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Lord of the Mysteries (Web Novel) - Chapter 680: New Thoughts

Chapter 680: New Thoughts

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After receiving The World’s consenting nod and confirming the matter regarding Lewis Wien, Fors thought for a moment and continued, “Everyone, does anyone have a Meteorite Crystal or the crystallized blood of a Lavos Squid, or any information about them?”

These were the main ingredients of the Astrologer potion formula.

Fors originally planned on continuing her requests, hoping that Mr. Moon, who was also in Backlund, could help her find Lewis Wien, but after some consideration, she decided to first do it herself. Only after confirming that there aren’t any solutions or clues would she then request the Tarot Club for help.

Meteorite Crystal? Lavos Squid’s crystallized blood? Sounds familiar… Isn’t this because I know the Seer potion formula… Yes, it’s familiar because the Seer potion formula’s main ingredients is 50 grams of Star Crystal and 10 ml of Lavos Squid blood! The main ingredients of Astrologer are like the upgraded versions of a Seer… Indeed, the Apprentice and Seer pathway can be interchanged in the future… With this in mind, Klein suddenly had an idea.

Since the potion formula of Bizarro Sorcerer is difficult to obtain, with the three options being extremely dangerous, should I consider the other Sequence 4 options in the neighboring pathways? Such as Apprentice!

Once he had this idea, he brightened up as he felt that most of his predicament had vanished.

And for the Sequence 4 potion formula of Apprentice, the Tarot Club has clues to it. It’s the Abraham family behind The Magician!

With this in mind, The World looked at Miss Magician with a subconscious gentleness to his gaze. It left Fors shuddering, suspecting whether Mr. World had already formulated a plan to hunt Lewis Wien.

At this moment, The Fool Klein recalled another problem. According to Dunn’s and Daly’s theories, the first five Sequences of the Seer pathway didn’t present any obvious progression. Each of them presented a Beyonder power of one aspect. Then, at the critical point of Sequence 4, the five of them would converge and clench like a fist, presenting a qualitative change.

Back when Captain and Ma’am Daly made this theory, they only knew bits of information regarding Seer, Clown, and Magician. I’m only able to verify this idea for the subsequent Faceless and Marionettist by myself… So, could it be that Seer, Apprentice, and the possible Marauder pathways cannot be interchanged at Sequence 4, but at Sequence 3? Klein slowly felt his joy dwindle again.

He knew too little and was temporarily unable to make a judgment. All he could do was await Mr. Azik’s reply and wait to leave the waters which were watched by the True Creator before contacting Arrodes.

As Klein was thinking, he suddenly heard Cattleya say, “I have the crystallized blood of a Lavos Squid. It will cost 600 pounds.

“As for Meteorite Crystal, I know where to get it from. How many grams do you need?”

600 pounds, a very reasonable price… Fors replied in a pleasant surprise, “60 grams.”

“Alright, I’ll give them to you within two weeks. It will also cost 600 pounds,” Cattleya said clearly and succinctly.

It’s resolved just like that… Today’s Ma’am Hermit is really proactive with the desire to participate. Yes, she had just been… Fors quickly nodded.

“That wouldn’t be an issue.”

I have 830 pounds in savings. That’s enough for me to buy the crystallized blood of a Lavos Squid. But in two weeks, I still need to save up nearly 400 pounds. The royalties after the new year will be paid soon. It’s about 150 pounds, making me lack 220 pounds. I have to think of ways to earn money again… Fors quickly calculated her financial situation.

Seeing how Miss Magician took only a minute to gather the main ingredients for her potion, Justice Audrey couldn’t hold back either. She raised her hand slightly and said, “I wish to obtain the complete pituitary gland of an adolescent mind dragon, but if that’s not possible, 60 ml of a Black-hunting Giant Lizard’s spinal fluid and one fruit of an Illusory Chime Tree.”

This was the main ingredient of the Hypnotist potion. If she obtained the complete pituitary gland of the adolescent mind dragon, then there was no need for any other corresponding ingredients.

Just as Audrey said that, she heard Ma’am Hermit reply.

“Since the Fifth Epoch, mind dragons have nearly gone extinct and are hard to find.

“I have the means of obtaining the spinal fluid of a Black-hunting Giant Lizard, but it will also take two to three weeks. The price ranges from 1,500 to 2,000 pounds, as I’m not the one who decides it.

“I can help you keep a lookout for the fruit of an Illusory Chime Tree, but I cannot guarantee anything.”

Wh-what great efficiency… After Ma’am Hermit was punished, her sense of belonging towards the Tarot Club has appeared to increase. She’s more active and amiable… Audrey was momentarily speechless.

After a few seconds of silence, she bowed slightly and said, “No problem.”

