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Lord of the Mysteries (Web Novel) - Chapter 681: Indirect Answer

Chapter 681: Indirect Answer

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Being the main focus of attention, Derrick didn’t choke. He eagerly said, “I’ve recently been in an exploration team lead by the Chief to Afternoon Town.

“It’s a key gateway that leads to the Giant King’s Court. It’s a door that separates myth from reality.”

His opening perfectly garnered the interest of all the Tarot Club members as they awaited the rest of his account in different postures.

Derrick skipped the unimportant experiences that they had during the journey, and he directly started his story from Afternoon Town. He first described the dead silence and darkness before how his three-member team discovered an underground altar. He then described how he identified the names—Ouroboros, Medici, and Sasrir—and entered another side of the town without realizing it. There, he saw the titles such as Dark Angel and the words Rose Redemption.

Having said that, he thanked Mr. Fool once again for “His” help from the predicament.

Then, Derrick simply introduced the monsters that transformed from their shadows before emphasizing the ecclesiastic who was in constant penitence in the half-collapsed cathedral.

He used his own words to describe what was said, mentioning that the ecclesiastic suddenly self-destructed when he was about to say the name of the fourth King of Angels and was burnt to a crisp by a transparent flame.

Another King of Angels! And the mood in Afternoon Town is really dark and scary. The ecclesiastic’s penitence has a very, hmm—a feel of a prophet predicting a calamity… Audrey listened in relish as she had her interest about the blank line and unspeakable name piqued.

At this moment, Derrick turned his body and looked at the end of the bronze table, sincerely asking, “Mr. Fool, who was it that tempted Dark Angel Sasrir? Who does the fourth name refer to? Why can’t it be said?”

Here it comes… Behind the gray fog, Klein’s smile nearly froze.

The reason that he had hurriedly sent Little Sun back to the real world was that he was afraid of facing such a question!

Back then, he was worried that Little Sun would inquire about Dark Angel Sasrir, and now, he was facing a question he didn’t know the answer to.

Thankfully, a Magician never performed unprepared. After that day, Klein undoubtedly began to seriously consider how to answer such questions. Now, with great confidence, he landed his right palm on the armrest and said with a deep, meaningful glint in his eyes.

“It’s because it’s a secret.”

He used his eyes and body language to hint to the Tarot Club members that “secret” wasn’t to be taken at face level, and it had a deeper, more substantial meaning. As for what it was, they had to figure it out themselves. Deities had deep reasons to conceal certain matters.

After finishing this series of actions, Klein couldn’t help but feel penitent. He felt that his charlatan vibes were increasing. Meanwhile, he felt regret that The Hermit’s prying into his secrets was a result of his temptations. This was because Mr. Fool would use “His” eyes and body language to provide additional hints. Therefore, all the members would subconsciously observe “His” attitude.

That’s because I have no solutions. Without doing this, how am I supposed to continue the act… It’s not like I’m a real evil god! Klein sighed silently.

Secret? The name itself is a secret? The content which Mr. Fool wishes to point out is in here? Hmm, which names are secrets themselves… True gods at Sequence 0? Alger instantly thought of many things as he came up with a theory by combining many of the matters which Little Sun had previously mentioned.

When a name itself becomes a secret, it means that the matter involves a true god. Furthermore, it’s very likely to have the Evernight Goddess involved. It’s because she’s the Mother of Secrets! The extreme danger of the darkness in the Forsaken Land of the Gods indirectly proves this point… Cattleya came up with an unconfirmed theory based on the knowledge she had and the hint from Mr. Fool.

Meanwhile, she was almost certain that the calamity the ecclesiastic was referring to was the Cataclysm that ended the Third Epoch.

A King of Angels who was tempted, Afternoon Town residents who fell from grace, a town being corrupted bit by bit, a black flower of calamity that blooms. All of that buried an epoch, creating the Forsaken Land of the Gods… What a heavy sense of history… Cattleya couldn’t help but think poignantly.

While the Tarot Club members were in contemplation, Klein also began to analyze the reason for the empty name and the reason why it couldn’t be said.

Could it be the true name of a deity? A true god had tempted Dark Angel Sasrir, and the fourth name representing the King of Angels also became a true god later?

But it’s not like I haven’t said the true name of a deity before. Primordial Demoness Cheek is understood by many to be on the same level as the seven deities. It’s not like anything happened in the end…

Perhaps it has something to do with the language used? The languages of Loen, Intis, and Feysac, and even ancient Feysac do not possess the ability to stir the powers of nature. On the other hand, the commonly used Jotun in the City of Silver can. That ecclesiastic likely used a similar language.

I should later try to pronounce Cheek using Jotun? Then, I’ll die on the spot and succeed in courting death… Forget it. Besides, having a blank name and an unspeakable name means different things… I’ve no idea why.

