat out a mouthful of blood!

Fatty Hai’s face was swollen like an over-fermented bun, but it also shone with strength.

Shun Tian’s mind was in turmoil. He hadn’t lost the battle, but in terms of enduring adversity and strategy, it was clear to him that he had been utterly defeated. Even if he killed that annoying fatty, he wouldn’t be able to overcome the psychological trauma of this battle, even if he tried for the rest of his life.

Was he really only able to be an overweening frog at the bottom of a well?


Once he thought of this, a large amount of blood burst out of his mouth, like a fountain, spouting high-up in the sky.

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