Alger, who had been watching by the side, suddenly felt that the development wasn’t going as he expected. Having been punished by Mr. Fool, The Hermit changed her style of being mostly an observer. She began to involve herself in every matter that she could involve herself in during the Tarot Gathering. And with the strength, background, resources, and channels of a pirate admiral, she immediately produced intense and blinding light!

This “blinded” Alger so much that he could hardly open his eyes. He had a strong feeling that he was at risk.

At that moment, he wished for Ma’am Hermit to return to her former state.

Klein also felt surprised by what he heard and saw.

I thought Ma’am Hermit would be silent for some time, feeling an aversion to the Tarot Club for some time, but in the end…

Is she the type that needs to be beaten in order to be obedient?

Yes… Sparing the rod spoils the child. Queen Mystic must’ve spared the rod too much… Heh, the way Queen Mystic does things isn’t much to speak off either. The emperor has also spared the rod!

As he lampooned, Klein controlled The World, making him survey the area before chuckling.

“Does anyone of you have the potion formula of the Seer pathway’s Sequence 4, or have any clues regarding it?”

Sequence 4… Mr. World is beginning to advance towards the realm of a demigod? Audrey was surprised.

She originally imagined that she was advancing sufficiently fast, and she felt a little proud about that. But now, she suddenly realized that she was falling behind!

Mr. World has instantly become really lofty… Fors was similarly surprised.

Although she felt that the silent, reserved, and unsocial Mr. World was a powerful Beyonder, she believed that he was still very far from a demigod, from a Sequence 4. But to her surprise, he was already seeking to purchase the Sequence 4 potion formula.

As expected of Mr. Fool’s Blessed… Alger sighed.

Likewise, Emlyn and Derrick shook their heads, expressing that they had never heard of the name of the pathway’s Sequence 4.

Klein, who believed that he could obtain clues from the City of Silver or the Sanguine, could only helplessly retract The World’s gaze.

After a few seconds, Cattleya said, “I need a drop of blood from a mythical creature, regardless of the kind.”

In the palace held up by stone columns, silence suddenly became the main symphony. Even The World didn’t know the exact concept of what a mythical creature was.

Klein didn’t expose this point as he planned on inquiring about it to the people he could ask in the future. He controlled The World to remain silent for a few seconds before saying, “I’ll keep an eye out.”

As this was a rare request from Ma’am Hermit, Justice and company also gave similar responses.

“Alright.” Cattleya wasn’t surprised by this outcome.

The only reason why she made the request was to express her attitude of being integrated with the Tarot Club to Mr. Fool. She believed that this was better than trembling and being apprehensive at eliminating the aftereffects of what had happened.

After a brief pause, Derrick was about to say something when Emlyn spoke out ahead of him.

The Sanguine Baron chuckled.

“The requests for our row is clear. He wants the Sun Sequence 6 Notary’s potion formula, and Mr. Hanged Man wishes to obtain the Ocean Songster’s.”

Upon hearing this, Klein suddenly felt a little guilt-ridden. When he first obtained Creeping Hunger, he had wished to quickly release the Priest of Light in it, and obtaining the Sequence 6 and 5 potion formulas of the Sun pathway, so as to sell it to Little Sun. Yet, he hadn’t completed it all this while.

I’ll walk around Toscarter’s pier tonight. I’ll find a pirate with Beyonder powers who deserves to die or some gang leader to settle this emergency, regardless of which Sequence they are… Or, I can directly release the Priest of Light… Klein made The World deliberate before saying, “I’ll provide you with the Notary potion formula in three days.”

Upon saying this, he looked at Little Sun.

“You can consider what item you wish to exchange for it.”

“Alright, Mr. World,” Derrick replied in glee.

As for the Ocean Songster potion formula which The Hanged Man needed, everyone didn’t have any clues.

Emlyn cleared his throat and said, “My request is different from the last one.

“I hope that you can help me find the believers of the Primordial Moon. Every effective clue will be rewarded with 100 pounds. A direct confirmation will be 500 pounds!”

He looked at Mr. Fool to make a request and, after obtaining “His” approval, he conjured five things that resembled bounty notices. Each person received a set of the five bounties. He and Derrick didn’t have one.

Klein controlled The World to pick it up and casually browsed through it.

Galis Kevin, Dandy, Lara, Windsor Behring, Argos… They aren’t weak at all. At the very least, they’re equivalent to recently born Vampires… he silently muttered to himself as he memorized the corresponding information.

After completing this matter, Emlyn felt more confident about winning the “competition.” He leaned back casually and waited for the other members to issue requests.

This time, no one spoke again.

Upon seeing this, The Fool Klein chuckled.

“Continue your free exchange.”

Instantly, Audrey, Alger, Cattleya, and company cast their eyes at Derrick.

They remembered that The Sun had previously mentioned that he would have arrangements to join an exploration mission that involved the periphery of the Giant King’s Court.

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