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Lord Xue Ying (Web Novel) - Chapter 1225 - Dealing against Emperors

Chapter 1225: Dealing against Emperors

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God General Skeletal Dragon examined Xue Ying. The edge of his lips curled up in ridicule: “You are a cultivator from the Realm Heart Great Land. Instead of focusing on your cultivation, you come to the Broken Tooth Mountain Range to intervene in the affairs of us Natives. You are quite daring. Cultivators from the Realm Heart Great Land have always been careful whenever they entered the mountain range. Only you dared to be so unbridled! Even though we God Generals could not break the membrane and enter the Realm Heart Great Land, we can still easily dispatch initial Emperors into the Realm Heart Great Land!”

“Oh, then I shall wait and see.” Xue Ying remained smiling calmly.

God General Skeletal Dragon frowned when he saw that. He sneered: “Why, do you think you are powerful just because you relied on the arrays of your Flying Snow City?”

Xue Ying did not elaborate.

Initial Emperors?

They were merely at the standard of the Grand Elder on the first sky-floating island he ventured! Judging from his own experience, even though the Natives were more intelligent than the Death Destruction Clan as a whole, there was still a gap between their ‘spirituality cultivation’ compared to the cultivators. Xue Ying was not afraid of initial Emperors at all.

“You have many avatars, and just by relying on your Flying Snow City made you so arrogant. Why don’t you think twice about how weak you are.” God General Skeletal Dragon could not be bothered to say more. The elites of the Natives truly belittled cultivators from the Realm Heart Great Land.

They had the bloodline of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms, ensuring that they were different from others innately-they were very powerful at birth.

God General Skeletal Dragon’s gaze landed on Starlight Master and the group of elders: “Starlight, don’t complain that this Emperor hasn’t given you a chance to live. Right now, I am giving you two choices.”

Starlight Master and the group of experts from Starlight Clan felt their mind wavering.

Two choices?

It seemed Great Emperor North River still cared about the lives of those captives.

“The first choice is if you plan on resisting still, I’ll wipe out your Starlight Clan completely. Hmph hmph, there are too many bloodlines. It is due time for a weak little bloodline like the Starlight Bloodline to be wiped out from the world so that the more powerful one can continue existing.” God General Skeletal Dragon indifferently mentioned, “I am for sure happy if you choose this.”

The higher-ups of the Starlight Clan felt grievous and indignant, yet they could only endure.

Xue Ying sighed inwardly by the side.

“The second choice is for you to pledge your loyalty to the Emperor! Furthermore, Starlight Master and the nine elders have to proceed to the North River World and listen to the orders of the Emperor. At the same time, you must hand over the captives. The Emperor can guarantee the continued survival of your Starlight Clan in this world. He will also only dispatch 10 experts from your Starlight World at the most in the future.” God General Skeletal Dragon said.


“You are dreaming!”

“Then let us battle. We are prepared. If we can’t survive, all 30 captives will be killed.”

The Starlight Clan roared out angrily at this moment.

This was something they could not accept! Why did they cultivate? To be free! To remain unfettered! Who was willing to be enslaved by Great Emperor North River? If they agreed, then the Starlight Clan would remain under the control of Great Emperor North River for eternity.

“Foolish. You are all seeking death. Does your Starlight Clan plan on seeking extinction?” The five commanders were all anxious because 30 peak experts from their clans were captured, and they were not willing to see everyone die because of the obstinate attitude of the other party. But they did not dare disobey against Great Emperor North River. Hence, they prayed for the Starlight clan to give in.

“The moment you resist, your clan will definitely be destroyed!”

“Starlight Master, are you afraid of death? Just by sacrificing ten of your experts, your entire clan can remain free!”

The commanders of the five clans shouted out directly.

“What a joke. Clan extinction? Just with you all?” Starlight Master angrily retorted.

“If we plan on escaping, we would have left the Starlight Clan. It is just that we aren’t too willing to leave our home.” The elders similarly retorted back.

“Younger Brother Flying Snow, just as we mentioned earlier, the moment we fail to resist against the enemies, I’ll have to trouble you to bring two divisions from my Starlight Clan into the Realm Heart Great Land with your Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique.” Starlight Master announced. He felt disdainful of even hiding this.

“Rest assured. I’ll definitely do it.” Xue Ying nodded.

The moment they failed to resist the enemies.

The weak clansmen would form into different teams and start escaping! Previously during the celebration, Starlight Master had already requested Xue Ying for help.

