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Lord Xue Ying (Web Novel) - Chapter 1221 - They are just Soldiers

Chapter 1221: They are just Soldiers

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“Starlight Master should know that I have many avatars. So why are you afraid of getting me implicated?” Xue Ying chuckled.

Starlight Master became stunned when he heard it. He then laughed: “Right, Monarch Flying Snow has many avatars. Since you want to know about it, I shall tell you in detail. You should know that we Natives have two Supremes in the Broken Tooth Mountain Range.”

Xue Ying nodded.

Of the five Supremes, three were from the Death Destruction Clan and two from the Natives. According to rumors, these five Supremes were incredibly powerful-they were so strong even Emperor Summer and Undying Underworld Emperor might lose their lives.

“The two Supremes split the vast territory of the Natives within Broken Tooth Mountain Range into two.” Starlight Master said, “Our Starlight World belongs to the territory of ‘Supreme Vast Ancient’.”

“Supreme Vast Ancient has five Great Emperors under him. The five Great Emperors are all incredibly powerful. All of them have approximately the strength of the low-graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms, the ‘eight Great Sages’. Even though their survivability capabilities aren’t as heaven-defying as the Chaotic Origin Lifeforms, their strength is just slightly weaker than the Supremes.” Starlight Master said, “And the relationship between the Supremes and them is quite subtle.”

Xue Ying nodded.

As the five Great Emperors were only slightly weaker than Supreme Vast Ancient, without sufficient gap, the intimidation of the Supreme was limited.

“Supreme Vast Ancient has an incredibly high status. He wholeheartedly pursues after the goal of becoming a true Chaotic Origin Lifeform and he usually can’t be bothered about other miscellaneous tasks. Usually, it is the five Great Emperors who manage these regions. Nonetheless, not too long ago, Great Emperor Glorious Earth died!” Starlight Master said, “Hearsay the territories managed by Great Emperor Glorious Earth in the past are used as a stake for a gambling match. It was even hosted by Supreme Vast Ancient personally. In the end, of the four remaining Great Emperors, Great Emperor North River defeated the other three. Hence, the territories under Great Emperor Glorious Earth became his to govern. And our Starlight World and the previous Blood Flame World as well as many other worlds were part of the territory governed by Great Emperor Glorious Earth.”

“The territories managed by Great Emperor Glorious Earth are given plenty of freedom that we enjoyed very much.”

“But Great Emperor North River is very different. He is tyrannical and ruthless. He plans to to enslave us so as to force us to battle for him.” Starlight Master sneered coldly, “Great Emperor North River is also the strongest of the four remaining emperors. And Supreme Vast Ancient doesn’t care about this. Hence, the only thing we can do is fight back. If they plan on wiping our Starlight Clan, we would definitely fight back and ensure we kill as many as we could.”

“But honestly speaking, given the personality of Great Emperor North River, he would not care about the lives of his subordinates.” Starlight Master shook his head lightly.

The two elders by the side, his wife and daughter became silent.

The pressure from Great Emperor North River was felt by the entire Starlight Clan. Everyone understood that it was hard to make Great Emperor North River renounce his plans to conquer.

“I understand.” Xue Ying nodded softly.

In his hometown Origin World, Sacred Master sought to control the souls of the sentient beings. And the Destruction Devil ‘Emperor Jun’ sought to destroy the entire world so that he could get bestowed by the Supreme Law.

For the sake of their Dao path, many experts did not care about others even if they were from the same race!

From the perspective of the ‘Natives’, the Realm Heart Great Land was of a race-the Cultivators! The cultivators would even kill one another. For instance, Undying Underworld Emperor planned on sacrificing the lives from 15 nations.

“Because of his personal goals, he plans on bringing calamity and chaos to the many sentient beings? Yet another devil!” Xue Ying softly muttered. His eyes were filled with frost.

Starlight Master was startled when he heard that.

And the eyes of that princess brightened.

They knew of Xue Ying’s temper. For the sake of intimidating all devils, he chose to confront them all in the Realm Heart Great Land.

“Younger Brother Flying Snow!” Starlight Master immediately grabbed the hands of Xue YIng, “You better not mess around.”

“Rest assured. I’ll not mess around. Whatever I do, I’ll do it according to my strength.” Xue Ying chuckled.

“Yes, do it according to your strength.” Starlight Master shook his head, “But fighting back against the Great Emperor North River is simply out of our means. We can only delay the battles. Many regions governed by Great Emperor Glorious Earth in the past were resisting back! I believe there would be some changes when the resistance reaches a certain extent.”

They were just halfway through this welcoming reception when…

“Hong!” An intense fluctuation was felt.

“They attacked again?” Starlight Master’s expression changed, “Younger Brother Flying Snow, you should stay here.”

