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Lord Xue Ying (Web Novel) - Chapter 1224 - Who is Monarch Flying Snow?

Chapter 1224: Who is Monarch Flying Snow?

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God General Wind Smoke was a silver-armored enchantress while God General Gluttonous Cloud was a black-armored muscular man. Both of them were indeed blood-related siblings, and were both respectively the 15th God General and 29th God General within the 36 God Generals respectively.

One had to know.

The 36 God Generals were chosen from many Emperors in the worlds occupied by Great Emperor North River! All of them were incredibly amazing. The five commanders of the clans were mere initial Emperors and were not qualified to be chosen as one of the 36 God Generals.

“God General Hai Long?” God General Gluttonous Cloud and God General Wind Smoke turned to each other. They were not too familiar with God General Hai Long.

God General Hai Long.

He was also the ‘2nd God General’ in the 36 God Generals. With the identity of God General Hai Long, it was impossible for him to become a personal guard of Great Emperor North River. Even though there were nine God Generals standing guard by the side of Great Emperor North River all-year round, most of them were ranked slightly inferior. As for those ranked in the top five, Great Emperor North River had to conduct some transactions or rely on other ways before getting their willingness to follow him. Most of the time, these five God Generals were free. Only during battles would these God Generals act.

“Go, go and meet God General Hai Long. Let him lead the few of you into the Starlight World.” Great Emperor North River ordered.

He could not allow for any accidents to happen!

This campaign had to be conducted clean and efficiently!


God General Wind Smoke, God General Gluttonous Cloud, and the five commanders acknowledged.

God General Wind Smoke, God General Gluttonous Cloud, and the five commanders boarded a huge ship and left the North River World. They traveled through the void and soon arrived at the Skeletal World.


Even though the Skeletal World was also governed by Great Emperor North River! But because God General Skeletal Dragon was sufficiently powerful, he still had his freedom. Only ‘God General Skeletal Dragon’ would be occasionally dispatched! After all, it was still quite difficult given the identity of Great Emperor North River to dispatch God General Skeletal Dragon.

In a towering palace built from white bones.

‘God General Skeletal Dragon’ was a handsome young man. He currently wore armor made of bones and was eating all sorts of bones placed before him. ‘Crunch, crunch, crunch’, he easily chewed those bones before consuming them.

Surrounding him, there were many protectors of the Skeletal Clan standing by.

When God General Gluttonous Cloud and the group of people arrived to visit him.

God General Skeletal Dragon had just finished the enormous pot of bones placed before him. He immediately stood up and said: “I’ve just finished my meal. Go, let us pay that Starlight World a visit.”

The huge ship left the Skeletal World.

“Sister Wind Smoke, every time I see you again, I find that you are becoming more and more beautiful.” God General Skeletal Dragon chuckled, “Sister Wind Smoke, how about becoming my wife? My Skeletal Clan is currently missing a mistress!”

“Every single time I meet Second Brother, Second Brother will tease me.” God General Wind Smoke helplessly replied.

“It’s a pity that I liked Sister Wind Smoke yet Sister Wind Smoke doesn’t regard me highly enough.” God General Skeletal Dragon sighed. He turned to God General Gluttonous Cloud by the side, “Gluttonous Cloud, help me talk to your sister.”

“It is impossible for me to persuade her.” God General Gluttonous Cloud muttered, “Second Brother should know that my sister could control me but not the other way around.”

“Truly useless!” God General Skeletal Dragon snorted, “I feel ashamed of you.”

God General Wind Smoke and God General Gluttonous Cloud were both helpless.

They were actually not that close to God General Skeletal Dragon. It’s just that ‘God General Skeletal Dragon’ had a weird habit. Whenever he met a female God General, he would ask her to be his wife! But any woman who could become a God General was someone extraordinary. Hence, it was near impossible to move her heart.

They were chatting on the ship happily, and soon, they arrived at the Starlight World, heading in the direction of the Starlight Capital.

Within Starlight Capital.

The members of the Starlight Clan were currently celebrating. They knew it was only a short respite since the powerful ‘Great Emperor North River’ was still present! But they had felt repressed for far too long. They were in despair, panicking about whether they could survive. It was rare for them to obtain such a huge victory and to even capture such a huge batch of prisoners! Hence, they were currently celebrating with all they could! Most of the apex experts from the Starlight Clan and ‘Starlight Master’ were even crowding around Xue Ying.

They were enjoying the wine and the company they had with one another.

