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Long Live Summons! (Web Novel) - Chapter 760 - Sunlight Streaming City, Warbeast Store (Part 1)

Chapter 760 - Sunlight Streaming City, Warbeast Store (Part 1)

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Sunlight Streaming City.

In less than three hours, Yue Yang and his team had taken the luxury flying carriage and arrived in Sunlight Streaming City, a city several hundred kilometers away from the Gate of Heaven Realm.

Different from ordinary cities, the cross-shaped main road of this megacity, Sunlight Streaming City, divided it into four parts. Its longitudinal length was nearly fifty kilometers and its lateral was a little bit shorter, 20 kilometers. Outside the city, there was a twenty-meter-high circular wall with no exit except for four huge gates. Looking down the crowd of heavy traffic from the sky, you could see the super spacious road, the avenue from the east to the west with a width of one kilometer and the avenue from the north to the south up to 400 meters wide.

Sunlight Streaming City was completely a strategic city prepared for the war. It was founded in the era of Empress Fei Wen Li ten thousand years ago and was expanded in the time of the Prison Emperor six thousand years ago. However, Empress Fei Wen Li who swept across the Heaven Realm had been sealed and the fierce fight between the Three Great Leader of the West Heaven Realm and the Prison Emperor had become a historical memory. Today’s Sunlight Streaming City was no longer the strategic base for gathering thousands of soldiers, it had become a remote but relatively prosperous “mountain city”. It was surrounded by the valley around, a sprawling city with millions of people. The people here lived a relatively rich life, depending on the abundant mineral deposits in the surrounding mountains.

After several wars ten thousand years ago and six thousand years ago, around the Sunlight Streaming City, there were many special Demon Beasts that had produced variation because of the residual strength of those strong rankers. Therefore, it also attracted countless adventurers, mercenaries, merchants from thousands of miles away to hunt.

“Don’t you want to play?” Fatty Hai hospitably invited them and clapped his chest to show that this time it was his treat.

“Well, I don’t think I can take advantage of a stingy person (In Chinese, 铁公鸡).” Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were natural enemies.

He was right. Although Fatty Hai repeatedly promised and even vowed that he would afford all the expense of traveling around Heaven Realm, actually it was Yue Yang who foot the bill. Fatty Hai had borrowed a million gold coins from Yue Yang before departure. Ye Kong didn’t think that he would pay back the money, nor did he could do so, but there was a great possibility for him to borrow more after all the money was used out.

Fatty Hai was always the most generous with the ‘borrowed’ money. Now he was willing to treat everybody a big meal in Sunlight Streaming City.

“Monkey, I warn you, though we know each other very well, I can sue you for slander as well! I am ready to reform myself to be a good man, no, no, I am a good man, and now I’m just want to be a generous good man… All the expenses in Sunlight Streaming City are all paid by my own case-dough. Sincerely, I invite you to play. Help yourselves! Don’t need to consider saving money, just go for fun! As a big boss, in order to gain future luck, I am ready to shoot the works.” No one knew he had any case-dough until Fatty Hai mentioned.

“Is, is this the activity funds for no save but fun?” Bao Er took the flat wallet and found only a few gold coins.

“I can’t help it. I haven’t been able to save the money since I was confiscated last time.” Fatty Hai scratched his head embarrassedly.

“No wonder you’re so generous.” Ye Kong and others suddenly understood.

“If you want to play, just go! Hui Tai Lang, you’re in charge of guarding.” As the god of wealth, Yue Yang gave Liu Ye three thousand gold coins at a time. Even in Sunlight Streaming City with quite expensive material, three thousand gold coins were also enough for this team to have a well-off tour.

“Woof!” Hui Tai Lang took orders at once since it’s a good opportunity to make contributions with the task of guarding and he would finish it well.

“Let’s go.” When Liu Ye tried to refuse, Fatty Hai quickly took over the money bag and jumped off the flying carriage with cheers. The Meat Demon King formally ascended to Sunlight Streaming City.

“We stay here.” Xue Tan Lang, Li Brothers, and others were all crazy about the practice and had no interest in playing. In their eyes, the best way to play in the Heaven Realm was to conquer the Heaven Realm like what Empress Fei Wen Li had done before, that’s really cool! Of course, judging from their present strength, they could not achieve this goal even in their dream. In order to catch up with their dreams, they spend more time on practice instead of wasting good days. Inspired by them, Tian Luo Prince also practiced hard.

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