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Lord of the Magical Beasts (Web Novel) - Chapter 341: The Underwater Mine

Chapter 341: The Underwater Mine

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

With Yang Ling’s help, the female leader finally saw hope in breaking the curse successfully. She would form a team to enter the underwater mine once daylight arrives. Although the team is small and only consists of a little over ten people, they were all the elites among the pirates and among them was berserker Novgorod.

The berserker’s super recovery ability, like their craziness after turning Bloodthirsty Frenzy were known throughout the continent. Novgorod’s injuries were almost recovered over the night, which left Yang Ling utterly shocked.

He had thought Novgorod, the stubborn bull, would not be able to get up for at least three to five days. He didn’t expect him to be full of energy that quickly.

Novgorod shot Yang Ling a cold look and kept silent, following after the female leader with a heavy axe.

After helping him back, Margaret came clean with him. He has completely given up after their long talk, and understood that the beautiful female leader would never fall in love with him, even if Yang Ling didn’t exist.

Feeling dejected, he planned to leave Dark Sand Island in the morning and return to the berserker tribe situated in the northern glaciers. Just as he was preparing to set sail, he received news of Margaret breaking into the forbidden area and rushed back frantically.

He had hoped for his beloved to have a blissful life, even if he could not be together with Margaret in this lifetime. He would still come to her rescue like how he would in the past if there were to be any danger!

The entrance to the underwater mine is beneath a cliff, connected by a steep and small pathway. To prevent somebody from breaking in unintentionally, the female leader sectioned this place as a forbidden area, and had two ferocious pirates to keep watch.

There were obstacles and stones all over the pit of the cliff. Some fishes that were sucked in unintentionally were gone in a blink of an eye. There was a wave of unknown energy in the air that gave Yang Ling a familiar sense of danger.

What type of monster is this Super Demon, which can turn a group of people into ice sculptures?

Yang Ling was cautious after sensing the wave of unknown energy in the air. According to Margaret, the tribe admired armed strength during the land-sea warfare. They had quite a few powerful worshippers other than the large group of ferocious warriors. The strength of the Super Demon that lives in the deep end of the mine must be extraordinary, to have the ability to force such a large tribe into a hopeless state, and bind them with an evil curse.

“The entrance to the mine is beneath the sea. Follow me, sir!”

The female leader took the lead after taking in a breath of air nervously. She jumped into the water and dived under like a mermaid with the twin blades on her back. Novgorod and the others followed closely behind her.

“I sensed the spirit of a high-level dead soul. You must be careful, sir!” The Corpse Wizard King had a solemn expression as he felt the wave of unknown energy in the air and took out a black magic staff.

As a Corpse Wizard King who deals with the undead all year round, his sharp sense could feel the spirit of a powerful undead beneath the sea. He also felt a strong wave of grievance. If he had guessed correctly, many people had died beneath the sea. Furthermore, these people weren’t ordinary people, as they couldn’t have such a strong grievance if they didn’t have a powerful soul.

“Don’t act on impulse, Rodriguez. Safety is our priority, be careful!” Yang Ling took a look at the bottomless sea after taking out the sharp Blood Elf Dagger, and said as he reached for the Heart of the Sea. He jumped in with the Blood Elf Dagger on one hand and Heart of the Sea on the other.

An unexpected scene happened as he touched the sea water!

The sea water had automatically split into a waterless space around him. Not a single drop of water was able to enter the space that’s filled with air.

The Water Repellent Pearl?

Yang Ling was pleasantly surprised as he looked at the Heart of the Sea shining in his hands. He had a hunch previously, that this so-called holy object from the Sea Tribe does not simply show the nautical chart. However, he didn’t thought it could actually repel water.

Yang Ling was utterly shocked, let alone the others! Everyone gasp with admiration as they looked at the waterless space around him and the shining Heart of the Sea in his hands.

Sea Tribe, he’s definitely a big shot from the Sea Tribe!

There has been a rumor in the Tailun continent over the hundred and thousands of years, of a holy pearl from the Sea Tribe that repels water. Someone who have never swam would be able to roam freely in the sea once they have gotten hold of the rare treasure. The female leader is now even more certain of Yang Ling’s high-level and noble status.

Rumor has it that based on the caste system of the seafolks, they could be separated into nobles, commoners and slaves. Yang Ling would have to be born a noble to have such abilities at a young age. He would only be able to possess the legendary Water Repellent Pearl if he was from a prominent and great noble family.

