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Lord of the Magical Beasts (Web Novel) - Chapter 342: Water Element Magical Beasts Base

Chapter 342: Water Element Magical Beasts Base

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

With a weird ‘chirr’ sound, the group of Octopuses made an experimental attack. A few of them stretched out their black tentacles at lightning speed, their many suckers stuck to the pirates like superglue. They then forcibly dragged the pirates over to them.

“Be careful!”

“Quick, chop their tentacles off. Quick!”

Seeing the two strong pirates being dragged out just like this, the people were stunned. The female captain charged forward while yelling and gritting her teeth. With a wave of her two knives, she chopped off an Octopus’ tentacle with a ‘swoosh’ sound, and rescued a pirate, who had gone pale.

At the same time, the leading ferocious warrior Novgorod, pounced with a roar, and swiftly hacked off seven or eight tentacles, saving the other pirate.

“Quick, get into formation, the knife wielders in front, the spearmen behind. Hurry!”

Looking at the increasing number of octopuses surrounding the, the female captain commanded gravely, instructing the pirates to switch formation. The many years of battles gave her sharp instinct. Faced with the numerous Octopuses, they would only get killed if they tried to make a run for it. They might have a fighting chance if they defended in formation.


After a few tentacles had been hacked off, a few of them howled in pain, the remaining tentacles was curled around a few loose rocks, which were then forcefully hurled over. It was quickly followed with a stream of water spit out by the Octopuses, before they pounced, lightning quick. They were extremely fast! The other Octopuses followed their lead and all pounced, surging forward together.

“Wind Dagger!”

Under the protection of the guards, the accompanying Spellcaster led the counterattack, casting a big, curved Wind Dagger. Where it passed, the pouncing octopuses dripped with blood. The Octopuses that could not dodge in time even got cut into half by the terrifying Wind Dagger. At the same time, two archers launched an attack, focusing on the big Octopuses, getting headshots from afar.

The accompanying Spellcaster and archers were very experienced, with precise attacks. Unfortunately, there were just too many pouncing octopuses to kill. In a blink of an eye, the numerous Octopuses pounced on all of them, stretching out a swarm of tentacles.

Suck, drag, crush, whip…

In waist-deep sea, the Octopuses displayed terrifying battle strength.

Some of the Octopuses might not look big, but were strong. Once the densely dotted suckers attached to a person, he would not be able to break free no matter how much force was put in. A few octopuses attached their suckers onto a helpless pirate, and in a blink of an eye, he was dragged far away, falling silent after an anguished cry.

Apart from the loathsome suckers, the tentacles of the Octopuses could curl around loose rocks and send them hurling, and could also be used a whip, whipping ruthlessly onto people. It might still be ok for the ferocious warrior Novgorod, who had on a thick armor, but for the Spellcaster and archers who had only leather armor, it was a different matter. Every whip drew blood. In an instant, the swarm of whipping tentacles had caused their bodies to be covered in wounds.


After being latched on by a few dozen tentacles, the ferocious warrior Novgorod, who was leading the attack, roared and went into a Bloodthirsty Frenzy in an instant, breaking free of the tentacles on his body. He then pounced like a madman, ignoring the swarming tentacles and directly attacking the bodies of the Octopuses, killing more than a dozen of them, as if cutting vegetables.

Inspired by Novgorod, the pirates ferociously counterattacked. With knives flying, they hacked off one tentacle after another, while the archers and Spellcaster directly attacked the Octopuses’ bodies. Even though there were only more than dozen of them, but their power of attack was far above that of an ordinary army of a hundred, fighting to the death.

“My Lord, what should we do?”

After hacking off a tentacle with one swipe, looking at Yang Ling and the Corpse Wizard King by the side who had not attacked, the female captain was anxious. If she had only the pirates by her side, not to mention going deep into the mine, she might not even be able to make it out of this in one piece. At this point in time, she could only pin her hopes on Yang Ling, from the mysterious Sea Tribe.

