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Lord of the Magical Beasts (Web Novel) - Chapter 340: Dark Sand Ore

Chapter 340: Dark Sand Ore

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The element of the water increased in concentration as they got further away from the land. Yang Ling could absorb an immense amount of energy even without using the Spirit Gathering Spell Formation, to vigorously train every muscle and bone using the mysterious Body Honing Wizard Mantra. If someone were to pass by, they would be able to see a faint silvery light looming around him as he frantically absorbed the Starlight Energy from the sky.

The so-called Dragon Realm is actually the Dragon Tribe’s realisation on the Laws of Energy. If he could hone his practise of ‘Supreme Heart Magic’ to perfection, just like the Corpse Wizard King, he would be able to enter the Domain Realm and realise the powerful Mind Magic Field.

He was able to increase his understanding toward energy through his battles with the Dark Dragon King during this period of time. He understood how he could find the best angle to attack his enemy’s weakness, and how he could kill with the least amount of energy, without adhering to the nitty gritty. He was certain that with time, he would be able to achieve the same level of realisation as the Dark Dragon King, or even a higher-level Energy Realm.

After practising in the quiet and small yard for half a day, Yang Ling slowly opened his eyes to the sound of the sea. He decided to get up and head to the beach as he took in the fragrance of the sea breeze and saw the sky lighting up.

“Good morning, Sir!”

“There’s breakfast in the main hall. You can head over to drink anytime, sir!”

The pirates on patrol greeted Yang Ling ceremoniously, who was already up before the sun.

The pirates worship armed strength. They were convinced by the unfathomable strength of Yang Ling, the Skeleton Commander, after witnessing it for themselves. Who else on this island could possibly be his match if he could defeat Novgorod the berserker easily?

Yang Ling stride towards the windy beach after greeting the pirates. He had wanted to take a quiet walk by himself, but soon began to notice a familiar figure. Female leader Margaret had been sitting quietly at the beach by the sea for many hours. Her eyebrows were furrowed together, as if something was weighing on her mind!

“I was wondering why couldn’t I get any sleep last night. So it was you seating by the beach and thinking of me!” Yang Ling smiled and sat beside the exquisite female leader.

“You are making fun of Margaret again, Sir!” After the female leader got over her shock, she smiled and moved slightly towards him. Unexpectedly, not only did Yang Ling responded by squeezing against her, he also put his arms lightly over her tiny waist.

“Something must be bothering you to keep you up so late, Margaret!” Upon seeing how troubled the female leader was, Yang Ling deliberated for moment before continuing sincerely, “It would be better to let your feelings out. Maybe I could help you with your problems!”

Help me with my problems?

Although it was just a passing remark by Yang Ling, it sent a wave of current running through Margaret.

She has been guarding Dark Sand Island and facing pressure of all sorts by herself all these years. As a leader, she may seem glamorous on the surface, but who could understand her pains?

While berserker Novgorod is loyal and responsible, she couldn’t confide in him on some matters due to his upright character which could complicate matters. While her maids are meticulous, they could not provide her with much help.

Sweeping back her long hair that was blown into a mess by the sea breeze, the female leader said, “Have you heard of the Dark Sand, sir?”

“Oh, I’ve heard about it from others, but I’m not too sure!” Yang Ling wasn’t certain where the troubled female leader was heading and waited for her to continue.

Looking at the formidable Yang Ling and the endless sea, the female leader let out a long sigh and slowly began telling her story.

As it turns out, Dark Sand is an extremely rare material on the Tailun Continent which has an opposite effect of the Star metal. A weapon would be sturdy and resistant to wear if some Star Metal was added during the refining process, and it would be even sharper with some Dark Sand.

Legend has it that during the ancient times, huge Dark Sand Ores could be found on all corners of the island. However, it was practically all mined by both sides during the land-sea war. Almost every single part of the island was turned upside down.

According to the last elder, the tribe that Margaret belonged to was thriving during the ancient times and had a population of more than ten thousand people during its golden age. However, the tribe was almost wiped out during the land-sea war.

After the war, the population dwindled due to the harassment of adventure seekers and pirates. She was the only one left in her generation.

“The Dark Sand Island that my tribe lived on was once famously known throughout the Tailun Continent because of the Dark Sand Ores. However, it was also the reason for the tribe’s downfall, and why I’m the only survivor of the tribe today!”

Margaret’s eyes turned red, and continued after a sigh, “According to the last elder, our tribe was cursed during the ancient times, which resulted in our downfall. Even if the Crimson Poison doesn’t exist, I still wouldn’t be able to leave Dark Sand Island and regain my freedom if the curse is not broken!”

An evil curse?

Looking at the troubled Margaret, Yang Ling had a sudden realisation. It was miserable enough to be under the One-eyed Dragon’s Crimson Poison. On top of that, she also had to deal with an ancient curse. It was no wonder that the beautiful female leader seemed depressed and troubled.

“What’s with the so-called curse, Margaret? Are there any ways to break it?” Yang Ling raised the question after a moment of hesitation.