“Let us go!”

Starlight Master brought with him the two elders at high speed. In a flash, they disappeared.

Xue Ying stood up in bewilderment and walked outside.

The Starlight Clan’s capital was not too big. Because their population was much smaller than the cultivators. Currently, just outside a city wall, many huge ships were stopped in midair. A group of experts from other clans stood above the ships looking down at the capital of the Starlight Clan.

“Starlight, who is that white-robed young man that came previously?” On a huge ship, an ugly male whose skin was scarlet in color shouted, “I felt that Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique was used to enter your capital. There are actually outsiders who dare to enter despite the blockade of your Starlight Clan?”

“Fiery Pupa, do you think your Fiery Pupa Clan is qualified to care about who enters and leaves my Starlight Clan?” Starlight Master shouted furiously. A total of nine elders and other apex experts were standing behind him.

“Hmph hmph, the Great Emperor has already promised to give this world to my Fiery Pupa Clan when we succeeded in taking it down. Currently, we have already occupied 99% of the world. I am naturally qualified to know.” This ugly male waved his hand, “Since you are so foolish, hmph hmph, everyone, attack! Let’s destroy the Starlight City.”


At that moment, a total of 15 figures rushed out.

They were either figures with red skin or figures filled with lightning, or figures with snake tails, or giants with eight arms, or humans with three eyes.

The experts from five great clans once again worked together to lay siege to the city.


“They are here again.”

“Kill them!”

With the nine elders as the leaders, they led the group of experts in Starlight World out of the capital. Many combat formations were formed as they began entangling with the enemies.


The world shook.

The force from the battles boomed. Currently, the disturbances from this skirmish had far surpass that of a battle between unparalleled existences.

Starlight Master watched coldly. He dared not intervene since the five great commanders of the five clans had not acted yet! Fortunately, they were at his hometown. Hence, by relying on the energy of the clan, his strength was slightly stronger than the other five commanders.

“Move out!” A lady with snake tail ordered too.

At that moment, another team of enemies came, allowing the experts from the five clans to gain the upper hand.


Suddenly, the light in the entire Starlight Capital converged onto the bodies of the nine elders and all experts.

“They are truly mad.” Starlight Master was angrily when he saw that. Every time the five clans attacked their city, they would retreat only after killing some experts! He knew that as subordinates of Great Emperor North River, these experts were used to the ideology of ‘strong feasting on the weak’. Perhaps such battles would see some losses of experts, but at the same time, they would be weeding out the weak.

And now, the Starlight World originally had 18 elders, yet during this process, they were left with half.


That princess watched with her mother nervously from afar.

Not just them, many other clansmen of the Starlight Clan were also watching nervously. Those who were currently battling were all existences standing at the apex of the entire Starlight Clan! And they who were ordinary clansmen were far too weak. The moment the elders and commanders failed to resist the enemies back, these weak clansmen would be wiped out easily.

“Is there anyone who can come save us?”

“When will such days end?” These ordinary clansmen were all feeling terrified and uneasy. They could only wait for the ruling of their fate.


Xue Ying who was watching by the side had a change in expression, “Not good!”

One of the Starlight Clan elders was heavily injured. It seemed he could no longer hold on any further. But Starlight Master seemed to stand there without acting.

“He is worried of the commanders from the five clans, and doesn’t wish for the final battle to begin?” Xue Ying shook his head softly. He owed Starlight Master a favor for the other party stood up for him during a critical moment in the past.


With a thought, Xue Ying sent a huge illusory realm down on the experts that were currently fighting.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

The eyes of the experts suddenly dimmed. They stopped fighting and softened down onto the ground.

“What is happening?” Starlight Master, his wife, his daughter, and many other clansmen of the Starlight Clan were stunned!

The experts from the five clan who stood on the distant ships were similarly stunned.


With a thought, Xue Ying easily teleported the experts who had fallen prey to the illusory realm into the capital. Of which the nine elders and many experts from the Starlight Clan soon awakened, yet the experts from the five clans remained immersed in the illusory realm.

“Starlight Master, temporarily lock these experts from the five clans.” Xue Ying said, “There is no need to be ruthless against them. They are merely fighting because of orders. They are just soldiers.”

At this moment.

Many clansmen from the Starlight Clan and the experts from the five clans who stood on the ships far away looked with disbelief at this white-robed young man.

“Younger Brother Flying Snow is benevolent. I’ll not be ruthless either.” The eyes of Starlight Master brightened. He felt his entire body turning hot. His heart that had been filled with despair, suddenly revitalized. His blood was coursing through his body, and his voice became resplendent, “Lock all of them up! Listen to my Younger Brother Flying Snow, and not injure them. They are just soldiers.”

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