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Lord of the Magical Beasts (Web Novel) - Chapter 337

Chapter 337

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Although Yang Ling knew nothing about the mysterious Evil Demon Island, he understood the troubles of female leader Margaret.

According to the memories of the two captives, the female leader must exchange for the Crimson Pill antidote with the young ladies or riches that they have captured. Otherwise, this beautiful and alluring female pirate would be turned into a pink skeleton in no time.

It was an exceptionally difficult time for the pirates with Ashnomov’s huge army searching and going after them. When they would occasionally pull up to the shore, they could only roam around the beach and dared not venture further into the land, for fear that the Ashnamov army would catch news of their arrival and rush to stop their retreat.

“Miss Margaret, well…” Yang Lin pretended to be in a dilemma, and deliberated for a moment before continuing, “You know that the requirements from above have been getting stricter too. I can totally understand your situation and how you must be feeling. However, we are not in the position to make certain decisions here!”

He took advantage of the situation and made himself seem weaker!

The more troubled the female leader was, the more Yang Ling would benefit. It wouldn’t be difficult to ask for a huge sum of money with just a little bit of thinking. However, riches have now lost its attractiveness to him. It was more important for him to think of ways to build a good rapport with the female leader, in order to slowly lure out the information that he required.

It would be wonderful if he could get into the pirates’ inner circle through the female pirate for the opportunity to get rid of the One-eyed Dragon and eliminate all the pirates!

“Sir, Dark Sand Island may be tiny, but it also has a lot of great stuff! Shall I introduce you a few young and beautiful ladies to keep you company around the island, and for your enjoyment the next few days?” As a female leader who was experienced in handling and dealing with people, Margaret found a solution with a blink of an eye.

The tiny mountain village along the sea was known for being poor. The amount of coins looted during this period was so pathetic that its total probably wouldn’t even be enough for Yang Lin and the Corpse Wizard King as stuffing between their teeth. Nevertheless, the tiny mountain village often produced many beauties. The women that they have captured were all very exotic. There was even a countess who was holidaying at the beach among them.

The female leader had initially prepared to handover the beautiful lady and exchange the noble countess for a big ransom. However, if Yang Ling were to show mercy and provide her with a few more antidotes, she wouldn’t mind sending both the countess and the most beautiful lady to Yang Ling’s bed tonight.

No men in this world can resist a beautiful lady.

She saw hope for a few more antidotes when Yang Ling didn’t object her immediately. According to the agreement, the captured beauty must be sent to the secret gathering spot untouched, where they will be transported by the Sea Tribe to the legendary Evil Demon Island. Any pirate who dared to disobey the rules will meet a terrible end.

The One-eyed Dragon was so cruel that even the most fearless desperado shudders at his presence. One would suffer a fate worse than death if fallen into his hands!

However, there is a solution to every problem. The One-eyed Dragon may have set strict rules, but the pirates have also found ways to deal with it. They would just have to hide, or simply kill off those women that were caputred after they had their fun. They wouldn’t have to worry about being exposed if there are no living evidence.

“It’s Fred’s honor to be able to admire the beautiful scenery of Dark Sand Island with the lovely Miss Margaret!” Yang Ling smiled at the exotic female leader of the pirates, who wore a red armor and had two blades sheathed behind her back.

Admiring the beautiful scenery of Dark Sand Island with me?

The female leader quickly understood what Yang Ling meant when she saw him glaring longingly at her perky chest. She blushed and stole a glance at him.

She has seen her fair share of lecherous men, but there has never been one who dared to stare at the female leader so fearlessly. If any of her pirates were to stare at her in this manner, she would have kicked him out right away. However, she dared not have such thoughts towards Yang Ling.

On one hand, she cannot afford to offend Yang Ling. If she can’t obtain the antidote, she might as well end her life sooner by hitting her head against a wall. On the other hand, she felt strangely different towards Yang Ling who was dressed in full black. Her gut feeling told her that he couldn’t simply be a normal personal guard of the One-eyed Dragon.

She had tried to detect his real strength with the ancestral Mind Magic when they first met, and the result was astounding. Corpse Wizard King, the imposter of Galic, has a surging force of magical power in him. Yang Ling, the imposter of Fred, was even stronger. The Mental Strength couldn’t seep into his body to detect his real strength even after multiple tries!

She had only encountered a situation like this many years back, from a few mysterious seafolks!

Could he be a seafolk dressed up as someone else, instead of a personal guard of the One-eyed Dragon?

Female leader Margaret had so many questions about Yang Ling, who seem to have an unfathomable strength. Rumor has it that after the One-eyed Dragon had formed a closer relationship with the Sea Tribe after failing to attack the Magical Beasts Territory, and there would always be a few mysterious seafolks dressed in black around him.

