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Lord Xue Ying (Web Novel) - Chapter 1223 - 36 God Generals

Chapter 1223: 36 God Generals

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The five commanders arrived before the palace door of a towering palace in the North River World.

“Brother Sky Dust.” One of the five commanders, an eight-armed giant said, “Would you please convey the message that we want to meet the Emperor?”


The one standing guard before the palace door was a silver-haired male. He had similarly stepped into the Emperor rank. Otherwise, he would not be qualified to guard the entire North River God Palace alone. This silver-haired male chuckled, “Weren’t your five clans attacking the Starlight World? Being commanders, you guys should be leading your troops, so why have you come here?”

“Don’t talk about it anymore. A mysterious expert popped out in that Starlight World, causing us to suffer from huge losses.” The eight-armed giant said, “Brother Sky Dust, it is better for you to pass on the message.”

“Alright, I’ll do it right at this instance.” An incarnation condensed out from the silver-haired male, which then rushed into the god palace.

Before a violet parterre.

There was a green-robed man standing with his hands folded. He seemed to be silently observing these flowers. One could see serenity in his deep eyes. Even as he stood there, others could feel a frighteningly desolate killing aura coming from him!

The reputation of ‘Great Emperor North River’ was carved out of bones.

When he fought, sword rays would fill the world like the Milky Way, incredibly bright and resplendent. He killed his way until everyone was forced to lower their heads in submission. Even in the wager between the four Great Emperors under Supreme Vast Ancient, Great Emperor North River had consecutively defeated the other three Emperors! As a result, he became a terrifying existence just second only to Supreme Vast Ancient in this region governed by Supreme Vast Ancient. With an order, he was able to force countless worlds into submission for him.


A stream of light came in from afar. It was the incarnation of that silver-haired male. He respectfully greeted: “Emperor.”

“What’s the matter?” Great Emperor North River remained watching the flowers sentimentally. He spoke with an indifferent tone.

“Fiery Pupa and the other four commanders have asked to meet you.” The silver-haired male said.

“Oh? Let them in.” Great Emperor North River ordered.


The incarnation of that silver-haired male left after that.

Just a few breaths of time later.

The five commanders arrived. They bowed-all of them were trembling in fear and trepidation: “Greetings Emperor.”

Only then did Great Emperor North River turn. He looked at the five of them calmly: “Aren’t the five of you participating in a campaign? Have you came because of some unforeseen circumstances?”

“Yes.” The ugly scarlet-skinned male replied respectfully, “Our five clans have attacked the Starlight World according to the plan. It progressed incredibly smoothly when all of a sudden, a white-robed young man called Monarch Flying Snow appeared. He specializes in the terrifying soul technique. With just a thought, he has forced a total of 30 apex experts dispatched by our clans into sleep. Currently, this large batch of experts from our five clans have fallen into captive. When facing his soul technique, quantity is useless! The five of us might be confident of resisting his soul technique, but our strength will be significantly diminished. At the same time, we would suffer from the joint attack from Starlight Master and several combat formations. It is certain that we would be on the disadvantaged end. And given that our subordinates are in danger of dying, we chose to retreat temporarily.”

“There are no Emperors within the 30 experts captured, am I right?” Great Emperor North River stated.

“Yes, there are no Emperors.” The scarlet-skinned ugly male replied.

“Wind Smoke.” Great Emperor North River said.

At that moment, an unseen fog condensed into an enchanting silver-armored girl by his side. This silver-armored enchantress bowed respectfully: “Emperor.”

“Have you heard of this name, Monarch Flying Snow?” Great Emperor North River asked.

The silver-armored enchantress was slightly surprised. She soon composed herself and answered: “We have never heard of this expert in our Broken Tooth Mountain Range, but there is a very famous Monarch Flying Snow in the Realm Heart Great Land! He was once termed as the ‘Heaven’s Will Daoist’. Just by himself, he is able to intimidate all devils across the Realm Heart Great Land. He even disrupted the affairs of that Undying Underworld Emperor, causing him to rage and unravel the identity of the Heaven’s Will Daoist. Undying Underworld Emperor even swept across a large swathe of region with his strength as a result. In the end, that Great Paragon Flying Snow relied on the arrays of his city before repelling Undying Underworld Emperor successfully.”

“Judging from this, Great Paragon Flying Snow should be at the level-two Cosmos God realm. Hearsay it was his Chaotic Origin Weapon that gave him his strength. As for his personal strength, it isn’t worth mentioning.” The silver-haired enchantress explained.

Being one of the nine great God Generals that followed along Great Emperor North River at all times, she was responsible for collecting intelligence from all sources.


The spreading of news happened quite quickly be it in the Realm Heart Great Land or across the Natives!

