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Lord of the Magical Beasts (Web Novel) - Chapter 339: A Lady Alike Water

Chapter 339: A Lady Alike Water

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After turning Bloodthirsty Frenzy, berserker Novgorod roared and charged wildly

towards Yang Ling who remained motionless.

Ever since his unexpected encounter with Margaret during his training a decade ago, he has been hopelessly in love with the beautiful and alluring female pirate. He willingly stayed on the Dark Sand Island for the past ten years because of her, and at the expense of the chance to advance in level after reporting back to the berserker tribe.

According to the tribe’s rules, the warriors would receive the chance to be promoted by the berserker elder and obtain a higher-level Frenzy Mantra, if they were to return in time to the tribe. However, he remained determined and willingly stayed on the island for the beautiful Margaret.

He never confided his feelings to anyone and would either drink or kill endlessly to forget his troubles and pain. He didn’t care that the others were calling him a murderer behind his back.

However, his suppressed feelings exploded as he saw Yang Ling, who had just arrived on Dark Sand Island, holding his beloved women in his arms. He could not stand it anymore!

“Oh god, this is the strength of a berserker?”

“Oh no, we have a problem. Deputy leader Novgorod wouldn't calm down if he doesn’t see blood after he turning Frenzy!”

Blood drained from the pirates’ faces as Novgorod, who has turned frenzy, imprinted his foot on the ground and charged towards the motionless Yang Ling like a Violent Earth Bear.

While everyone else competed with one another to determine who is stronger, nobody ever dared to challenge deputy leader Novgorod. After all, berserkers can get impulsive really easily, and mindlessly kill everyone in their way once they turned frenzy. Nobody wanted to be torn into shreds by a berserker.

“Quick, sir. Move away!” The female leader held tightly onto her sharp twin blades.

She was even more anxious than Yang Ling, who still wouldn’t budge as Novgorod’s eyes turned red and murderous.

She knew, better than anyone else, how scary Novgorod can be after turning deeply frenzy. Given how berserk Novgorod is now, how bad would it be if Yang Ling were to get entwined with him?

Could it be that she was left with no other option?

The female leader hesitated for a moment as she touched the poisoned arrow hidden in her sleeves. Novgorod was moving so fast that she couldn’t get someone to stop him in time. The only solution now is probably to shoot him down with an arrow.

However, she couldn’t bring herself to do it as she thought of all the battles that Novgorod has won all these years, all the times he risked his life to save hers, and how he looked at her longingly!

“Ah… go to hell!” In the female leader’s moment of hesitation, Novgorod increased his speed once again and charged towards Yang Ling, waving a punch at his head with all his might.

Bloodthirsty and tyrannical eyes, lightning speed and a heavy blow…

Everyone fell silent with their eyes wide opened as Novgorod moved swiftly and fiercely like a seal towards Yang Ling, who seemed too shocked to dodge the attack.

The Skeleton Commander may be very strong, but no one believed his body would be able to endure Novgorod’s blow. They imagined a smashed watermelon as they looked at Yang Ling’s head and Novgorod’s larger-than-drinking bowl fist.

“Huh, I told you. You wouldn’t be my match even with another hundred year of training!” The female leader couldn’t ease her tension, while Yang Ling remained unruffled. He snorted, did a spun and gave the ferocious Novgorod a side kick that sent him flying.

Novgorod’s strength and speed has increased significantly after turning frenzy. While he’s unbeatable to most people, he hasn’t posed any threat to Yang Ling.

Novgorod could turn deeply frenzy, but his attack would never be half the strength of the Level-Surpassing Dark Dragon King. Even if he were to stand motionless Yang Ling’s opponent wouldn’t be able to tear through his defense.


Novgorod let out a cry and flew ten feet back, continuously smashing into more than ten tables before coming to a stop and spitting out a mouthful of blood. He had a foot print imprinted on his bare chest and was sweating in pain. It seems as though he has broken at least three rib bones.

A clean and swift blow!

The crowd sucked in this breaths as they looked at the badly injured Novgorod, and the nonchalant Yang Ling who was sipping on the pine nut wine in his original position.

Novgorod already has an immense amount of strength after turning frenzy. No one had expected that Yang Ling would be even stronger than Novgorod!

If Novgorod was a ferocious seal, Yang Ling the Skeleton Commander would be a great white shark from the deep sea, or even a legendary Crystal Dragon.

This is the real master of the world!

The pirates were utterly shocked at how discreet and unassuming Yang Ling was, especially the guys that first found Yang Ling and the Corpse Wizard King landing on the island. They were secretly relieved that they had not act recklessly, or their head would be missing by now.