“They won’t dare to attack us again that easily. Unless they do not care about the lives of those prisoners.”

“Hmph hmph, if they want us to die, those captives must die first.”

“With the help provided by Monarch Flying Snow, it is impossible for them to win so easily.”

They were all loudly speaking.

Xue Ying watched from the side. He sighed inwardly in his heart. When he first arrived, these elders and generals were all saying about how ‘if the enemies planned on wiping them, more than half the enemies would have to die’! They were all in a life and death struggle without any thoughts of securing a victory! And now, even though it was slightly better-they saw some hope, their hearts were still filled with unease.

They had no choice. The infamy of Great Emperor North River had long rooted itself in the hearts of every Natives.

‘Starlight Master once helped me. This time, I plan on helping him back all the way to the end too!’ Starlight Master thought.

To him.

He was indeed unafraid of the Death Destruction Clan and the Natives. Because even the most terrifying clan could not enter the Realm Heart Great Land! They were limited by the law left by ‘Yuan’. And most of the time, only initial Emperors could enter the Realm Heart Great Land. At this level, they would simply fall to his Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm killing technique in one single move!

“Not good.” The expression of Starlight Master abruptly changed.

“Why?” The crowd that was currently celebrating in the hall all turned to Starlight Master. Xue Ying looked over too.

Starlight Master became ashen grey. Being the master of this Starlight World, he discovered the presence of the enemies when ‘God General Skeletal Dragon’ and the rest entered the Starlight World on their ship.


Starlight Master waved his hand, causing a scene to appear in midair.

It was that huge ship.

The huge ship had a total of eight figures. Standing at the head of the ship was a young man in bone armor and two other people. They were none other than God General Skeletal Dragon, God General Wind Smoke, and God General Gluttonous Cloud. Behind the three of them stood the other five commanders.

There were only eight of them-they did not bring any subordinates! Because they were clear those who were weaker would be swept away easily before the soul technique.

“This is-”

The expressions on Starlight Master, the nine Elders and the group of apex experts became ugly. Both the wife and daughter of Starlight Master also paled.

“God General Wind Smoke, God General Gluttonous Cloud, and… God General Skeletal Dragon! God General Skeletal Dragon actually came this time! They have truly regarded my Starlight World highly.” Starlight Master’s body was shaking. If they were outside, without the energy from the clan augmenting him, God General Skeletal Dragon could easily defeat him! And even with the strengthening from the clan energy, he could barely compete with the weakest God General Wind Smoke.

How could they fight then?

“Prepare to face the enemy!” Starlight Master gritted his teeth and shouted. No matter what, they had to resist.

“He is ruthless. Great Emperor North River is incredibly ruthless!”

“It seems he completely disregards the lives of those captives.”

“For him to send God General Skeletal Dragon over and deal with our Starlight World.”

The nine elders and the group of people were all mad.

“Sou sou sou…”

They all rapidly traveled to the entrance of the city. Standing in midair, they were all currently illuminated by the starlight. Xue Ying also stood by the side of Starlight Master watching along with everyone. He had once obtained the intelligence provided by the Blood Flame Clan and knew of the 36 God Generals under the famous Great Emperor North River! Xue Ying was quite curious about them.

Previously, the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm killing technique which he executed was dealt against the Emperors from the Death Destruction Clans. He wondered if there would be any difference in using it against the Natives! Though it seemed from first impression that the Natives, even though their intelligence might be higher than those from the Death Destruction Clan, their spirituality cultivation was still far lacking as compared to the cultivators. They merely relied on their bloodline to resist against the soul technique.

“They are here.”

“It’s God General Skeletal Dragon.”

“Get ready to fight with your life! In the worst case scenario, we would just do it according to the final plan-which is to escape.” Starlight Master and the elders transmitted back and forth silently. Their eyes were filled with signs of madness.

This was their home! They would absolutely not give it up easily. They had to fight until the very last moment!


That huge ship traveled through the void and appeared just outside Starlight Capital. As it stopped there, an unseen pressure covered the entirety of the Starlight Clan, causing them to feel uneasy. Even though they knew ‘Great Emperor North River’ was a terrifying existence, they would not have thought that just after securing a victory, three out of the legendary 36 God Generals would come.

“Oh, the Starlight Clan is quite daring!” Standing at the head of the ship, that young man in bone armor swept his gaze across before casually continuing, “Who is Monarch Flying Snow?”

Xue Ying stood forward and said with a smile: “I am Monarch Flying Snow!”

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