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Lord of the Magical Beasts (Web Novel) - Chapter 343: Long-haired Evil Demon

Chapter 343: Long-haired Evil Demon

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The proof in the pudding was in the eating!

Seeing Yang Ling defeat an alarming number of Octopuses, the pirates, in a state of shock, and were more respectful towards him. Even the ferocious warrior Novgorod was completely convinced.

The Octopuses moved very quickly and were very strong. The pirates also suffered greatly at its unpredictable tentacles. But Yang Ling was even faster, with more precise attacks and was able to neatly dispatch a large group of Octopuses in a short amount of time. Six to seven Octopuses out of every ten that were killed, had died at his hand

They could not help but respect such power!

After turning defeat into victory, and utterly crushing the group of Octopuses, they climbed on top of the big flat rock to recuperate and bandage their wounds. After an intense battle, not to mention the ferocious warrior Novgorod, even the female captain was full of bloodstains.

After recuperating for a short while, they moved on forward. Looking at the unfathomably deep mine, and recalling the Octopuses’ tentacles that filled the sky, the pirates still felt prickling in their scalps. But, seeing Yang Ling, who was walking with the female captain, they immediately felt more at ease.

With such an Expert with profound power accompanying them, even a few times more of the Octopuses would not be enough to kill!

The pirates let out a breathe of relief and walked forward bravely, but Yang Ling and the Corpse Wizard King grew more cautious. They exchanged a look, faces somber and on high alert.

The further in they went, the shallower the water got. However, the hidden energy pulses got more and more obvious. Once in a while, they even heard faint weird cries.

While Yang Ling was only able to feel strong energy pulses, the experienced Corpse Wizard King’s keen senses were able to detect a soaring anger and murderous aura. The further in they went, the stronger the sense of danger.

Could it be that this mine was an ancient battlefield, or many people had once been buried alive in it?

After sensing the anger getting stronger, the Corpse Wizard King did not dare hesitate. He secretly used the Undead Spell to summon a recently deceased Octopus and commanded it to swim forward to scout the way.

Similar to Yang Ling, he was unwilling to expose his identity until he had to, at a critical moment. Otherwise, he could have summoned all the recently deceased Octopuses back as the undead and build an undead army.

The mine’s entrance was under the sea. As the ground level rose, the water in the cave got shallower. After walking for half an hour, they finally stepped onto solid ground, and left the water, dripping wet.

Even though they had entered the mine from deep in the sea, the female captain had already known what would happen inside, according to the clan records, and had prepared a set of dry clothing for them. After changing their clothes and eating, they continued moving forward.


The pirates worked in sync, striding forward in formation. But within a few steps, a weird sound came from deep within the mine, unexpectedly. It vaguely sounded line the sound of an underwater flowing river, or a cry from a weird creature.

As they focused on listening, the surroundings were quiet. However, they had not gone much further, when a weird sound came again from the deep within the mine. It was incredibly creepy.

“Bori, what exactly is that noise?”

“The sound is sometimes loud, sometimes soft, and would keep changing. Could it be a Siren?”

Listening to the weird cry, the pirates were terrified and started talking amongst themselves. Their footsteps grew slower and slower. Even the usually bold and brave ferocious warrior Novgorod was pale with fright, looking at his surroundings nervously.

According to legend, the Siren is a symbol of catastrophe. Not only could they turn the seas upside down, they could also use their seductive singing to bewitch people’s senses and tempt them into a death trap. In the vast seas, not to mention the fishermen and pirates, it was said that even the mysterious Sea Tribes would go the long way round if they encountered the Siren.

“My Lord what should we do?” Hearing the weird cries that were sometimes soft, and sometimes loud, and looking at the uneasy pirates, the female captain was at a loss of what to do. They almost suffered a crushing defeat with the group of Octopuses, how could they possibly manage if they were to encounter a terrifying Siren?

“Stay here and wait in formation. The two of us will go in and take a look!” Looking at the pale faces of most of the pirates, and how some of them went weak in the knees, Yang Ling shook his head and prepared to go forward to scout the way.

With the combined power of himself and the Corpse Wizard King, apart from Divine-level Experts, even if they were to encounter peak level Domain Experts, they would be able to get out of it in one piece. Additionally, if the pirates were not present, he would be able to summon the Magical Beasts Army for battle support, and need not worry about exposing his identity.

After entering the mine, even though the feeing of danger become more prominent, but also he felt a trace of the familiar energy pulses. It was vague, but ever present, as if someone was summoning Yang Ling himself from deep within the mine.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Since he was already here, he was prepared to go all the way. Even if he did not care for the legendary rare Dark Sand, he wanted to get to know more about the traces of familiar energy pulses.

On the surface, this trip out to sea was to suppress the bandits and open up sea routes from the Magical Beasts Realm to the other human cities. But the most important aim was to explore overseas lands and islands, and find traces of the Ancient Wizard. Having encountered such a rare opportunity, Yang Ling naturally would not let it go.

Hearing that Yang Ling and the Corpse Wizard King were preparing to scout ahead, the female captain assumed that Yang Ling was willing to risk his life for her. She was so touched that she went teary-eyed, and wanted to go with him.

The pirates only dared to enter the mine because they had Yang Ling, an Expert, accompanying them. If he and the Corpse Wizard King went to scout ahead, not to mention the terrifying Siren, they were afraid that even if the Octopuses were to return, they would not be able to escape. That was why they all requested to move together.