Actually, there were many weak Natives clansmen that had escaped into the Realm Heart Great Land in history. It’s just that they had concealed their identities and cultivators would usually not know about it! For instance, ‘Great Emperor North River’ had escaped into the Realm Heart Great Land when he was weak.


The cultivations of the Natives and Death Destruction Clan depend highly on the environment.

The Death Destruction Clan would usually remain on the sky-floating islands for most of the time! It was comparatively easier for them to improve on the islands. It was to the extent that they could reproduce only on the islands!

Similarly, Natives could only form in the Native Worlds within Broken Tooth Mountain Range. If they were to enter the Realm Heart Great Land, it was impossible for them to leave behind any descendents! It was due to the strand of Chaotic Origin Lifeform bloodlines in their bodies. Furthermore, if they were to lose their hometown worlds, it would be a thousand times harder to grow, unless they had some heaven-defying treasures.

For instance, His Majesty Blood Flame Ji and the remaining few elites of the Blood Flame Clan had to stake everything just to acquire the Spiritual Yin Fruit. But the difficulty of acquiring such precious materials was very high.

Without being able to reproduce as well as having to use a thousand times more effort just to grow stronger, over time, the clansmen would scatter apart. They would rather just enter the world of Realm Heart Great Land, or to stealthily sneak into other Native Worlds, assimilating there. This was the reason why clans would eventually disintegrate and disappear once they lose their home worlds.

“Truly fools that do not know your strengths.” God General Skeletal Dragon coldly laughed. God General Wind Smoke and God General Gluttonous Cloud both shook their heads slightly too.

“It is time for the five of you to act.” God General Skeletal Dragon said, “Just kill all you want! I want to see how long can this Starlight Clan hold on for.”


The five commanders were both angry and anxious.

“Starlight, there is still sufficient time for you to beg for mercy now!” The red-skinned ugly male shouted.

“Beg for mercy? Hmph hmph.” Starlight Master chuckled coldly.

“Hurry up and attack!” God General Skeletal Dragon frowned and urged them.

The five commanders exchanged glances.



The five of them were filled with fury. They were confident of destroying the Starlight Clan because they had three God Generals supporting them from the back! But what they foresee would be that the 30 peak experts from their five clans would similarly be killed by the Starlight Clan.

“Hong hong hong hong hong!”

The five commanders were all incredibly powerful. If they were at their home worlds, they would be as strong as Starlight Master. Nonetheless, even without the augmentation from the World Energy, the five of them were quite powerful when they worked together.

“Just fall for me!” The eyes of Xue Ying flashed.

A terrifying Mirage and Illusory Realm suddenly descended. It was resplendent and including a myriad different world appearances. This illusion started arousing all kinds of deep desires within the hearts of the five commanders, allowing them to feel as if everything they sought for could be acquired with just a single touch! Their souls were being hauled downwards under the invisible energy. Only that three-eyed man’s third eye remained flashing brightly. His face which was originally bewitched, began showing signs of struggle. He widened his eyes and barely let out a shout: “Save me, save me!”

As for the other four, including the eight-armed giant, the snake-tailed girl… even though their aura had been released and they had started charging their attacks, following the descent of the illusory realm, energy soon dissipated from their hands. They started falling down onto the ground entirely intoxicated and continued flying due to inertia.

The number one killing technique of the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm-Illusory Realm World, Resplendent!

The world was so resplendent it could bewitch people!

Within an instance, four out of the five commanders fell down powerlessly. Only the three-eyed man remained barely conscious.

And right before Xue Ying executed his technique, he had transmitted to Starlight Master by the side: “Brother Starlight, I’ll be using my soul technique against them. Even if they did not fall, their strength would be greatly diminished. You just have to strike and capture them as soon as possible!”

Starlight Master was originally filled with suspicions.

He could deal against Kings. And now, could he deal against Emperors? There was a qualitative transformation in the souls of Natives and Death Destruction members once they broke through to the Emperor rank, and the Emperor rank was also their highest rank.

“What! They, they all truly fell down?” Starlight Master was stunned. This was unprecedented! Never had there been Emperors falling before a soul technique! If not for Xue Ying’s premature reminder, Starlight Master would definitely not be able to react in time. Fortunately, because of the reminder, Starlight Master was still able to strike out in a timely manner, capturing the five commanders using a huge palm condensed from starlight.

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