It would be easy to resolve the One-eyed Dragon’s Crimon Poison. Once they obtain the Life Essence, they could exchange it for a bottle of water from the Spring of Life and completely cure Margaret from the poison. However, the so-called curse is much trickier. According to Goode, some cursed could never be broken.

There’s a few ways to control the Red Ant Pirates. He could cure the female leader of her Crimson Poison to gain her gratitude and trust, so that she could help him to deal with the other pirates. He could also make use of his formidable strength to intimidate and bribe them in order to get them on his side.

There’s another way where he could take advantage of his status as a Skeleton Commander and derive a plan to let the pirates fight for their own benefits in order to attain his goal!

Although the latter seems to be more difficult in comparison, he could also gain more from it. It was highly possible for him to integrate himself into the pirates’ inner circle without raising suspicions, and wipe out One-eyed Dragon and his henchmen to rid the problem from its root.

“According to the legend of the tribe, there is a way to break the curse but it is unlikely to succeed!” Margaret felt dejected as she thought of the tribe’s legend.

Over the hundred and thousands of years, countless men have tried breaking into the forbidden area to lift the curse. However, no one have managed to succeed. According to the tribe’s genealogy, there was a top sage-level warrior in the tribe who tried breaking into the forbidden area with his powerful friends around two thousand years ago. They thought that the curse could be broken successfully, however, no one out of the ten over sage-level experts managed to get out alive.

“If we could get the Sea Tribe’s help, maybe…”

If over ten sage-level experts were not able to break the curse, it would definitely be impossible for her to do alone. Margaret had almost wanted to give up, but her heart stirred as she looked at the mysterious Yang Ling of unknown identity by her side.

The Sea Tribe has a huge population with many experts. It might be possible to break that evil curse if Yang Ling could provide his help. However, how could she ask Yang Ling to risk his lift and break the terrifying curse for her, when they are neither related nor friends?

Is it possible, she could only…

Margaret blushed as she felt the warmth from Yang Ling’s huge hands and remembered the elder’s last words.

Elder Lima had revealed the tribe’s biggest secret during his last moments.

There’s a natural mine beneath the sea of Dark Sand Island. During the land-sea war, the elder had prepared for the worst by hiding a group of tribe members in the mine to take refuge. They didn’t thought that this would led them to a Super Demon and a group of Long-haired Evil Demon.

After the war, the Super Demon was sealed up by the tribe’s warriors. However, as they were cursed, anyone who tried to leave Dark Sand Island more than three thousand kilometres would die by suffocation. Besides that, the tribe members hid in the mine were all frozen into ice statues by the Super Demon.

According to the tribe’s genealogy, they would not only be able to break the tribe’s curse by killing the demon that was sealed up, but also possibly revive the frozen tribe members. However, no one from the tribe who entered the mine have survived over the hundred and thousands of years. They all perished in the hands of the Long-haired Evil Demon.

After revealing the tribe’s secret, the elder had warned her repeatedly to pass on the mission of guarding Dark Sand Island to the next generation, in order keep the tribe’s last ray of hope alive. He had also told her in a directly that a woman’s greatest asset is her body.

Initially, Margaret didn’t quite understood what Elder Lima’s last words meant. She didn’t knew what he meant by a women’s greatest asset is her body. However, she began to slowly understand the elder’s words as she got older and as the number of pirates coming into Dark Sand Island increased.

“If there’s a will, there’s a way! I’m not good with curses. My companion on this trip, Galic, however had quite a lot of experience in this area. If Miss Margaret doesn’t mind, we can help you to think of some solutions.” Yang Ling consoled the dejected female leader.

After deliberating for a moment, he continued, “If that doesn’t work, I can also help to get a few experts here. Of course, you should know that those immortal and old fellows are a stubborn bunch who wouldn’t render their help easily if there isn’t something attractive for them!”

It’s important to gain control over the pirates. However, he definitely passed up on any treasures too. Yang Ling decided to dig into her ins and outs after hearing about Margaret’s ancient and mysterious tribe.

As a Corpse Wizard King, Rodriguez also has a lot of research done on curses. They could check out the situation of Margaret’s tribe first. If that doesn’t work, he could also get help from Elder Fearn. As the direct disciple of the God of Fire and a top domain expert who has lived for a thousand years, Yang Ling believed that he should have some solutions and experiences on these peculiar stuffs.

Little demoness Annie has been living on their boat, eating and drinking off them. It would be such a waste if they didn’t make use of her remaining value. If the little demoness Annie were to pester and stay by the Great Elder’s side for a while, the old and lecherous Great Elder would be running over to help them on this own accord.

Immortal and old fellows?

Margaret’s eyes lit up upon hearing Yang Ling words. She was even more certain of his unusual status, and also saw a ray of hope to break the curse successfully.

As long as the curse could be broken, it wouldn’t be impossible to bring back the great warriors of the tribe during the land-sea war, and to revive the tribe!

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