Instead, it was incredibly slow for news to spread within the ‘Death Destruction Clan’. Almost 99% of their members were like wild beasts. Even those with higher intelligence would spread the news via ‘voice transmissions’. Like the ‘Emperors’ of sky-floating islands, most of them rarely leave their sky-floating islands! Hence, they rarely interacted with the outer world.

Even though Xue Ying had swept across quite a few sky-floating islands and all Death Destruction clansmen on it with his Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm killing move, his infamy did not spread.

Instead, it was after giving a small demonstration of his skills before the Natives! And the strongest expert he dealt with was merely a ‘King’, yet the news had reached Great Emperor North River!

“Starlight Master once went to help him?” Great Emperor North River softly nodded, “It seems that should be Monarch Flying Snow.”

“This is the appearance of Monarch Flying Snow.” The silver-armored enchantress waved her hands, causing the appearance of the young man to appear.

“That’s him.”

“Right, that’s him.”

The eyes of the five commanders brightened.

Great Emperor North River softly nodded: “He is quite brave to dare become enemies with me without disguising his appearances! Since your five clans are insufficient, it is fine to dispatch more experts to help the few of you!”

“Monarch, our five clans have 30 peak experts being captured alive. If we were to attack, the Starlight Clan might just…” One of the five commanders, a three-eyed man hurriedly added.

“That’s enough.” Great Emperor North River coldly uttered. His gaze turned cold, and it felt like a cold sword had pierced its way over.

The three-eyed man cowered down and no longer dared to speak.

They had followed after Great Emperor North River for an incredibly long period, and knew of the temper of Great Emperor North River.

“There must not be any accidents in the campaign.” Great Emperor North River coldly declared, “No matter who it is, none can obstruct me.”

He was the newest Great Emperor.

Yet now, he was the strongest! Why? That’s because he was ruthless. He was ruthless to himself, and he was ruthless to his subordinates!

After all, not just him or the highly-regarded ‘Supremes’, everyone was in reality still at the Emperor rank! The Supremes had merely reached grand perfection in the Emperor rank. If a large group of powerful ‘Emperors’ worked together, they could fight against a Supreme! The gap in their strength was not too great. Hence, with sufficient quantity, it was possible to mitigate this gap.

Like Great Emperor North River for instance. The territory he originally governed had been completely subdued by him! The experts from those territories had to listen to his orders. They even formed the ’36 God Generals’.

With the 36 God Generals, they were able to fight against a Supreme!

Only he, Great Emperor North River, was able to do this.

The other Great Emperors were too lacking in the way they governed their territories. Most of the Native Worlds would only follow their orders on the surface, yet in reality, they were still living by themselves! Hence, the other three Great Emperors under ‘Supreme Vast Ancient’ could never commandeer their experts as good as how Great Emperor North River did his.

“By relying on the collective effort of sufficient experts, that was how I could gather more resources and finally rank first among the four Emperors!”

“And only by scheming during the wager battle did I succeed in snatching the territories left by the death of Great Emperor Glorious Earth.”

“If I could completely occupy these territories, my power would greatly increase even further.”

Great Emperor North River thought.

He was not afraid of Supreme Vast Ancient! Even if they fought one on one, he would merely be on the disadvantaged end. Furthermore, he even had 36 loyal God Generals.

It was definitely be much easier for him to conquer a large region if he took it slow. But Great Emperor North River was not that patient! Currently, he was confident of his strength. His 36 God Generals were also sufficiently powerful and could force their way through by conquering the regions. The reason why he ‘delayed’ until now was because he planned on relying on those invasions to temper more experts.

Only during life and death battles could experts have a higher chance of awakening their bloodlines.

“Monarch Flying Snow?” Great Emperor North River did not place this man in his eyes.

None could obstruct his path.

He was destined to be the third Supreme of the Natives!

“Things are becoming troublesome.” The five commanders exchanged glances. They felt slightly helpless as they could feel how intense the willpower of Great Emperor North River was this time. Nobody could stop him from what he wanted!

“It is useless even if I send more weaklings against a soul technique.” Great Emperor North River apathetically commented, “Gluttonous Cloud, Wind Smoke, both you brother and sister, go find ‘God General Skeletal Dragon’ along. You three God Generals will help the five commanders to collect the Starlight World! There is no need to grind the Starlight World down.”

When the five commanders heard of the two God Generals-Gluttonous Cloud and Wind Smoke, they were still calm.

But hearing the name ‘God General Skeletal Dragon’ made them shudder unknowingly.

“God General Skeletal Dragon?”

“The Emperor clearly plans on acquiring a clean victory!” The five commanders were shocked.

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