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Lord of the Mysteries (Web Novel) - Chapter 679: Murder Request

Chapter 679: Murder Request

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“Do not pry into the mystery of God…”

Alger’s whispers soon disappeared, but it continued resounding in everyone’s ears, making them realize a reality.

Although Mr. Fool often didn’t put on any airs and seldom spoke, nearly answering every request they had, making them find him warm, “He” was ultimately a god, a god whose mysteries shouldn’t be pried into. He was a god that transcended reality!

Audrey, Emlyn, and the other Tarot Club members instinctively accepted Mr. Hanged Man’s altered saying, pretending that they had forgotten the original wording to be “do not look directly at God,” because they had looked at Mr. Fool from time to time, asking him questions or seeking his advice, and with regards to that, Mr. Fool didn’t seem to mind.

Of course, we weren’t looking at him directly due to the thick gray fog’s obstruction… From Ma’am Hermit’s outcome, Mr. Fool had done so for our own good… Audrey slowly exhaled.

At this moment, The Fool Klein was thinking, Mr. Hanged Man is working very well in concert. I was prepared to control The World to say something similar to complete the final step of the punishment…

He originally felt that getting the fake World to say something like “do not lie to god” or “do not pry into the mystery of God” would make it somewhat embarrassing. In the future, if people were to learn that the so-called Blessed or the so-called World was actually a smurf of The Fool, he would be too embarrassed to face anyone. But later, on second thought, The World had done similar deeds in the past, so he wasn’t short of one more. Besides, all he needed to do was to not let anyone know, right?

Having overcome his mental barrier, Klein had planned on acting according to his rehearsals, but to his surprise, reality went better than he had expected. The Hanged Man seemed to be shocked to the bone as a result of The Hermit’s punishment. As such, he helped him say the sentence “do not pry into the mystery of God,” making the effects even more natural and perfect!

Yes… The problem of Ma’am Hermit’s leak of information regarding the Tarot Club was only briefly tapped on by The Fool. “He” had given a warning via the insinuation behind “His” words, but she later suffered from prying into the mystery of a god. It wasn’t truly The Fool’s intentions…

This is the outcome I wished for the most. This can effectively uphold The Fool’s image. After all, a god wouldn’t be petty with mortals, as it would only tarnish “His” reputation…

However, the way Ma’am Hermit does things is way too bold. I just realized and confirmed today that she has pried into the mysteries of The Fool more than once. Although it wasn’t for any vile motives, it’s also something worth punishing her for. Heh, my previous reactions must’ve made her believe that I had “acquiesced” her “observations,” so she made it a habit. In the end, she ended up falling headfirst into my expectations…

In addition, without fully grasping Mr. Fool’s attitude, she directly gave hints to outsiders. Her boldness is obviously extraordinary. This means to show that she hasn’t suffered enough in the past. Today’s lesson should be enough to drill it into her for a very long period of time…

Thinking back to her state in her dream, all of this seems pretty much the expected outcome… Sparing the rod spoils the child!

Heh heh, I also managed to put Mr. Hanged Man, as well as the other members in check today as a result, Klein silently muttered to himself in amusement, surveyed the area, and said calmly, “That shall be all.”

Upon hearing that, The Hermit Cattleya, whose Spirit Body had just recovered, felt relieved. She felt intense fatigue and joy surge through her body. All she wanted was a reclining chair for her to rest for a while.

The first time is a warning, but the second time wouldn’t be a nice outcome… This pirate admiral sighed silently, warning herself not to try her cheap tricks any further or believe that her hints could fool Mr. Fool. She was also not to attempt to pry into “His” secrets!

The pain she received was in no way weaker than the torment of having knowledge injected into her by the Hidden Sage. Therefore, she believed without a doubt that Mr. Fool was essentially a god, a true god, an unfathomable god whose mysteries couldn’t be pried into!

Thankfully, Her Majesty now knows where she can exchange the answers she has been desperately looking for all this while… I don’t need to hint to her or tip her off in the future… Cattleya turned her body to the side again, trembling as she looked at the end of the long bronze table. This time, she only dared to look at the end of the table or the armrest. The dark purple hue in her eyes had also turned faint.

Amidst silence, with sincerity, she said, “I’ll remember your leniency in sparing me.”

In the gray fog, The Fool Klein nodded gently without repeating his previous words.

After a moment of waiting, The Magician Fors straightened her back, looked around, and spoke before Justice Audrey.

“Everyone, is anyone interested in an assassination mission?

“The target is an important member of a cult.”

Grateful for the favors her teacher, Dorian Gray, had given her, Fors had been recently hoping to do something for him.

After some consideration, she placed her sights on the Aurora Order Oracle who had dealt immense damage to her teacher’s family—Lewis Wien who could be a Scribe or Traveler!

She didn’t let Leymano’s Travels get to her head to the point of believing that she could kill an experienced Sequence 6 or Sequence 5 Beyonder who was good at escaping. The reason why she had such considerations was that she believed that the secret organization known as the Tarot Club, which was backing her, would provide her with unimaginable support.

Ma’am Hermit and Mr. World both appear to have the means to fight Lewis Wien. With any of them taking action, and with me using Leymano’s Travels to help, it’s not impossible for us to succeed… Fors began formulating the most ideal situation.

