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Lord of the Magical Beasts (Web Novel) - Chapter 338: Strong man VS Macho Man

Chapter 338: Strong man VS Macho Man

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The female leader felt her body turning soft instantly with Yang Ling’s touches. While she was worried that they might be seen by the pirates drinking nearby, she also felt a wave of excitement that she has never felt before.

“Don’t torture Margaret anymore, sir. I beg you!”

“Hehe, you will be begging for me to torture you soon!”

The female leader blushed and looked at Yang Ling flirtatiously. She felt her body burning up with Yang Ling’s every movement. She begged softly to stop Yang Ling from doing something even bolder and crazier, while keeping a straight face to prevent being seen by the pirates.

But who can withstand such intense excitement and simulation?

She could not help herself and moaned softly, despite biting down hard on her lips. Slowly, the battle of desire and reason began to favor the former as her face turned redder and her body got hotter. Soon, it attracted the deputy leader’s attention.

With raging eyes, the deputy leader Novgorod clenched his wine glass as he witnessed the female leader and Yang Ling whispering among themselves with their heads touched, and the female leader’s face that is getting redder by the minute.

All these years, he had tried to win the female leader’s heart by risking his life, climbing out from countless piles of dead people and winning endless battles. Although the female leader Margaret had treated him with deep respect, she has never been passionate towards him.

There wasn’t even a chance for him to get slightly closer or to hold her hands, let alone whispering together with their heads touching!

Ten years, it’s been a full ten years!

He had chosen to remain on Dark Sand Island the past ten years for Margaret, but to no avail. He could only look at the elegant Margaret but never got a chance to get closer to her. On the other hand, Yang Ling, who had just arrived, already has her tightly wrapped with a burning desire.

“I want to battle with you, Sir Fred!”

He could no longer stand looking at Yang Ling’s attempts to kiss that desirable neck of Margaret’s while talking at the same time. He had murderous eyes, while he breathed heavily and clenched his teeth. It was as if he had some deep feud with Yang Ling!

Battle with a Skeleton Commander?

The pirates were dumbstruck and silent in an instant upon seeing how fuming mad deputy leader Novgorod was. Save for Margaret’s personal maids and a few meticulous guys, the other pirates who were drinking and eating heartily could not figure out the situation.

In the hearts of the pirates, Skeleton Commanders are considered holy and must not to be offended. They would rather offend the great leader than to offend the mysterious Skeleton Commander.

Five years ago, there was a reckless guy who had argued resentfully with a Skeleton Member after getting drunk. The great leader immediately ordered for her personal guards to tie the reckless guy up without a word from the Skeleton Commander. They weighed him down with a huge rock and threw him into the sea. This clearly shows the importance of Skeleton Commanders in the eyes of the great leader!

“The deputy leader is drunk. Somebody bring him back to his room!” Margaret responded quickly to the situation, while the rest of the pirates remained dumbstruck. She completely understood the reason for deputy leader Novgorod’s crazy antics, even if nobody else knows the reason why.

She tried as hard as she could to bite down on her lips, worried that someone would catch them in the act. She didn’t expect that Novgorod would still be able to notice something amiss!

She would have ordered a severe punishment or even a death sentence, if it was any other ordinary man who dared to challenge the Skeleton Commander. However, Novgorod is an exception.

As a berserker, deputy leader Novgorod does not only hold a high stature among the pirates, but was also the most powerful master of Red Ant Pirates. He won’t even be able to handle himself after turning bloodthirsty frenzy!

Moreover, she knew of Novgorod’s feelings for her all these years. It’s a pity that while Novgorod is powerful and devoted, he is not her ideal lover.

“I’m not drunk, great leader. I want to compete with him and find out how I can’t be compared against him!” Pointing at Yang Ling who was beside Margaret, Novgorod tore off his clothes in rage and stepped forward unarmed.

He stood at around two meters, with his chest muscles stacked like rocks and filled with scars. His eyes looking bloodthirsty…

Yang Ling realised that Novgorod was a close proximity warrior with just a look. He briefly figured out the situation as he looked at Novgorod who was fuming mad, and at Margaret who was beside him.

While he was trying to figure out a way to further integrate himself into the group of pirates, an opportunity presented itself when Novgorod challenged him fearlessly.

Pirates worship armed strength. They were only ceremonious towards him and the Corpse Wizard King previously due to their status as Skeleton Commanders. If he could defeat the muscular deputy leader Novgorod, not only would he win their respect with his victory, but he could also increase his importance to the female leader.

