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Lord of the Magical Beasts (Web Novel)




Gao Po, 高坡


Adventure Fantasy Harem

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Mesmerizing female moonlight priest, a beauty of the darkness who captivates the soul of others… They all flood to his side!

With the help of the mysterious Wizard Power and terrifying Magical Beasts, Yang Ling had successfully created his very own divine path, at the same time enjoying fame in all parts of the world.

But as a Wizard, would he be able to avoid the mortal enemies of the Wizards back in the day — The Lord and the Arbiter?

Let us wait and see…

664 • 2019-09-07 09:28:59


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 750: Clone2020-06-14
Chapter 749: Boundless Sea of Blood2020-06-14
Chapter 748: Reunion with an Old Friend2020-06-14
Chapter 747: Reincarnation Pool2020-06-14
Chapter 746: Blood Pool2020-06-14
Chapter 745: Abyssal Purple Fire2020-06-14
Chapter 744: Abyssal Demon Lord2020-06-14
Chapter 743: The Golden Dragon with 5 Limbs2020-06-14
Chapter 742: Ancient Ferocious Beast2020-06-14
Chapter 741: Strong Cooperation2020-06-14
Chapter 740: The Lion Shook Its Head2020-06-14
Chapter 739: Heavenly Pillar Mountain’s Bloody Battle2020-06-14
Chapter 738: Adjudicator2020-06-14
Chapter 737: Crisis2020-06-14
Chapter 736: The Lich King’s Anger2020-06-14
Chapter 735: Firm Character and Tender Feelings2020-06-14
Chapter 734: Ancient Divine Branch2020-06-14
Chapter 733: The Corpse Wizard King’s Rule2020-06-14
Chapter 732: Possession and Rebirth2020-06-14
Chapter 731: Soul Assimilating Restriction Spell2020-06-14
Chapter 730: Ancient Dragon Soul2020-06-14
Chapter 729: Poison Dragon Cave2020-06-14
Chapter 728: Heavy Water Domain2020-06-14
Chapter 727: Mysteries of the Nine-Dragon Divine Ring2020-06-14
Chapter 726: Devil God Follower2020-06-14
Chapter 725: Blade Emperor2020-05-24
Chapter 724: Alliance2020-05-24
Chapter 723: Unparalleled Blade Technique2020-05-23
Chapter 722: Great Demon King2020-05-23
Chapter 721: Blazing Flame Mountain2020-05-22
Chapter 720: Great Wizard Universe2020-05-22
Chapter 719: Night of the Massacre2020-05-21
Chapter 718: Twelve Grand Wizards2020-05-21
Chapter 717: Skyreach Wizard Mantra2020-05-20
Chapter 716: Skyreach Tower2020-05-20
Chapter 715: The Mother Empress Repays a Kindness2020-05-19
Chapter 714: Eternal Yuna2020-05-19
Chapter 713: Stunning Battle2020-05-18
Chapter 712: Imminent Calamity2020-05-18
Chapter 711: Blood Angel Battle Team2020-05-17
Chapter 710: Mother Empress2020-05-17
Chapter 709: Flowing Cloud Battle Team2020-05-16
Chapter 708: Crystal Wall2020-05-16
Chapter 707: Space-Time Wheel2020-05-16
Chapter 706: Soul Law2020-05-16
Chapter 705: Sound Demon2020-05-14
Chapter 704: Starry Sky Castle2020-05-14
Chapter 703: Far West Land2020-05-13
Chapter 702: Power King2020-05-13
Chapter 701: Mother Nest Crisis2020-05-12
Chapter 700: Camel Peak Castle Master2020-05-12
Chapter 699: Tempest Hammer2020-05-11
Chapter 698: Unending Sea2020-05-11
Chapter 697: Growing Half-Dimension2020-05-10
Chapter 696: Dimensional Merchants2020-05-10
Chapter 695: Fall of the Gods2020-05-09
Chapter 694: Controlling the Universe2020-05-09
Chapter 693: Transformation of the Magical Divine Ring2020-05-08
Chapter 692: Nine Phantom Mountain Range2020-05-08
Chapter 691: Massacring a Dragon with a Treasured Blade2020-05-07
Chapter 690: 10,000-Year-Old Dragon Turtle2020-05-07
Chapter 689: Biochemical Army2020-05-06
Chapter 688: God Prison2020-05-06
Chapter 687: Ancient Devil God2020-05-05
Chapter 686: Demon God Base2020-05-05
Chapter 685: Showing Their Power for the First Time2020-05-04
Chapter 684: Giant Dragon Domain2020-05-04
Chapter 683: Giant Dragon Mountain Range2020-05-03
Chapter 682: Bloody Battlefield2020-05-03
Chapter 681: Star Indicator2020-05-02
Chapter 680: Godslayer Battle Team2020-05-02
Chapter 679: Soul Dissolving2020-05-01
Chapter 678: 500 Years of Arduous Training2020-05-01
Chapter 677: Wizard God Religion2020-04-30
Chapter 676: Super Clone2020-04-30
Chapter 675: Ion Storm2020-04-29
Chapter 674: Developing Strategy2020-04-29
Chapter 673: A Pair of Swallows2020-04-28
Chapter 672: Traces of the Mother Nest2020-04-28
Chapter 671: Goodbye2020-04-27
Chapter 670: Five Elements Divination2020-04-27
Chapter 669: The Golden Roc Spreads Its Wings2020-04-27
Chapter 668: Cage2020-04-27
Chapter 667: The Wizard Pagoda’s Unusual Transformation2020-04-27
Chapter 666: Wandering Battle Team2020-04-27
Chapter 665: The Emotional Wanderer’s Heartless Sword2020-04-24
Chapter 664: Abyssal Demon Lord2020-04-24
Chapter 663: Life Soul Bead2020-04-23
Chapter 662: Great Black-Horned Demon2020-04-23
Chapter 661: Six Reincarnations2020-04-22
Chapter 660: Biochemical Corps2020-04-22
Chapter 659: Female Skeletons2020-04-21
Chapter 658: The Eight Immortals Crossed the Sea2020-04-21
Chapter 657: Departed Spirit Road2020-04-20
Chapter 656: Demon Palace2020-04-20
Chapter 655: Apex Confrontation2020-04-19
Chapter 654: Longbarton Divine Branch2020-04-19
Chapter 653: Moon Soul Stone2020-04-18
Chapter 652: Self-Destruct2020-04-18
Chapter 651: Man-eating Fish2020-04-17
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