“Don’t worry, with me around, these detestable fellows won’t be a problem!” After focusing and observing for a while, and understanding the Octopus’ techniques, Yang Ling met the Corpse Wizard King’s eyes while talking, and signaled for him to stay and protect the female captain. Thereafter, he expanded the ice-sealing Throne Armor, raised the Blood Elf Dagger and dashed out.

Relying on the water spewing out, the speed of the Octopuses were very fast. But compared to Yang Ling who had leveled up to intermediate level of Divine Wizard, they were nothing.

Wielding the Blood Elf Dagger, Yang Ling directly attacked the Octopus’ body. Different from Novgorod, who hacked the Octopuses into two, he only stabbed each Octopus once at the back of its head, before moving on to the next target.

Smooth and precise, killing with one strike!

After the battle with the Dark Dragon King and gaining a small understanding of the Laws of Energy, his attacks no longer had any unnecessary movements.

Yang Ling led the attack, killing huge numbers of the Octopuses as if chopping vegetables, lightening the load on the others in an instant. The Corpse Wizard King was in charge of the defense standing right behind the female captain. On the surface, it looked as if he did not do anything else, but if one looked carefully, one would realize that he was soundlessly chanting something, and that a dark aura on the outside had enveloped the people.

Enveloped by the dark aura, the pirates felt their entire bodies fill with explosive strength. Their will to fight grew, growing more courageous the more they battled. On the contrary, once the Octopuses touched the ark aura, they would get a shock, and their speed would be reduced. They would even feel giddy, giving the pirates the opportunity to slaughter them.

In the Dimension of the Dead Souls, anyone who heard of the Corpse Wizard King’s Mind Magic Field would be afraid. The Mind Magic Field could greatly increase a troop’s attack and defense, and greatly weaken the enemy’s attack, and even extinguish their will to fight. It was precisely because of it that the Undead Army led by the Corpse Wizard King was able to continuously triumph. Even the superior Undead Emperor was concerned about the Corpse Wizard King’s Mind Magic Field and did not dare cross his path.

Even though the Corpse Wizard King had only recovered 70 percent of his power and could not use many of his deadly attack techniques, it was more than enough to deal with this bunch of Octopuses, which did not have much Mental Energy!

In this way, Yang Ling was in charge of attacking and the Corpse Wizard King was in charge of defense. With the two of them working together, the pirates were no longer in danger. The swarming Octopuses fell one by one, most of them dying under Yang Ling’s sharp Blood Elf Dagger.


After absorbing a large amount of the Blood Essence of the Octopuses, the Blood Elf Dagger came alive with a light hum, emitting a murderous aura. If Yang Ling were to stop and look carefully, he would realize that numerous faint mysterious drawings had appeared on the surface of the dagger.


Seeing that the Octopus army had suffered great losses, a black rock nearby charged towards Yang Ling, while shrieking. Once everyone’s attention was on it, they realized that it was no rock, but clearly, it was the Giant Octopus King, full of tentacles. The densely spotted suckers on the tentacles gave people the shivers.

“My Lord, retreat. Quickly retreat!”

“Wind Dagger! Quick, use the spell to attack the back of its head. Hurry!”

Looking at the savage Giant Octopus King, the pirates turned pale with fear, growing numb in the scalp. In shock, the blood-stained ferocious warrior Novgorod did not hesitate and immediately retreated back to formation. The female captain, pale with fright, shouted at Yang Ling, reminding him to quickly retreat.

Giant Octopus King?

Looking at the ferocious Octopus King, Yang Ling was not frightened, but on the contrary, he was happy. He was already prepared to wound and tame the Octopus King. After using the quickest method to dispatch of numerous Octopuses, he was helpless to see that the Octopus King was nowhere to be found. He was starting to regretfully think that there was no King amongst this bunch of Octopuses.

Unexpectedly, after searching for it in the crowd, his efforts did not go to waste!

“Hehe, good!” After laughing coldly, Yang Ling pounced. He did not expect that, just as he was preparing to stab the Octopus King and tame it, an incident happened!