To prevent attracting attention, arranging a few seafolks around him in the name of promoting them to be his personal guards is clearly the most suitable way right now.

The advantaged Sea Tribe is the unquestionable great leader of the vast sea. If she could build a strong rapport with Yang Ling, who is likely a powerful seafolk, it would be most beneficial for both Dark Sand Island and herself. Moreover, although Yang Ling was not the most charming, he was definitely not repulsive either.

“You flattered me, Sir Fred. This way please!” The female leader regained her senses quickly after being distracted momentarily and led the way, ordering her maids to inform the servants to prepare a sumptuous dinner.

Whether Yang Ling is a seafolk or not, she must not miss the opportunity to build a good relationship with the them. After all, if they were to show some kindness, she might be able to get a few more antidotes and wouldn’t have to be constantly fearing for her life.

Probably due to the fact that they have been rooted on the island for many years, the scale of the pirate meeting room is relatively big and can host a few hundred people at a time. However, the room was in a mayhem and it was a mess.

When Yang Ling and the Corpse Wizard King arrived hurriedly after the female pirate, the meeting room was already filled with over a hundred agile and fierce pirates. There were some of them drinking and playing finger-guessing games. The sound of table smacking and smashing of drinking bowls went on endlessly. Some of the others were wrestling to compare strength. The loser would sigh, while the winner would shout excitedly. There were also some of them hugging and flirting with scantily dressed women, putting their hands all over them as if there were no one else in the room.

“Humph, quiet! All be seated!”

The female leader roared at the mayhem. Within seconds, those who noticed the leader quickly fell into places. While they had differing expressions, they moved in a practiced manner.

“Brothers, these two sirs are Skeleton Commanders. Keep your eyes open and do not embarrass me before them! “The female leader finally introduced Yang Ling and the Corpse Wizard King after getting the group of pirates in order.

“What godd*mn sir. Brothers, call me Fred. Here, a toast to my brothers!”, Yang Ling said as he raised the cup beside him. With a laugh, he continued, “And you can call this scrawny guy beside me who doesn’t even have much strength to work – Skinny Horse!”

If he wanted to get into the pirates’ inner circle successfully to attain information of all sorts, getting friendly with the pirates was no doubt the best way. Yang Ling touched glasses with the female pirate and downed his drink.

Not much strength to work?

The scrawny Corpse Wizard King shook his head and force a smile as the pirates broke into a roaring laughter. The female leader beside Yang Ling was no exception. Her face turned red with laughter as covered her mouth with her hand. After pouting at Yang Ling, she ordered her servants to serve the meal and welcome the Skeleton Commanders.

“Sir, could you save me some face?” The Corpse Wizard King had a troubled expression as he took the chance to whisper into Yang Ling’s ear, when the crowd started to drink nosily and eat heartily.

He had planned to have some torturous fun with a few of the flirtatious beauties on the island. Now that Yang Ling had destroyed his image, he could only wait for a moonless and windy night to capture a beauty secretly.

“Hehe, Rodriguez. If you can’t hold it in any longer, you can either masturbate or hump the wall, but never mess around on the island and destroy our plan.” Yang Ling knew that the Corpse Wizard King was up to no good from his pitiful act and shifty eyes.

The Corpse Wizard King and himself were the only two outsiders on this island. If there were to be any female corpse that died through torturous acts, they would be the first suspects. They finally have an opportunity to enter the pirates’ inner circle, and it would be such a loss to have the plan destroyed by the sick and perverted Corpse Wizard King.

Masturbate or hump the wall?

The Corpse Wizard King nearly fainted upon hearing Yang Ling’s words. If he were to ever land himself in that situation, he would not have the face to return to the undead, even if he were to advance to god-level someday.

“Sir Fred, what are you chatting so happily about?”, The female leader said as she held up a cup full of wine and sat beside Yang Ling, squeezing tightly against him.

At that moment, Yang Ling caught a whiff of a delicate fragrance. Looking up, he saw a chest white as snow, and a cleavage deeper than the Mariana Trench. Looking down, he saw a pair of fair legs. He could even see the thigh root that was showing faintly.

“Miss Margaret, you came at the right time, we were just talking about when we should do something we both loved doing!”

Yang Ling went with the flow as he saw the passionate and sexy female pirate subtlety seducing him, and pulled her tiny waist in as they went for a toast.

“No, Sir…, not here…”, the female leader blushed and begged softly as she felt Yang Ling’s hand slipping under her top, moving up inch by inch.

“No, I like it when there’s people around!”

Yang Ling increased in excitement as he watched the honorable pirate leader begged softly and tenderly to him before the large crowd, while looking closely at her busty peaks and sticking tightly to her springy thighs.

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