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Lord Xue Ying (Web Novel) - Chapter 1227 - Great Emperor North River

Chapter 1227: Great Emperor North River

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Xue Ying looked as that bone-armored young man escaped. Only after he escaped out to a region where the starlight energy was weaker did he tear through space and left the vicinity.

‘For him to be ranked second among the 36 God Generals, he should be ranked at the top of all experts even in the entire Broken Tooth Mountain Range.’ Xue Ying thought, ‘No wonder the two great clans in Broken Tooth Mountain Range, the Death Destruction Clan and Natives do not regard the cultivators highly. The gap is seriously too big.’

Saying that, there was a difference between the categories of strength the cultivators had with the two great clans in Broken Tooth Mountain Range-they were lacking the ‘Emperor’ rank!

‘Unparalleled existences’ in cultivators represented grand perfection King level! Because their techniques were sufficiently profound, they could barely fight against ‘initial Emperors’. Like Swordmaster, he could barely fight against that Grand Elder! And when the stronger ‘Emperor’ acted, Swordmaster relied on Xue Ying’s illusory realm did he survive. Even so, the greatly weakened ‘Emperor’ still made it hard for Swordmaster.

Emperor Summer, an existence who reached the final realm in two Daos and owned a supreme-graded secret treasure was only comparable to initial Emperors! By relying on his profound techniques, he was qualified to fight against ordinary ‘Emperors’ in the sky-floating islands. It was possible for him to survive when facing the low-graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms ‘eight Great Sages’ too.

Undying Underworld Emperor… if he ignited his heart blood, his strength would be comparable to God Generals. By relying on his profound techniques, he could fight against ‘God General Skeletal Dragon’.

‘In the entire Realm Heart Great Land, only Emperor Summer and Undying Underworld Emperor could fight against Emperors. As for other cultivators, they are all weaker by an entire level. How could the gap in strength be this drastic?’ Xue Ying shook his head.

“Younger Brother Flying Snow!” The excited voice of Starlight Master came from the side.

The nine elders from the Starlight Clan as well as the many apex generals and the clansmen were all looking at Xue Ying with great enthusiasm and excitement.

At the moment when Xue Ying was in a daze, feeling rueful about the gap between the cultivators and those from the Death Destruction Clan and Natives, the Starlight Clan were feeling grateful and admirable towards this cultivators ‘Monarch Flying Snow’. At the same time, they were shocked by him.

“Brother Starlight.” Xue Ying smiled and calmly answered.

“Previously, I felt that Younger Brother Flying Snow’s soul technique is too powerful! Yet who would have thought that I am still underestimating Younger Brother Flying Snow.” Starlight Master looked at Xue Ying. His eyes were filled with admiration, “Even Emperors would either fall prey to Younger Brother Flying Snow’s soul technique or become greatly weakened! This is truly amazing. Ever since the start of Realm Heart Great Land and the Broken Tooth Mountain Range, Younger Brother Flying Snow is still the first person to achieve this.”


Xue Ying’s soul technique could easily sweep aside most initial Emperors even if they were Natives.

That three-eyed commander had a slightly more special soul. That was why he could barely stay awake before the technique.

Even those on a higher level like the god generals did not have a resistance as great as the three-eyed commander! God General Wind Smoke for instance had simply fallen prey to the soul technique, and even God General Gluttonous Cloud was barely struggling against it. Only someone as dazzling as ‘God General Skeletal Dragon’ could maintain at 30% his original strength!

Xue Ying did not find it puzzling either. During those times when he was exploring the sky-floating islands, the ‘Emperors’ he encountered were mostly at the god general level. Even though the Death Destruction Clan was a clan with incredibly low intelligence, in terms of number, they had an overwhelming advantage in their Kings and Emperors. Even if they had slightly lower intelligence and cultivating upwards had a steep curve, three members still reached the supreme level! That was one more than the Natives.

Facing Xue Ying’s killing technique, most of those Emperors would simply fall asleep.

Only some of them could maintain consciousness. At that time, Xue Ying did not have a helper like ‘Starlight Master’. Hence, as long as the Emperor could maintain his consciousness, even with 10% to 20% of their original strength, they could easily snuff the avatar of Xue Ying.

‘Though the Death Destruction Clan isn’t united at all. Two sky-floating islands next to each other do not really interact much with one another. The Natives on the other hand, are comparatively more united and have better governance! The experts can rapidly convene as well. I wonder how that Great Emperor North River would react.’ Xue Ying thought.

“Younger Brother Flying Snow, how should we handle the five commanders and two god generals that are captured? Should we take away their communication treasures?” Starlight Master asked Xue Ying.

“Brother Starlight should decide it yourself. You don’t have to care about my opinions.” Xue Ying replied.