With a ‘spew’ sound, the Octopus King spewed out a big mass of black ink, blocking Yang Ling’s vision. At the same time, the hundreds of tentacles moved as one, wrapping tightly around Yang Ling who was caught unawares. The spurs in the suckers sprang out with lightning speed, ready to drain the prey’s, Yang Ling’s, Blood Essence!


The Giant Octopus King was successful, wrapping Yang Ling tightly in one strike. However, after a series of crisp sounds, the sharp spurs not only did not pierce into Yang Ling’s body, but the Octopus King was jolted hard enough for it to feel numb. In shock, the Octopus King released its tentacles on Yang Ling and hastily backed away. It felt an unprecedented sense of danger from Yang Ling.

“Hmph, where can you run?”

After coldly snorting, Yang Ling used the Water Evasion Spell to move immediately onto the Giant Octopus King’s body. Using the sharp Blood Elf Dagger, he ruthlessly stabbed into it.


In agonizing pain, the Octopus King howled, waving his hundreds of tentacles. It could not wait to strangle Yang Ling alive. Unfortunately, even though it was fast, Yang Ling was faster. He teleported to its left, and after avoiding the swarming tentacles, ruthlessly stabbed it again.

The Octopuses healed very quickly. Even if one of its tentacles were to be cut off, it could rapidly stop the bleeding, and could grow a new tentacle after resting for a few days.

If an ordinary Octopus had an amazing ability to heal quickly, the Giant Octopus King’s healing abilities was a given. A missing tentacle of the Octopus King could regrow itself in half a day. Unfortunately, faced with the storm of attacks from Yang Ling, its speed of healing was too slow!

Using the Wind Evasion Spell, Yang Ling circled around the Giant Octopus King like the wind, leaving deep stab wounds all over. His speed was so fast that all people could see was a blur. In the eyes of the pirates like the female captain, all they saw was a dark shadow going in circles. They could not clearly see how Yang Ling was moving at all.

It could not win in a fight against Yang Ling, nor could it run away. Under Yang Ling’s attack, the Giant Octopus King howled continuously in agony, its voice growing weaker and weaker. Finally, Yang Ling took the opportunity to tame it with his blood.

Even the Giant Octopus was not Yang Ling’s match, not to mention the small fry remaining After witnessing the King being wounded gravely, and eerily disappearing in the end. The smaller Octopuses scattered in fright.


“Charge, take revenge for Scott. Kill!”

After turning a near defeat into triumph, the pirates furiously attacked the Octopuses who could not escape in time, mercilessly avenging Scott’s death. All of them, including the ferocious warrior Novgorod and the female captain, did not notice Yang Ling quietly moving the injured Octopuses into the Wizard Pagoda’s Space while in pursuit of them.

The Octopuses’ attacking ability was not much compared to the rest of the Magical Beasts Army, but they had super strong regenerative abilities, tentacles that were hard to guard against, and chameleon-like camouflage ability. Once tamed, an Octopus army like this might come in handy when they were out at sea.

Furthermore, the Wizard Pagoda’s Space was getting bigger, with many wild and untamed land Magical Beasts like Horned Bee Beasts, Vampire Bats and Spiders. With a big group of Octopuses moving in, in addition to the previously tamed Giant Python, the Water Element army was starting to take shape. A preliminary Water Element Magical Beasts Base could be built in the Wizard Pagoda’s Space, further expanding the scale of the Magical Beasts Base.

The more the numbers and variety of Magical Beasts in the Magical Beasts Base, the more Yang Ling’s potential would grow. If one day, his Horned Bee Beasts, Evil Eyes or Self-destructing Bats armies suffered huge losses, he would be able to tame more from within his own Wizard Pagoda’s Space, quickly replenishing his forces.

Many ants could kill and elephant, what more could large numbers of Magical Beasts do!

As long as there was a chance to increase his power, without expending too much Wizard Power or Mental Energy, Yang Ling would naturally not let it go easily.

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