The female leader regained her senses after being momentarily distracted, and waved her hands to signal for the group to follow closely behind as they headed towards a huge grotto.

Although the grotto was deep, it has pearls mounted on the both sides every few steps of the way. With adequate light and the female leader leading the way, everyone managed to avoid the undercurrents without any mishaps. They finally emerged from the water after an hour, and walked on the waist-level sea water

“This is where the entrance to the mine is!” The female leader pulled out her sharp twin blades after catching her breath. She continued with a solemn expression, “There isn’t any danger on the outside. However, according to the tribe’s genealogy, we could be attacked by the Super Demon or other sea monsters after entering the mine hole. Be careful, everyone!”

The pirates did not dare to have any oversights and pulled out their sharp weapons as the female leader pulled out her twin blades

The berserker Novgorod led the way with an axe, five soldiers followed closely with a javelin in their hands and three warriors armed with twin blades on each side. Finally, there were five archers shielding at the back to protect the two spellcasters, the female leader, Yang Ling and the Corpse Wizard King in the middle.

Well trained, great chemistry!

Yang Ling marveled at how they were able to form the close-knitted defense within a seconds. It was no wonder everyone was afraid of these pirates. It seems they do have some abilities.

These pirates might not be the match of any great sword masters or great spellcasters on a one-to-one fight. However, they probably have far more experiences than anyone else in actual combats.

The grotto was huge and fathomless, with weird statues everywhere. Some of them looked like huge pythons slithering on the ground, some others looked like thunder birds with their wings spread, while there were also some that looked like angels with wings… There were even some peculiar statues that he couldn’t put a name to.

Yang Ling had felt a wave of unknown energy on the cliff, which felt even more prominent upon entering the mine and even more dangerous as they ventured deeper. He could feel the pagoda-shaped mark in between his brows burning.

At the same time, the Corpse Wizard King’s expression darken as he seemed to realise something. One could even see a ring of black aura looming around him upon a closer look.


Just as everyone was about to climb onto a big slab of stone to rest momentarily after going around the huge python statue, they suddenly heard a weird cry from the deeper end of the mine. Shortly after, they found a group of monsters around them. One, two… it’s increasing in numbers!

The monsters that appeared in sudden was fully black. Some of them were only as big as a rice bowl, while others were as big as a wash basin, or even bigger than a table. There’s no obvious line between its head and body, and had eight wriggly arms. There were two rows of suckers made of flesh on each arm. It also has an opening in the middle, with a pair of sharp cutin palate and sturdy teeth. It looked exceptionally ferocious with its every movement.

“Be careful, it’s the Eight-clawed Octopus!” The female leader screamed with a heavy expression, as she focused on the monster’s shape outline.

According to the tribe’s genealogy, apart from the Super Demon and Long-haired Evil Demon, there were also a huge number of sea monsters in the underwater mine. Over the hundred and thousands of years, most of the warriors who took the risk to enter the mine died under the claws of the innumerable sea monsters, instead of the clutches of the Super Demon.

Even though she was mentally prepared, she didn’t expect to see such a huge group of Eight-clawed Octopus upon entering the mine. Her heart sank as it increased in number and as she looked at their arms that wouldn’t stop wriggling.

Eight-clawed Octopus are usually a third and low-level sea monster in the ocean, and isn’t scary when they were attacking alone. However, it would be terrifying if there were more than a thousand of them. If they were to be unfortunately entangled with them, they could be sucked dry in a blink of an eye, without even any bones and hair left.

“Rodriguez, stay with the female leader and don’t let her come into any mishaps!”

Yang Ling felt numbed in his head as he looked at the large group of wriggly Eight-clawed Octopus. It would be much easier on ground level, however, they would be hugely disadvantaged in the waist-level sea water. It would be hard to guard against these creatures if they were to dive into the water to attack them.

He could have summoned the Horned Bee Beast and Self Destructing Bats to meet the attack which would undeniably be the best solution. However, it’s not worth the risk of exposing his identity!

He would have turned a blind eye if it were to be any other pirates. However, female pirate Margaret is a crucial character in the plan. All his past effort might go to waste if she were to meet with any mishaps in the mine. Hence, he had no choice but to send the Corpse Wizard King over to protect her.

As a former peak level domain expert, it shouldn’t pose as a problem for him to protect a female pirate although the Corpse Wizard King hasn’t fully recovered. Even if he couldn’t eliminate all the Eight-clawed Octopus in time, he could at least bring her to safety if the situation were to go awry.

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