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Lord Xue Ying (Web Novel) - Chapter 1226 - The Outcome of the God Generals

Chapter 1226: The Outcome of the God Generals

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Of the five commanders, only the three-eyed commander was able to maintain a slither of consciousness. He felt as if he had entered an enormous maelstrom. Beneath the maelstrom was the world which he was bewitched. How he wished he could just let things go and simply fall into that illusory world! But rationality told him that the moment he gave in, he would be doomed; his life would be under the control of someone else.

He struggled. But no matter how much he tried, he could only maintain a strand of consciousness. Even his speed of flying had become incredibly slow. Furthermore, he was currently located in the Starlight World. The presence of the starlight suppressing down prevented him from teleporting.

Fly slowly?

“Hu.” An enormous starlight palm engulfed his way and easily grabbed the three-eyed commander as well as the four other commanders.

At this moment, the three-eyed commander was so weak that a King could easily suppress him. Indeed, he could not retaliate at all before ‘Starlight Master’ who had been powered up by his hometown World Energy.

“This, how could this be possible?” God General Skeletal Dragon, God General Wind Smoke, and God General Gluttonous Cloud were dumbstruck.

Oh god.

This was unprecedented!

They were completely dumbstruck by what had happened! Because they were clear how big the gap was between Kings and Emperors. This qualitative transformation of the soul would result in a marked difference between Kings and Emperors. Even though Emperors would still grow stronger gradually, their soul strength would remain relatively constant. Even ‘grand perfection Emperors’-the Supremes-had souls slightly stronger than these initial Emperors. The only advantage they had was in their superior willpower.

After all, anyone who could become a Supreme would have incredibly strong willpower.

“Not good.” God General Skeletal Dragon, God General Wind Smoke, and God General Gluttonous Cloud saw as a huge palm made from starlight came and grabbed the five commanders. Only then did the three god generals react.

But battles at their levels were fast!

The moment they reacted, the five commanders had been captured.

“What should we do?”

“Should we continue fighting back?”

The three god generals including God General Skeletal Dragon hesitated at that juncture.

They were only Emperors and were of the same rank as the five commanders who had fallen prey to the enemies! Of the five commanders, four had fallen instantaneously, with one barely keeping his consciousness, though his strength had been reduced to a stage that is simply negligible! In that case, what could they, the three god generals do against such a frightening soul technique? Their souls were slightly stronger than the five commanders, and only their will powers had a greater advantage.

But it seemed that even if they did not fall, their strength would suffer from a drastic reduction!

“This Monarch Flying Snow is strong to this extent? This is simply unprecedented! There had never been a soul technique that Emperors could not defend from.” The three god generals including God General Skeletal Dragon turned to the distant white-robed young man. They felt complex.

Just a single move.

And the three god generals lost their original confidence. They were originally disdainful of all cultivators from the Realm Heart Great Land. But at this moment, they no longer dared to have such thinking.

“We should hurry off. Only one of the five commanders is able to maintain consciousness. Even though I believe we could still stay awake before his soul technique, we would be greatly weakened! Second Brother, your strength would most likely fall to a level equivalent to the Starlight Master. As for my sister and I? We might not even be able to defeat the combat formations formed by those elders.” God General Gluttonous Cloud anxiously transmitted.

“There’s no need to panic. Even that three-eyed servant could stay awake, so there’s no need for us to be afraid of him. The few of you should retreat first. I would want to personally experience how formidable this soul technique from Monarch Flying Snow is.” God General Skeletal Dragon ordered.

God General Skeletal Dragon was ranked second within the 36 God Generals.

Even across the entire Broken Teeth Mountain Range, he was ranked amongst the top. There was no need for him to escape even when facing Great Emperor North River!

“Alright, Second Brother, with your strength, you should be able to escape anytime you want. I doubt they can hold you back. My sister and I will first retreat.” God General Gluttonous Cloud transmitted.

“Be careful, Second Brother.” God General Wind Smoke added.

“Sou sou.” The two of them immediately left.


Xue Ying who initially stood there casually laughed. His Mirage and Illusory Realm abruptly expanded. One had to know that even in a suppressed environment on the sky-floating island, he could still maintain the Mirage and Illusory Realm at a distance spanning 150 million kilometers. Over here at the Native World, it did not suffer from any restriction. Hence, with a thought, he could easily cover more than half the world. God General Wind Smoke and God General Gluttonous Cloud could only fly at high speed under the illumination from the endless starlight. How could they escape out of the area of influence from the illusory realm?