At this moment, seeing how Little Sun was still in a confused daze without understanding Mr. Fool’s meaningful hint, Alger volunteered to give an explanation.

“The two names might separately represent two deities, so they cannot be said.

“Perhaps the True Creator had tempted Dark Angel Sasrir, leading to the fall from grace of the few Kings of Angels and the residents of Afternoon Town. This brought about a great calamity. It’s why ‘He’ has a temple and statue in your Forsaken Land of the Gods.

“The fourth name that corresponds to a King of Angels might have benefited greatly from the calamity and succeeded in advancing to become a true god.”

This is similar to my guess, but they can’t be confirmed… Cattleya didn’t supplement, as she didn’t believe that their theories were facts.

Audrey, Fors, and Emlyn listened attentively as they couldn’t help but feel poignant that the Tarot Club often made things appear especially high-end when discussing such matters. Things like Kings of Angels, evil gods and real gods, or ancient secrets all depended on a single word.

“Is that so… I get it.” Derrick came to a realization as he earnestly thanked Mr. Fool once again.

Just as he was about to turn around, he suddenly recalled something and worriedly asked, “Mr. Fool, is the crux to leaving the Forsaken Land of the Gods really in the Giant King’s Court?”

After all this time, he had already accepted Mr. Hanged Man’s take that the region where the City of Silver was located was known as the Forsaken Land of the Gods.

That’s what I believe, but the problem is that I’m unable to confirm it… To not search for the sea and switch to exploring the Giant King’s Court was likely Shepherd Lovia’s suggestion. This can partially verify my theory, but it cannot eliminate the possibility that it’s a conspiracy… The Fool Klein’s smile nearly froze again.

His thoughts raced as he quickly thought of a solution that didn’t need him to give a direct answer without tarnishing Mr. Fool’s reputation.

He immediately gave a relaxed chuckle, turned his head at The Hermit Cattleya.

“Speaking of this matter, heh. Bernadette already knows the method for entering the Forsaken Land of the Gods.”

Cattleya immediately recalled her vague memories of the dream and subconsciously looked at the end of the bronze table.

“It’s that shadow?”

Before she finished speaking, she suddenly realized that she was sizing up Mr. Fool again. She hurriedly closed her eyes and said, “M-my Eye of Mystery Prying is instinctive. It can only be enhanced and not be deactivated. I need to rely on a mystical item to seal it…”

But it doesn’t exist here.

Is that so… Klein nodded gently.

“You can conjure a pair of glasses.”

“Yes, Mr. Fool.” Cattleya followed the instructions and conjured a pair of glasses.

During this process, Klein stirred a minute amount of the power above the gray fog and infused them into the pair of glasses.

By the time Cattleya wore them, she discovered that her Eye of Mystery Prying had been sealed as she had expected.

It was only at this point that Fors and company realized that Ma’am Hermit’s eyes were extremely special. It had something to do with the prying of mysteries, and it didn’t need to be activated to use it!

It’s no wonder we didn’t notice it. Ma’am Hermit was severely injured because of her attempt to pry into the mysteries of Mr. Fool… Audrey moved her lips in enlightenment, having one of her questions answered.

As for Alger, who recalled how The Hermit had previously sized him up and how he had been wearing the clergy clothes of the Church of Storms, his face nearly darkened.

Klein didn’t wait for the members to calm down. He chuckled and replied to Cattleya’s previous question.

“It’s that shadow.

“The shadow of the Giant King’s Court.”

“So it’s the shadow of the Giant King’s Court…” Cattleya muttered in pleasant surprise.

Then, her mind went adrift as she thought, She likely also knows this answer…

Derrick spent a few seconds to digest the conversation between Ma’am Hermit and Mr. Fool, and he vaguely came to a realization. The key to entering the Forsaken Land of the Gods had to do with the shadow of the Giant King’s Court!

Therefore, the crux to leaving the Forsaken Land of the Gods is really in the Giant King’s Court? Derrick’s heart palpitated as he bowed his head in excitement.

“Thank you for your answer, Mr. Fool.”

Phew… Klein silently heaved a sigh of relief. He felt that such a situation was extremely draining on his brain.

Alger kept his emotions in check as he looked around before looking at The Hermit.

“Where’s the shadow of the Giant King’s Court?”

He didn’t dare ask Mr. Fool, as his question about the Forsaken Land of the Gods had previously been rejected.

Cattleya answered frankly, “In the waters on the easternmost front of the Sonia Sea. In the dream of the night time there.

“I happened to wish to share with all of you what I encountered this time.”

Audrey and Fors simultaneously slowed their breathing as they waited excitedly for Ma’am Hermit to recount her encounters which were bound to be fantastic.

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