“You are strong, but you wouldn’t be my match even with another hundred years of training.” Yang Ling sipped some pine nut wine before continuing coldly, “My powers are not used for contesting in battles, they are used to kill. I don’t wish to kill anyone now, so leave, as far as you can.”

I wouldn’t be his match even with another hundred years of training?

Upon hearing Yang Ling’s words, the fuming mad Novgorod exploded with anger as he pushed away the pirates who were urging him to back up and charged towards Yang Ling.

“Stand down, Novgorod!”

Yang Ling remained composed as Novgorod charged towards him, whereas the female leader could no longer sit still. She pulled out her sharp twin blades and placed herself in front of Yang Ling.

Novgorod was a fierce berserker who’s very skilled in close proximity battles. Even with his unfathomable power, Yang Ling could still be hurt by Novgorod if he was caught unaware, and all his past efforts would be wasted!

“Don’t worry, Margaret. This reckless guy is not my match!” Amused by the female leader who looked invincible with the twin blades in her hands, Yang Ling said as he supported himself up with her tiny waist, and smacked her perky and springy buttocks.

“Let me do it, sir!” The Corpse Wizard King stood up after swallowing a mouthful of chicken meat and wiping his oily hands on his clothes. Since he could not torture the flirtatious female leader and her maids, he would satisfy himself by teaching the muscular Novgorod a lesson.


His words piqued her curiosity!

Upon hearing the Corpse Wizard King unintentionally addressing Yang Ling as sir, female leader Margaret was even more certain now that Yang Ling’s identity couldn’t be as simple as a personal guard of the One-eyed Dragon. After deliberating for a moment, she stopped opposing Novgorod from challenging Yang Ling, and stepped back to further observe the latter’s power.

There were many different types of seafolks – some of them have a fish head and a human body, while some others have a fish tail. There were also a few others that looked almost identical to a human. However, they have high adaptability in water and could survive under the sea. Therefore, nobody could tell if Yang Ling was human or seafolk based on his outer appearance.

According to the ancestral Detection Spell, the strength of Corpse Wizard King – who was imposing as Galic – was no lower than the Sage Level Expert. To have such a powerful guard suggested that Yang Ling could not have a simple identity. Even if he wasn’t a seafolk, he would at the least have a complicated relationship with the Sea Tribe that is connected to the One-eyed Dragon.

The way he shielded himself against the Mind Magic with the Sea Tribe’s technique is a deafening proof!

“Novgorod is a berserker, be careful sir!” The female leader by the side warned anxiously as Novgorod charged towards Yang Ling, who was standing motionless. She held on tightly to the twin blades in her hands, preparing to rush forward if the situation turns awry.

“Humph, don’t worry, it’s just a berserker!”

Yang Ling activated the Physical Protection Wizard Power as Novgorod charged towards him like a Violent Earth Bear. He received a heavy blow from Novgorod nonchalantly, without moving an inch. The sharp claws of the Level-Surpassing Dark Dragon King could not even break through his defense, let alone a berserker!

Shocking, unexpected!

Everyone was astonished as they witnessed Novgorod charging as fast as lightning towards Yang Ling who stood motionless, only to be effortlessly sent flying off with a kick. Blood oozed from the corner of Novgorod’s mouth.

As a berserker, it is unquestionable that deputy leader Novgorod is the strongest warrior on Dark Sand Island. With his infinite strength, he could easily raise a thousand pounds stele, mush an ordinary person’s innards with a punch, and send a Siattu hippopotamus flying with a kick.

However, the tough berserker has been heavily injured by Yang Ling who hadn’t even moved an inch!

It’s easy to imagine the immense amount of strength that Yang Ling, a Skeleton Commander, had in him!

Nobody had taken Yang Ling seriously when he boasted that Novgorod would never be his match even with another hundred years of training. Looking at the current situation, save a hundred years, Novgorod probably wouldn’t be Yang Ling’s match even with a few hundred years of training if he does not turn frenzy now!

“Ahh, I’m going to kill you!”

Novgorod roared as he wiped the blood stain from the corner of his mouth, and turned Bloodthirsty Frenzy in an instant. Red eyes, bursting veins, stacks of chest muscles gleaning with a ray of dark light, and a burst of energy filling his body. It was as if he had doubled in size!

“Oh god, beserker Novgorod has turned frenzy!”

“Tsk tsk, his speed and power would increase by a few folds after turning frenzy. Awesome!”

Novgorod seemed like a human-shaped weapon after turning Bloodthirsty Frenzy, sending the pirates into a wave of discussion. Apart from the female leader who was already filled with nerves, even the Corpse Wizard King looked solemn as they felt a tyrannical force of energy eluding Novgorod.

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