“Brothers, it of utmost importance to protect the captain. As long as you don’t leave this magical spell formation, you won’t be in any danger even if a few Sirens were to come!”

Yang Ling, from observing the pirates, realized that many of them kept looking backwards, and were on tenterhooks. Very quickly, he guessed what was worrying them. After casting a simple Imprisonment Space, and saying a few consoling words, he and the Corpse Wizard King left in haste, disappearing from their view in a blink of an eye.

“My Lord, I can feel the high level Dead Souls aura. We must be cautious when proceeding!” After turning round a bend and being out of the pirates’ sight, the Corpse Wizard King, who no longer had to hide, cast Undead Spells while talking. Momentarily, the dark gas outside of his body expanded, releasing huge magical energy waves.

High level Dead Souls?

Seeing that the Corpse Wizard King was giving his best, Yang Ling did not dare to hesitate. Massive Wizard Power and Mental Energy surged out of Yang Ling, and he expanded his Ice-sealing Throne, which had an astounding defense capability, and unsheathed his sharp Blood Elf Dagger. Just in case, he also summoned high level Magical Beasts like the Unicorns, the Flying Dragon King Seylius, the Level Surpassing Dark Dragon King and the Thousand-faced Mink. He also commanded more than a dozen Horned Bee Beasts to spread out and scout ahead.


After circling Yang Ling once, Horned Bee Beasts spread their wings and flew off, charging ahead to scout the unfathomably deep mine. However, just as Yang Ling was getting ready to sit cross-legged on the ground to find out more before moving in, an incident happened.

From under the ground, emerged a group of monsters with bodies full of long, purple hair, and two horns on top of each head. With a ‘whoosh’ sound they sprayed a mass of cold mist, freezing the passing Horned Bee Beasts in the air into solid blocks of ice. They then used a heavy metal hammer to hit it forcefully, smashing the more than a dozen Horned Bee Beasts, which were frozen solid, into smithereens.

Long-haired Evil Demons?

Yang Ling had never seen this type of monster with two horns on top of its head before, but the experienced Corpse Wizard King knew it all too well. After exclaiming, it cast the Mind Magic Field without hesitation.

Even on the Dimension of Dead souls, the Long-haired Evil Demon was a demon that was extremely difficult to handle. Not only was it extremely strong, it also moved very fast and had all sorts of powerful abilities. According to the different types of abilities they had, they could be classified into a few different types like Fire, Water and Earth Elements. These bunch of Ice Element fellows in front of them right now were the hardest to deal with out of all the different types.

It was better to strike now than later!

Looking at the increasing numbers of Long-haired Evils Demons swarming towards them, Yang Ling quickly summoned his Magical Beasts Army to attack them first.

The Spider army went underground and released row after row of wave-like spurs on the ground. The Self Destructing Bats and Unicorns were in charge of attracting the enemy’s attention, while the high level Magical Beasts like the Chimeras and Dark Dragons were in charge of attacking, pouncing ferociously.


Looking at the Magical Beasts Army charging right at them, the savage Long-haired Evil Demons were not shocked, but joyful instead, striding up to meet them while carrying the heavy hammers. They would breathe out cold air and freeze the Magical Beasts, before quickly smashing them into smithereens with the hammer, attacking with precision. Even after being gravely wounded by the Twin-legged Flying Dragons or Dark Dragons, they counter-attacked without any fear of death. Even if their legs were bitten off, they would also crawl over to bite the Magical Beasts!

Bloody, violent, insane…

In a blink of an eye, the front lining Long-haired Evil Demons had perished alongside more than a dozen Magical Beasts, a life for a life. Yang Ling, looking on, furrowed his brows.

Previously, the Magical Beasts Army was undefeated. Even if they were gravely wounded, it did not matter. As long as they absorbed great amounts of the white fog and drank plenty of the sweet lake water back in the Wizard Pagoda’s Space, they would completely recover after a period of time. But this bunch of Long-haired Evil Demons were too terrifying. If one was not cautious, one could not even be revived as not even bones were left behind!

“My Lord, hurry, this is a bunch of mutated Long-haired Evil Demons. They have an extremely strong aura of grievance. Don’t let the Magical Beasts leave my field!”

Looking at the Long-haired Evil Demons with strong attack, and sensing the strong aura of grievance and murderous energy, the Corpse Wizard King reminded Yang Ling, by his side. Afterwards he gave a roar, and expanded the area of his Mind Magic Field, enveloping most of the Magical Beasts Army.

Hmph, draw the enemy in and attack with concentrated firepower!

Seeing the Long-haired Evil Demons growing in number and attacking like crazy in a attempt to exchange their lives to whittle down his Magical Beasts Army, Yang Ling harrumphed coldly. With the help of the Corpse Wizard King, he recalled the Magical Beasts Army in the frontlines, and formed them at the side, revealing his Evil Eyes army in formation.

Under the command of the Evil Eye Tyrant, the Evil Eyes Army shot a round of flash bombs and shot out continuous ray beams. A flash bomb might not be much of a threat on its own, but with tens of thousands of bombs raining down, even the most powerful fellow would get shot full of holes, or even into a pile of mush.

At the critical moment, this artillery troop of Evil Eyes once again showed its powerful attacking ability.

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