Of course, she knew that her current savings weren’t enough to kill a powerful Beyonder like Lewis Wien. After all, with her 830 pounds, she probably couldn’t even buy a single hand of his. She knew very well that back then, Miss Audrey Hall had spent more than 10,000 pounds to kill an Intis ambassador, a Sequence 6 Conspirer. The cost of assassinating Lewis Wien, who was of a similar Sequence or even higher, was obvious!

Fors planned on agreeing to a series of requests that the executor of the mission would have, helping the executor complete matters they found inconvenient to do themselves, in order to pay off the cost of the mission. She believed that after obtaining Leymano’s Travels, she was equipped with the abilities to complete certain difficult tasks.

After hearing Miss Magician’s request, The Hermit Cattleya, The Hanged Man Alger, and Justice Audrey cast their gazes onto The World. They believed that this gentleman, one who had a unique penchant for hunting Beyonders, possessed the necessary strength.

I’m not in Backlund… However, I can’t respond that way. Otherwise, it would expose the possibility that Mr. Fool only has two to three Blessed to Mr. Hanged Man and Ma’am Hermit… Klein controlled The World, overcoming his emotions as he hoarsely laughed.

“Where? Which cult?

“What’s his Sequence? What unique powers does he have?”

Eh, Mr. World is a little different from before… I can’t explain it clearly, but it feels like he’s suddenly in a better mood. Perhaps, he has really encountered something worth being happy about… Audrey suddenly noticed the difference as she excitedly imagined what could have recently happened to Mr. World.

Fors happily replied, “He’s an Oracle from the Aurora Order. He’s in Backlund, formerly a Sequence 6, but he might be a Sequence 5 now, but I can’t be sure.

“He can record the Beyonder powers that others have used and can use them once. He’s good at escaping any form of entrapment, and it’s difficult to surround him. Perhaps, he might be able to travel through the spirit world…”

The target is an Oracle from the Aurora Order, a Sequence 6 or 5, with powers seemingly from the Apprentice pathway… Indeed, Miss Magician doesn’t appear as simple and ordinary as she seems. My original judgment was right… Cattleya quickly returned to her usual state. She wasn’t surprised that The Magician would actually dare conspire against a particular gentleman from the Aurora Order.

As for which Oracle he was, she wasn’t sure because the only ones she knew were Mr. Z and Ma’am D.

Meanwhile, Klein also quickly evaluated the situation.

An Oracle from the Aurora Order, that makes it impossible for him to be innocent. Rather, he’s a madman who destroys lives. Killing him doesn’t make me feel guilty…

It’s not like I haven’t offended the Aurora Order more than once or twice…

Sequence 6 or 5; that’s something I can handle… I’ve seen something that matches the trait of recording and releasing Beyonder powers as described by Miss Magician. Mr. A had used it before, but it might not really be it…

To me, it doesn’t matter if he’s good at escaping and traveling through the spirit world. As long as I’m close to the Oracle and successfully control his Spirit Body Threads, there will be no way for him to run!

It’s hard to tell what will happen in a direct clash. I do have quite a solid chance of success if I sneak an attack in. Of course, succeeding at a sneak attack is a whole other matter…

After some serious consideration, The World looked at The Magician Fors.

“I can consider taking on the job, but not anytime soon. It will, at the least, be two months later.”

He wasn’t sure what other accidents he would encounter at sea, so he had been rather relaxed on the time period.

“Two months later…” Fors repeated the time, appearing to be in a deep dilemma.

It was too long; besides, she wasn’t sure how long Lewis Wien would stay in Backlund.

At this moment, Alger, who had been watching from the side, deliberated and interjected, “Miss Magician, do you need to kill that Aurora Order Oracle personally?”

“No, as you can see, I’m considering requesting Mr. World for help,” Fors replied with a smile.

Alger nodded as though in thought.

“The premise of killing someone is to be able to find the Oracle. Can you find him?”

“No, but I’ll investigate,” Fors answered frankly.

“Why don’t you get The World to do it after your investigations bear fruit?” The Hanged Man pressed.

“Yes, but I haven’t decided.” Fors was somewhat confused, unaware of the reasons as to why Mr. Hanged Man was asking her all these questions.

Alger sneered.

“If you can confirm the location of the Aurora Order Oracle’s location, then why spend large amounts of money to hire someone to kill him? Wouldn’t reporting him directly to the Churches be enough? After the Great Smog, no Church is willing to let go of any related clues.

He wasn’t trying to make The World lose any business. Instead, he had clearly read the dilemma inside her, believing that there was a higher possibility of her not going through with the request. After all, too many incidents might happen in two months. Therefore, he gave some suggestions to ensure that this matter reached some preliminary agreement.

Report him to the Churches? This sounds familiar… Klein was surprised, never expecting Mr. Hanged Man to say something like that.

Heh heh, while everyone is being infected by Mr. Hanged Man, he too has been influenced by us… Klein immediately felt relieved and rather pleased.

“Report?” Fors was momentarily stunned.

After a few seconds, she whispered, “That’s possible…”

The Hanged Man smiled upon hearing that.

“You can do it this way. First, investigate your target and seek out his whereabouts. If you obtain anything in two months, then you can hand the matter over to the Church. If the matter exceeds two months, and when Mr. World is free, then he can provide you the help needed. What do you think of that?”

Fors seriously considered it and said, “Okay.

“When the time comes, I’ll discuss the price with Mr. World.”

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