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Looking Over at the Guy Across the Way (Web Novel)




Adult Comedy Smut Yaoi

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Probably Shy Loyal Dog Gong X Slightly Blackbelly Used Goods Shou

When a new neighbor moves in across from Chen Xiao, he sets his sights on the handsome young man, Gu MengYang. Though he’s coming off a bad breakup, he still wants to find love with a new man and wants to bully that man along the way!
Meanwhile, his fellow blackbelly friend from childhood, Luo Xin, noses in to “help” him catch his man. And, behind the scenes, tries to find a love of his own.

617 • 2019-08-25 19:45:07


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 26: Extra Meat Fanwai, Hitting the nail on the head2019-08-25
Chapter 25: Luo Xin Fanwai2019-08-25
Chapter 24: No Liability Fanwai 2, The demon gets married and starts a decent life2019-08-25
Chapter 23: No Liability Fanwai 1, Next Children’s Day, we’ll also be together, oh! (The Adult Version)2019-08-25
Chapter 22: No Liability Fanwai 1, Next Children’s Day, we’ll also be together, oh! (The Childhood Version)2019-08-25
Chapter 21: Fanwai 1 NG Meat Residue2019-08-25
Chapter 20: Let happiness blossom (Grand Finale)2019-08-25
Chapter 19: Husband and husband returning home together2019-08-25
Chapter 18: Accompanying you to the elders2019-08-25
Chapter 17: Thundering, raining, stripteasing2019-08-25
Chapter 16: Life is but a “hello” and a “goodbye”2019-08-25
Chapter 15: Little days pass by2019-08-25
Chapter 14: Do you need a name for a harmonious chapter?2019-08-25
Chapter 13: It turns out that love hurts so much.2019-08-25
Chapter 12: Chen Xiao is a good friend, don’t you hurt him2019-08-25
Chapter 11: Can’t you be a little braver?2019-08-25
Chapter 10: You’re not allowed to touch my stuff!2019-08-25
Chapter 9: Meeting the former person by chance2019-08-25
Chapter 8: Who led you astray, my little slag man?2019-08-25
Chapter 7: It turned out to be true that drinking cold water when you have bad luck can fill the gaps in your teeth.2019-08-25
Chapter 6: Don’t mention the past, I’ll beat you up if you mention it again.2019-08-25
Chapter 5: Life is like a weather forecast; saying it’ll be sunny but it’s actually raining.2019-08-25
Chapter 4: It really feels good for everyone to feel good.2019-08-25
Chapter 3: Looking to find a gay friend, I found a good beautiful friend2019-08-25
Chapter 2: Dig a pit, jump in, wait for you to fall in, then pick you up.2019-08-25
Chapter 1: There’s a handsome guy living across the way2019-08-25
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