Sea Tribe, he’s definitely a great master of the Sea Tribe!

Heaving a sigh of relief, the female leader further confirmed her suspicions of Yang Ling’s status as a seafolk. The One-eyed Dragon would have taken down Wissen Castle if he had such a powerful personal guard. Yang Ling would have been able to shed blood across the Magical Beast Realm alone, much less a group of ferocious pirates.

There could only be one explanation for a mysterious powerful master to be posing as a Skeleton Commander, and that is a secret agreement between the Sea Tribe and the One-eyed Dragon to send an Absolute Expert to threaten and watch over them.

Of course, Yang Ling could possibly be carrying out some other secret mission as well on this trip. However, that is no longer the concern of the female leader. She needed to make use of this opportunity to build a good relationship with Yang Ling, the mysterious Seafolk Expert, in order to obtain more antidotes and even escape the magical claws of One-eyed Dragon someday.

Rumor has it that the Sea Tribe did not only taught One-eyed Dragon his poisoning skills, but also provided the materials needed to refine the antidote. She might even be able to escape from the One-eyed Dragon’s magical claws someday, if she could befriend Yang Ling!

“This is impossible, impossible… I’m going to kill you!”

Everyone was utterly shocked to witness Yang Ling’s formidable strength. Novgorod wouldn’t resign himself to his defeat even after he was badly injured. After spitting out a few mouthful of blood, he stood up with all his might and continued charging frenziedly towards Yang Ling.

The result was as expected. He was sent flying back once again with a kick from Yang Ling!

“Impossible, I’m going to kill you!”

“This is not happening…”

Even after being kicked off by Yang Ling time and time again, Novgorod continued charging forward relentlessly, shakily climbing his way over despite being covered in injuries and blood He couldn’t resign himself to his defeat!

As if a sharp knife was stirring in his heart, his heart dripped with blood as he thought of his beloved Margaret who was about to lie in somebody else’s arms. The image of Margaret running on the beach without a worry a decade ago came up to him time and time again.

The pirates who would usually cause a ruckus over every little thing were now silent as they saw how the Novgorod gritted his teeth through his injuries, and charged towards Yang Ling over and over again. They understood that this simply wasn’t a battle like any others.

Some of the smarter ones quickly figured out the situation as they looked at the alluring female leader, then thought of how Novgorod would always drink to drown his sorrows, and took a look at the suave Yang Ling.

“Well, I like your character and admire your persistence. It’s a pity that you are still not my match!” Yang Ling shook his head and left as Novgorod slowly climbed towards him.

“You are tired, Novgorod. Let’s go, I’ll help you back to rest!”

Female leader Margaret felt her eyes turning red as she saw how determined he was for her, even if she doesn’t have any feelings her Novgorod. She was greatly moved by his acts of devotion over the past years. After apologising to Yang Ling, she summoned a few maids to help her with Novgorod.

Woman are made of water!

Yang Ling shook his head and smiled as the female leader helped Novgorod out herself, without a care for her status. He didn’t expect the female pirate, who could kill without batting an eye and led more than a hundred strong man, would have a delicate side to her.

“Sir, you have to act while you can. Don’t back out now and hinder our plan!” The Corpse Wizard King leaned over with his oily hands and smelly head as Yang Ling drank with his head down. “If you are giving up, let me have her instead. Look at her big and perky buttocks. Tsk tsk…”

Most people would usually first judge a woman’s based on her facial features.

However, the perverted Corpse Wizard King was different and would judge a woman, regardless of her looks, based on the size and quality of her buttocks!

He would only consider a woman with big and perky buttocks of a premium grade, as they would be able to resist his torture for a longer time!

“Hehe, Rodriguez. You can summon a few female skeletons to torture if you can't hold It in anymore, but nothing else!” Yang Ling shook his head as he held up a chicken thigh and stuffed it down the drooling Corpse Wizard King’s throat.

Novgorod’s feelings were not returned!

As devoted as Novgorod was, it was evident that he doesn’t understand women. If he wasn’t able to get her after chasing her for ten years, it would be of no use even if he were to chase her for another hundred or thousand years. The female leader had only helped him back personally as she was feeling touched at that moment.

With just a little more effort, the female pirate would be just a like cooked duck that’s unable to fly out of his clutches no matter how hard she tries.

It might not be a bad idea to control a bunch of pirates with information and equipment, and have them attack the other pirates!

While he sipped his rum and looked at the pirates around him staring at him with respect, he smiled and thought of an idea to instate a fight among the groups of pirates.

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