The terrifying Mirage and Illusory Realm easily engulfed God General Wind Smoke, God General Gluttonous Cloud, and God General Skeletal Dragon.

God General Wind Smoke’s eyes immediately went blank. He had fallen into it almost in the blink of an eye!

“Not good.” God General Gluttonous Cloud let out a savage look. He gritted his teeth and roared, though his eyes were filled with despair! Only when he suffered from this terrifying Mirage and Illusory Realm did he understand how scary it was. God General Gluttonous Cloud knew that they had still underestimated that Monarch Flying Snow. At this moment, God General Gluttonous Cloud was left with approximately 10% of his strength. This was even because of his slightly stronger fleshy body.

The Natives had different bloodline between different clans. They would also have differing strength. Some had exceptionally strong fleshy bodies, while some specialized in controlling the lightning.

God General Gluttonous Cloud could maintain a strand of consciousness. Even though he could still exert 10% of his strength…


Starlight Master sent one hand over to God General Skeletal Dragon, and another to grab God General Gluttonous Cloud.

“Monarch Flying Snow!” God General Skeletal Dragon roared. He wielded two sabers-one on each hand-and hacked down towards Starlight Master furiously. “Peng~” Under the enormous palm formed from starlight, even though God General Skeletal Dragon was focusing most of his attention on resisting the illusory realm, this technique which he executed barely still destroyed that starlight palm made from Starlight Master. He hurriedly retreated.


Another hand clashed against God General Gluttonous Cloud, causing God General Gluttonous Cloud to spurt out blood-he was heavily injured. At the same time, the group of elders immediately began moving in formations and killed their way over in high spirits. The combat formations they formed had reached the standard of initial Emperors. If this were ordinary times, how could they be qualified to battle against God General Gluttonous Cloud even when they were in formations? But now, they easily suppressed God General Gluttonous Cloud!

And there was still the additional help from Starlight Master’s palm.

“Peng peng peng”, just a breath of time later, God General Gluttonous Cloud was captured by that enormous palm.

“Damn.” God General Gluttonous Cloud was filled with grief and indignance. If not for the disturbance from the illusory realm, Starlight Master would only be equivalent to his strength by relying on his hometown World Energy. But now, his strength had suffered from a drastic decrease. He was even jointly attacked by several elders. A god general like him was actually captured alive?

As for his little sister God General Wind Smoke? She had long entered deep sleep and was captured.

“Hong, hong, hong-”

That God General Skeletal Dragon was still incredibly violent and furious. He continued battling with his twin sabers.

His strength ruled the battlefield, forcing those combat formations back. Only Starlight Master was sufficient to suppress him. Nonetheless, this upper hand held by Starlight Master could not injure God General Skeletal Dragon at all. No choice! The fleshy body of God General Skeletal Dragon was too powerful! Even though he suffered from the influence of Mirage and Illusory Realm, his fleshy body remained powerful.

“His fleshy body is too strong. He should most likely still have 30% his original strength.” Starlight Master transmitted to Xue Ying, “By relying on my hometown World Energy, he is approximately 60% to 70% of my current strength. I can’t capture him. Furthermore, as his fleshy body is too strong, I can’t injure him at all.”

Xue Ying was startled when he heard that.

This was at 30%?

If the other party regained his full strength, God General Skeletal Dragon should be stronger by an entire level than Emperor Summer and Undying Underworld Emperor! Nonetheless, given the profound techniques cultivators had, Emperor Summer and the rest might be disadvantaged, yet they should be able to survive easily.

“Monarch Flying Snow, very good, very good. I’ll remember you.” The distant God General Skeletal Dragon roared angrily. He was completely suppressed by Starlight Master and could not enter the Starlight Capital at all. He could only roar with unwillingness before leaving the place.

He felt humiliated.

He felt angry!

He was unwilling!

He, God General Skeletal Dragon, was someone even Great Emperor North River treated politely. This time, he actually failed in the hands of a cultivator from Realm Heart Great Land! Even though he could escape, the subordinates he brought-the five commanders and two other god generals had all been captured. This was a humiliation on God General Skeletal Dragon!

At the same time-

God General Skeletal Dragon also transmitted to Great Emperor North River: “Emperor! The five commanders, God General Wind Smoke, and God General Gluttonous Cloud have all been captured alive by the Starlight Clan!”

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