“Then I shall not take them away and let them communicate as they want.” Starlight Master looked forward to it, “When news of this battle spreads out, it’ll definitely make Younger Brother Flying Snow famous. I believe many worlds across the entire Broken Tooth Mountain Range would soon pay attention to you, and is definitely a good thing. There might be some incurred trouble, but those who could enter the Realm Heart Great Land are at most initial Emperors. They would not dare to go out. The moment they do so, they will simply fall prey to Younger Brother’s soul technique…”


Xue Ying laughed, “It is indeed a good affair for this to spread out.”

The cultivators were disdained upon in Broken Tooth Mountain Range.

If his name were to spread across the Broken Tooth Mountain Range and reach a relatively high status, then it would be comparatively easier for him to collect various intelligence. It would be greatly helpful for him in seeking places in the Broken Tooth Mountain Range that were useful to his cultivation.

“Following this, I am worried that Great Emperor North River will personally come.” Starlight Master said, “According to my understanding, the four Great Emperors under Supreme Vast Ancient are all comparable to Great Sages of the Chaotic Origin Lifeforms! And judging from the recent gambling match, Great Emperor North River is ranked first among the four Great Emperors. He is just a slight bit weaker than the Supreme himself!”

Xue Ying slightly nodded.

“More importantly, he has 36 god generals under him. Even though we have captured two of them, they are both ranked in the back! As for the one who is ranked in the front-God General Skeletal Dragon-we failed to capture him.” Starlight Master transmitted. He was slightly worried, “If Great Emperor North River were to bring a group of god generals with him, things might be dangerous for us.”

“Yes.” Xue Ying solemnly said, “For God General Skeletal Dragon to maintain at 30% his original strength in front of me, Great Emperor North River would most definitely be able to keep a higher proportion of his strength and would be gravely dangerous to all of us.”

“That’s right. I have an idea.”

Starlight Master transmitted, “I can contact other worlds. Now that Great Emperor North River is invading and conquering all worlds, there are many who are rebelling against him! With the presence of Younger Brother Flying Snow, Great Emperor North River will be greatly weakened! Even the slightly weaker god generals could fall prey to your soul technique. If we were to have the help of many world masters, it might be possible for us to fight back. It’s just that if we were to ask the other world masters for help this time, we would have to help them in the future! I’ll definitely be doing so, though I do wish that Younger Brother Flying Snow can help out as well.”

“We can discuss more about this matter.” Xue Ying nodded.

He disliked the way Great Emperor North River handled things.

Those who submitted to him would prosper, while those who opposed him would perish!

For him to dare wipe out an entire clan just because that clan opposed him and allow those who submitted to him to occupy those worlds. Hence, Xue Ying felt that it was a good thing to help out those in need.

“Good, good, good. With your words, Younger Brother Flying Snow, I believe many world masters will definitely be incredibly excited. Many of them are in great despair and have long looked forward to the arrival of this day.” Starlight Master was excited too.

As long as the group of world masters worked together.

In addition to Xue Ying’s help, they were confident of openly retaliating against Great Emperor North River!

And on the other side.

North River World. Within a grand and towering palace. At this moment, there were more than a dozen god generals gathered here. Because news had spread too quickly-the captured five commanders, God General Wind Smoke, and God General Gluttonous Cloud had been spreading the news out to those they could. Clearly, they wanted to live.

“This is actually so frightening.”

“Even God General Wind Smoke could not resist at all. As for God General Gluttonous Cloud, he has just 10% his original strength remaining. If I were to face this soul technique, I would most likely be left with just 10% to 20% of my strength. At that state, I can’t even win against initial Emperors.”

These god generals were discussing through voice transmissions.

Great Emperor North River who wore his green robe sat at his throne looking down coldly.

The entire place was silent. Everyone was merely transmitting words and none dared to speak! Great Emperor North River made his name by killing. He had also created too many miracles. Everyone believed that since God General Skeletal Dragon could escape alive, then Great Emperor North River should be able to suppress Starlight Master and slaughter the entire Starlight World despite the interference from the soul technique.

And who knew if Great Emperor North River was still hiding any other killing techniques?

They would not find it puzzling even if Great Emperor North River were to display the strength of a Supreme. Great Emperor North River was currently the native who was closest to becoming a Supreme. After all, he had consecutively defeated three other Great Emperors of different bloodline previously, showcasing how frightening Great Emperor North River was.

“Monarch Flying Snow?”

Great Emperor North River sat above pondering over the matter.


Suddenly, Great Emperor North River stood.

The ten over god generals below were all startled. They turned to their commander.

Was he about to begin a huge massacre?

After all, Great Emperor North River was used to simply kill, kill, and kill when he faced any trouble in the past!

“What an amazing Monarch Flying Snow.” Great Emperor North River said. His voice echoed in the hall, “Who would have guessed that there is such an expert within the cultivators. In terms of soul technique, he is genuinely the number one expert within Realm Heart Great Land and Broken Tooth Mountain Range. The existence of this expert is making me feel delighted and joyful! Go, go, go! Follow me as I head towards the Starlight World. I want to personally invite Monarch Flying Snow over to be the guest of my North River World.”

The ten over god generals were stunned at that moment. They were dumbstricken.

Personally invite him?

To be the guest?

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