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Lord Xue Ying (Web Novel) - Chapter 1222 - Fleeing flurriedly

Chapter 1222: Fleeing flurriedly

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“Yes, Monarch.”

Of the nine elders that just awakened, a short and plump elder took out a jade bottle currently emitting starlight. The moment he uncorked it, a devouring force came which engulfed those sleeping experts from the five clans. Everyone of them was sucked into the bottle. And then this plump and short elder happily corked the bottle back. He reported, “Monarch, a total of 30 experts from the five clans have been imprisoned at this moment. None of them are harmed.”

The way this plump and short elder spoke was exceptionally loud. It spread echoed across the entire Starlight Capital. Even the experts from the five clans standing on those huge ships outside the capital could hear it clearly.

Those experts from the five clans looked with panic and terror at the white-robed young man who was currently escorted by many-even Starlight Master treated him with incredible enthusiasm.

“How could this be?”

“The top experts selected by our five clans have actually fallen to a technique? It seems to be some kind of soul technique?”

They could not see with their naked eyes how the enemy acted.

And the next moment, 30 great experts from their sides softened down onto the ground deep asleep. This was unquestionably a soul technique. This technique was so unfathomable that the experts from the five clans tremble from it! Because those that were dispatched were experts secondary to the five commanders. Many guards standing on the ships were much weaker.

They knew that if this large-scale soul technique was casted on them, they would easily be swept!

Did they not see how even the group of experts from Starlight World fell down completely as well? Clearly, numbers were not of a concern before this technique.

“What should we do?”

“Elder Fu Chen has fallen prey to the technique without any means of retaliating. Which of us can actually resist then?”

“Such technique is too terrifying.”

The experts from the five clans were frightened.

Even the five commanders were similarly feeling uneasy. They looked at one another on each of their ships and were rapidly discussing about what they should do.

“Elder Brothers, Elder Fu Chen and the others have fallen to the technique without any means of retaliating. The five of us have stepped into the Emperor rank! Compared to them, our souls have undergone a qualitative transformation. Thus, I believe that we will not fall prey to the technique that easily.” Of the five commanders, that snake-tailed girl transmitted, “In many of the worlds, including those of the Death Destruction Clan, I haven’t heard of anyone who could cause an Emperor to fall into a deep sleep with a single technique.”

“Right. It is impossible for him to inflict the same outcome on us.”

“We have all stepped into the Emperor rank.”

They were all discussing about it.


It was an incredibly high rank in both the Death Destruction Clan and the Natives. The so-called Supremes were only Emperors that reached a grand perfection realm.

Like ‘His Majesty Blood Flame Ji’ whom Xue Ying met in the past had not reached the Emperor rank yet. Hence, he could not fight against the ‘Grand Elder’ on the sky-floating island.

Reaching the ‘Emperor rank’, only then could one be qualified to be known as a commander of a clan.

“But for so many experts to fall prey to the technique, this white-robed young man’s soul technique is extremely frightening. Even though we could resist against it, our strength would most likely fall by 30% to 40%.” The snake-tailed girl continued speaking, “In the Starlight World, the Starlight Master can borrow the strength of his clan, boosting his power significantly. He could fight against the five of us just by himself. The moment our strength suffers from a decrease, we might not be the opponents of Starlight Master any longer.”

“Right now, we no longer have sufficient superiority.”


“Let us retreat first and report to the Emperor.”

The experts from the five clans felt slightly uneasy. They did not have the fighting spirit to continue.

Very soon.

“Sou sou sou sou sou…”

The ships began penetrating through the void and left this place.

“Starlight Master.” A dimmed figure remained in midair. It was also the incarnation of that snake-tailed girl. She spoke, “The few of us have come on the orders of Great Emperor North River. You best return our people, that-”

“You don’t have to say anymore.”

Starlight Master simply cut her off. He shouted, “Since they have been captured alive by us, we will naturally not release them! During this period, you guys have invaded into our Starlight World, killing so many of our clansmen. It is considered benevolent for us not to enslave or kill them all! I wish for you guys to obediently retreat. If you attack us again, don’t blame us for being merciless.”

