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Long Live Summons! (Web Novel) - Chapter 789.1 [Breakthrough, Six Records Four Mythical Beasts Merged in One]

Chapter 789.1 [Breakthrough, Six Records Four Mythical Beasts Merged in One]

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Without the eyes, there are still the remaining five senses.

As long as one can sublimate the Six Senses, then one does not need their eyes to fight.

Princess Qian Qian forced herself to hold back the pain in her eyes, on one hand, fighting against the injury by mentally repeating “I’m not hurt” in her head, while on the other hand, releasing the rest of her five senses to capture the information of the enemy. The senses of the ear and extrasensory perception were raised to the limit at this moment in the mind of Princess Qian Qian and she could almost “see” the enemy …


With a single swing of the Prison Emperor’s Divine Sword, the sword qi once again slashed at the head of that Central Palace Hall Elder with incomparable accuracy.

The guy was stunned, how could she still move to attack without her eyes? How did she manage to capture his position?

Princess Qian Qian knew that now, the situation was unlike before, her frequency of attacks doubled, like a storm, slash after slash, if the enemy made a slight mistake, then he would not be able to get away with it! One sword qi hadn’t disappeared yet, and a second one had arrived, forming a stacked wave-like endless attack.

That Central Palace Hall Elder had a sudden enlightenment while dangerously dodging the wave-like attacks of Princess Qian Qian: this girl swordsman not only had sharp eyes but also a surprisingly keen ear. She must surely be relying on her keen hearing to locate his whereabouts!

When he perceived this, a fierce smile immediately appeared on his face.

While tumbling to dodge the sword qi, he straightened his fingers, and drove his sharp claws brutally into his ears.

As if it wasn’t his own ears that he was injuring, he even tore the two ears apart with his sharp claws drawing them out. Blood spurted out in the sky, and with the hideous cruel smile on his face, the scene was simply eerie and terrifying! Sure enough, with his “poisonous gift”, Princess Qian Qian covered her ears in pain, unable to move to attack!

Yue Yang was furious, he really wanted to go up and smash that damned Central Palace Hall Elder into mud.

But Xue Wu Xia hugged him, not allowing him to rush forward.

She understood Princess Qian Qian’s mind best.

Princess Qian Qian, just wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to break through herself.

In fact, not only Princess Qian Qian, Xue Wu Xia also had the same thing in mind, they all faced the crisis of “now Yueyang is getting stronger” and that he was throwing everyone else further and further behind. Perhaps one day, he will step into a higher world than the Heaven Realm together with Empress Fei Wen Li, Zhi Zun and Night Empress, but they could no longer keep up, they would be forced to stay behind in the Heaven Realm, or wait for him at the Tong Tian Tower… This was something that all of them could not accept, therefore, no matter Princess Qian Qian or Xue Wu Xia, or even Luo Hua City Mistress or Phoenix Fairy Beauty, all of them train with all their might, hoping to not be left behind by Yue Yang and to catch up to him!

“No eyes, no ears, lets see how you continue to fight!” The Central Palace Hall Elder was now more wary of Yue Yang and Xue Wu Xia, because he felt that both of them were angry, and were giving him a terrifying feeling.

If not that both of them were also only at quasi-Heaven Rank strength then he really dare not be so bold to provoke Princess Qian Qian.

The injuries on his body, due to his superior physique and equipped war beast.

Recovered very quickly.

In less than a minute, his eyes were completely healed, and a new pair of eyes grew back, except that they were completely closed and could not be opened, presumably in connection with Princess Qian Qian’s blindness, and if he was really healed, Princess Qian Qian would recover as well. Therefore, that Central Palace Hall Elder had only regained their form, but not their function, whether his eyes or ears.

He had six eyes and four ears, even if one pair of eyes and one pair of ears were not functional, he is not affected at all.

Princess Qian Qian, however, had no spare eyes or ears.

Because of this.

The Central Palace Hall Elder had no fear of losing.

Cogenesis Innate Talent: The more pain one suffers from a physical injury with an enemy who is fighting and who has severely injured him or herself, the more the enemy is affected. When the body is damaged and the loss of certain functions is incurred,the same functions of the enemy are also affected.

Princess Qian Qian, who had lost her sight and hearing, slowly turned around.

As she shifted her position to be directly opposite the enemy.

She stopped.

Though unable to see or hear, she still had her extrasensory perception.

The enemy was just right ahead… Princess Qian Qian endured the pain. Wielding the sword, the Holy Power of the Green Dragon once again coalesced into a lightning bolt, like a knot, trapping the enemy in the center of the sword’s attack.

“Without eyes and ears, you’d still be able to find me? Very good!” The Central Palace Hall Elder hardened his heart and swung his fists and smashed in his own nose, tears caused by pain and blood splattered everywhere. He then took out a dagger, while sticking out his forked tongue like that of a snake from his mouth, and directly cut it off without hesitation. As blood gushed from his mouth, he eerily smiled: “Without a nose, I am not affected at all, and I have two tongues. Even if one is damaged, I still have the other one! You fucking kid, trying to fight me?”

“Ah!” Princess Qian Qian’s body shook and the pain from her nose and tongue almost made her almost collapse.

Originally, her six senses were a hundred times sharper than an ordinary person’s, and once her five senses were wounded, her body would suffer far more than an ordinary person would suffer when wounded!

But in the midst of the arrogance and flaunting of the Central Palace Hall Elder, she was still able to shoot out a sword qi, cutting in half the Central Palace Hall Elder trapped in the Lightning Knot, directly forcing him to sacrifice a substitute war beast. The Central Palace Hall Elder escaped from the Lightning Knot, then smugly sneered, “It’s useless, no matter how sharp the sword in your hand, it’s impossible to kill me, because I am immortal! If you’re not holding a divine weapon, I can totally stand still and let you kill!”

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