The snake-tailed girl stared at Starlight Master.

She understood that previously when the five clans attacked the Starlight World, they were too ruthless. Everything had been done according to the orders of Great Emperor North River-to wipe out the Starlight Clan! Naturally, they did not show any mercy when fighting. Hence, it would be almost impossible now that they wished for the enemies to return the captives.

“I wonder what are the conditions you require in order for them to be released.” The snake-tailed girl said.

“As long as Great Emperor North River personally sends an imperial edict that states clearly for the Starlight Clan to remain independent, and for him not to attack my Starlight World from thus.” Starlight Master said. As long as it was an imperial edict personally written by Great Emperor North River, he would not dare to violate it against his reputation.

“This request of yours is quite high.” The snake-tailed girl muttered.

With the temper of Great Emperor North River, how would he ever write such an imperial edit?

“The conditions are given. It’s for you all to choose!” Starlight Master roared, “Right now, aren’t you leaving the Starlight World?”

Saying that, Starlight Master waved his hand.


The distant void rippled, causing the incarnation of that snake-tailed girl to dissipate. She was also being silent in the face of these.

Given the strength of Starlight Master, he could clearly sense that the enemies had left the Starlight World.

“The experts from the five clans have left.” Starlight Master announced, “The enemies have retreated.”

“We have won!”

“Retreated! They have all retreated!”

“Victory is ours!”

Many clansmen from the Starlight Clan were excitedly cheering. Even though they knew it was only a temporary relief from the danger, it was still something they looked forward to a very long time ago.

And this time, they even captured enemies as hostages! Those were practically half the top experts in the five clans. With this batch of slaves, the five clans would restrain themselves further! ‘Great Emperor North River’ might not care about the lives of his subordinates, but the five commanders under Great Emperor North River were considered quite highly ranked. They had many friends, and the other subordinates of Great Emperor North River would have to show some respect to them. It was impossible for them to continue attacking their world amidst the possibility of getting the captives killed.

Unless Great Emperor North River gave an order!

“We have captured some enemies, and we still have Younger Brother Flying Snow around.” Starlight Master looked at Xue Ying excitedly, “Younger Brother Flying Snow, I would not have thought that just lending you a helping hand in the past would lead you here to save my entire clan.”

Xue Ying chuckled: “To me, it is similarly as simple as lifting my hands.”

When Starlight Master heard that, he laughed: “Alright. I shall not talk about this anymore. I’ll remember this huge favor of yours. Oh, that’s right, previously when you executed your technique, even the experts from my Starlight Clan fall prey to it. Does it mean you could not distinguish between enemies and allies with your technique?”

“No no, why can’t it do so?” Xue Ying shook his head with a smile, “The techniques executed by us cultivators are quite exquisite. It is impossible for me to commit such a mistake. Previously, the reason why I executed my technique on everyone is because I was worried that the experts from your clan might kill the experts from the five clans, and that’ll be a pity.”

“Haha, that’s true. During a life and death battle, this soul technique of yours came so silently. The experts from my Starlight Clan might not even have the time to stop.” Starlight Master was enlightened, “That’s good. We have captured all of them, and this is a positive matter to my Starlight Clan. At least it prevents the enemies from easily waging another war.”

“Monarch.” A silver-haired elder said softly from the side, “With such a huge victory at hand, and for Monarch Flying Snow to save our entire clan, I believe it is due time for us to celebrate!”

“Yes, we should. Let us celebrate this occasion!” Starlight Master laughed. He simply pulled along Xue Ying, “Younger Brother Flying Snow, from now on, you are the benefactor of my entire Starlight Clan.”

And in the distant.

The Starlight Clan princess who stood together with her mother looked at Xue Ying from afar. Her eyes were very bright. She mumbled: “Flying Snow… is this fate?”


At another place.

The experts from the five clans boarded the ships and traveled through the void. Soon, they arrived at the ‘North River World’.

“We have not only fail to lay siege to the world. So many of our experts have been captured. Right now, we are out of ideas and can only report to the Emperor about it.” The five commanders were slightly anxious. They were worried about the experts of their clans that had befallen into the hands of the enemies.

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